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Статья «Значение физической активности в современном обществе»

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«Значение физической активности в современном обществе»

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«Статья «Значение физической активности в современном обществе»»

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Табацкая Владлена

Perfect teacher.

Who is the perfect teacher? What should it be? Many people are arguing about this. Undoubtedly, the teacher should have good professional and personal qualities, but there should also be an ideal teacher image.

Important professional qualities of the teacher:


2. performance;

3. discipline;

4. responsibility;

5. Ability to set a goal;

6. Choose ways to achieve it, organization;

7. perseverance;

8. Systematic and systematic improvement of their professional level;

9. the desire to constantly improve the quality of their work, etc.

But, in addition, the human qualities of the teacher are especially important, and they become professionally significant prerequisites for creating favorable relations in the educational process.

Obligatory professional qualities of a teacher

The quality obligatory for the teacher is humanism, that is, the attitude towards the growing person as the highest value on earth, the expression of this relationship in concrete deeds and actions.

The teacher must be inventive, smart, persistent, always ready to independently resolve any situations.

Professionally necessary qualities of the teacher are self-control and composure.

Mental sensitivity in the character of the teacher is a kind of barometer that allows him to feel the state of the students, their mood, in time to come to the aid of those who need it most.

The integral professional quality of a teacher is justice. In addition, the teacher must be demanding.

Personal qualities of the teacher.

The main and constant requirement for the teacher is: love for children, for teaching activities; the presence of special knowledge in the field, which he teaches children, broad erudition, pedagogical intuition, highly developed intellect; high level of culture and morality; professional possession of a variety of methods of training and education. Without any of these factors, successful pedagogical work is impossible. It should be remembered that all these properties are not innate, but acquired.

All modern researchers note that it is love for children that should be considered the most important personal and professional trait of a teacher, without which effective pedagogical activity is impossible.

Researchers note the obligatory nature of such personal qualities as:

- the adequacy of self-esteem and level of claims,

- a certain optimum of anxiety, providing intellectual activity of the teacher,

- purposefulness, perseverance, hard work, modesty, observation, contact.

The necessity of such quality as wit, as well as oratorical abilities, artistic nature is specially emphasized.

The appearance of the teacher.

The audience meets on clothes, therefore in a suit selection of people of this profession any trifle is important. "The provision on the appearance of the teacher" says that you should not choose in the class of trendy, short, tight-fitting outfits. Preference is given to classic, strict, respectable costumes. For female teachers, an elegant dress, a trouser suit, a traditional jacket with a skirt are permissible.

When choosing clothes an important role is played by color. You should not hold a lesson in a dress of fiery red or orange color. It is better to prefer the traditional costume of gray, beige, blue, the color of coffee with milk. In this case, the students will not be distracted by the “bright rag” and will be able to focus on the described educational material. For the same reason, it is not necessary to pick up clothes with a lot of draperies, flounces, complex cut.

Jewelry must be limited to a minimum amount or leave for the evening. Small neat earrings, a thin chain, one ring without bright stones are admissible.

The appearance of the teacher should not distract students from the lesson, however, it is important that the teacher felt comfortable during the presentation of the material. Therefore, clothing should not restrain movement and interfere with moving between rows of desks. High heels for women can be a real challenge, because the teacher spends most of the time standing.

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Статья «Значение физической активности в современном обществе»

Автор: Табацкая Владлена Дмитриевна

Дата: 17.01.2019

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