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Wild animals

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Date: 24.02.15

Grade: 5

The theme:  Wild animal

The aims: 1. To introduce the students with the new theme about wild animals; enrich their vocabulary stock;

                 2. To develop writing, listening, reading, thinking skills.

                 3. Bringing up to be a well-educated person, to love animals;

Type of the lesson: new lesson

Teaching method:  explanation, question – answer, listening, work in pairs, work in groups.

Visual aids: book, pictures, interactive blackboard, tape  recorder, a crossword, pictures of the riddles

The procedure of the lesson

Teacher’s activity

Pupils’ activity

  1. Organization moment
  1. Good morning, children!

How are you?

Who is on duty today? Who is absent?

What is the weather like is it today?

  1. Now, take this paper and divide into 3 groups.

Good morning, teacher!

I am fine, thanks, and you?

I am on duty today. All are present.

It is warm/cold. It is sunny/cloudy.

  1. Students divide into groups by chossing the cards of animals (fox, wolf, bear)
  1. Checking up homework

What was your homework for today?

Lets check your hometask. Who is want to read?


Now, lets check your vocabulary.

Our homework was for today to write topic about yourself.

  1. New theme
  1. Brainstorming.

-Now, you are going to listen different sounds of animals.

-How do you think what is the theme of our lesson?

-Now, what kind of animals do you know?


Domestic                                          Wild

-Well, excellent.

  1. New words will be shown on board.

-Look at the board and write these new words.

      An elephant [‘elif?nt ]піл                       

      A bear [ b?? ] aю                   

      A monkey [ ‘m??ki ] маймыл

      A wolf [ wulf ] ?ас?ыр 

      A fox [ f?ks ]т?лкі                

      A hare [ h?? ] ?оян

      A tiger [‘taig? ] жолбары

      A giraffe [ d?’ra:f ]  жираф

      A lion [ lai?n] арыстан

So, repeat after me.

III. Practice.

c) Listening task. /Pair work/

Listen to Joan's story about her favorite animals. Fill in the blanks.

My favorite Animals

My favorite animals are (1)…  I think they are the cleverest animals. I know that they (2)… the biggest four-legged animals. They come from Asia and (3)… They have a very long nose. It’s called a trunk. Their two long white teeth are called tusks. Elephant can eat grass, leaves, (4)… and vegetables. When they are thirsty they drink a lot of (5)…  Last week I watched a TV program about elephants and their lives. They can (6)… very well and they like it very much. I was surprised when I found out that elephants usually stand when they (7)… People tame elephants and they help man work. They can carry heavy things. I like to go to the circus when elephants perform. It’s great when they (8)… with a ball or do different tricks.
Next weekend my parents and I are going to the (9)… and I’ll see my favorite animals again. I like to watch them very much. I think they are very (10)… animals. 

-Read sentences with missing words. 

d) Answer my questions.

– Where do elephants come from?
– How is a long nose called?
– How are long white teeth called?
– What do elephants eat?
– Can they swim?
– How do elephants sleep?

e)Lets say true or false.

True/ false

1. Elephants come from Uzbekistan.

2. Elephant eats fruits and vegetables.

3. Elephants have a short nose.

4. They can not swim.

5. Elephants drink milk.

f) your next task is to find the verbs in present simple from the text.

/Group work. /

Group 1.  Scrambled words. Your task is make correct words.

f) Who will be the first?

1 onil-lion

2 gteir- tiger

3 arebz- zebra

4 bbarti- rabbit

5 lwfo- wolf

6 helenpta- elephant

7  keynom-  monkey

8   fegiarf- giraffe

9 ebra-bear

10 danap-panda

-You are excellent pupils!

g) Group 2. Student search the names of animals. /10 words/

h) Work with pictures. Students describe the animal and the other group find what animal is it.

Group 3.                                     

IV. Production.

i) Match the pictures with their definitions.


It has got long ears.It  eats carrots.


It is a big cat. It  lives in the jungle.



The animal that sleeps all winter. It eats fish and honey.


It lives in Africa and  India. It has long nose.  It  eats grass, leaves


This animals looks a dog but it is wild.

V. Hometask.


Do you like the lesson?

Please write the names of two students who were active at the lesson.

Marking:   5-exc, 4-good, 3-sat

Homework:  Text

Conclusion: The lesson is over, good bye!


Students complete the association.

Domestic                                 Wild

Dog, cat, cow, horse    tiger, lion, zebra, bear

Жа?а с?здер


Pupils write the new words and pronounce it.


Pupils listen the text and fill in blanks.

Students listen the record and fill in blanks.











Students read the sentences one by one S1-S2-S3

Elephants come from Asia and Africa.

A long nose called trunk.

A long white teeth called tusk.

They eat grass, leaves, fruits and vegetables.

Yes, they can swim.

They sleep by standing.






Are, come, have, eat, drink, swim, sleep, help, play, like, think.











  1. It has long nose. Its color is grey. It eats fruits, grass and vegetables. /Elephant/
  1. This animals is very dangerous. It likes fish and honey. It sleeps all winter. /bear /

Good bye, teacher!

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 5 класс

Wild animals

Автор: Н?ржан?ызы Айгерим

Дата: 02.03.2015

Номер свидетельства: 181287

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