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Elementary quiz

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This quiz can be used as an exam paper while checking the understanding of elementary English grammar 

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«Elementary quiz»

LSL Education Center

Correct the mistakes! There is only one mistake in each sentence.

  1. John doesn’t like watching movies in his free time but Samuel is.

  2. I washed my hands when it suddenly started to rain. Then, I quickly ran into the house.

  3. I was watching my favorite movie for an hour when he suddenly knocked the door.

  4. In the future, this building will the biggest one in this city but the second largest in the country.

  5. He was talking about his day to his friend when I call him to ask a favor (yordam).

  6. James and his wife were able to go to Australia last year but James was worried because he spend a lot of money and time.

  7. He had been doing house works by the time his father told him to wash the car.

  8. While he was working he was remembering his son`s birthday party and rushed to buy a present for him.

  9. A large amount of waste are sent to space every year in order to preserve the earth from pollution.

  10. The phone is ringing. But Bret is having a bath and his wife is washing the dishes. So nobody
    can`t answer the phone.

  11. It is Sunday today. John is coming to our house relax and enjoy his free time.

  12. They had been to Rome for a month on their vacation. Oh, they should have had amazing time.

  13. You didn’t have to buy such a lot of vegetables. Because we had enough vegetables.

  14. You need to complete the application form by the end of the month. Otherwise you will miss the deadline.

  15. John has two brother. Both Carlo or Murphy help John to help with his homework.

Translate the sentences!

  1. Men safardan qaytguncha Eric hamma loyihalarni tugatgan bo’ladi.


  1. Sen doktorga avvalroq ko’rinishing kerak edi. Endi kasaling oldingidanda yomonlashdi.


  1. Anvar do’stlari bilan kompyuter o’ynashni yoqtiradi va uning akasi ham.


Make embedded sentences

  1. Would you like to drink something? He offered.


  1. Who is the best football player in the world? They always argue.


  1. Does the government finance building new roads in our city. They wanted to know.


Turn the sentences into passive!

  1. A lot of people find children`s clothes in different places, for example shops and markets.


  1. Coffee producers will find new ways of production in the future.


  1. Every year, employers rise workers` salaries. It brings them benefit.


Translate the words!

  1. Gasoline –

  2. Extinct –

  3. Trade –

  4. Shanty town -

  5. Installation –

  6. Complete

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 7 класс

Elementary quiz

Автор: Darxanova Zulayho

Дата: 30.05.2020

Номер свидетельства: 552002

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