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Leisure activities

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План урока на тему Leisure activities. our class

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«Leisure activities»

Lesson plan

Unit 1. Our Class



Teacher’s name:


Number present:


Theme of the Lesson:

Leisure activities

Learning objective(s) that this lesson is contributing to

6.6.15 use common verbs followed by infinitive verb / verb + ing patterns; use infinitive of purpose on a limited range of familiar general and curricular topics

6.3.2 ask simple questions to get information about a growing range of general topics

6.3.1 provide basic information about themselves and others at discourse level on a range of general topics

Lesson objectives

  • To use infinitive properly

  • To communicate meaning clearly at sentence during pair work

  • To understand with support the main points of extended talk

Assessment criteria

  • A learner can use common verbs followed by infinitives

  • A learner can ask general and special questions to get information

  • A learner can share information about themselves.

Value links

Respect value is instilled through the class discussions and while working in pairs.

Cross curricular links

Physical education, Art, Sport because the lesson is aimed at discussing students’ interests and hobbies

Previous learning

Countries and nationalities


Planned timings

Planned timings




Organizational moment

Teacher asks simple questions to revise previous topic and introduces Learning Objectives of the lesson in a simple way.


Students watch a video how to put questions about hobbies.(W)

After watching the video, the teacher writes two sentences highlighting the words Watching and to watch on a board and asks what the differences are. Students try to explain the difference.

  • I like watching films

  • I like to watch films

If it is really difficult for students to explain, try to give more examples, let them see the difference.

Video “Hobby”






2. Focus on grammar

Teacher explains the differences between infinitive and gerund. (I)

  • Gerunds and infinitives can replace a noun in a sentence.

  • Infinitive = to + the base form of the verb, e.g., to sing, to dance, to run.

  • Gerunds can be used after certain verbs including enjoy, fancy, discuss, dislike, finish, mind, suggest, recommend, keep, and avoid.

3. Practice

Ask learners to do some exercises on cards

For most -able students do Ex-52.1

For more-able students do Ex-52.3

For less-able students do Ex-52.2

After learners finish doing their exercises, teacher should check or display the answers of exercises on the board so that learners will be able to check themselves. The answers of exercises are available in PDF . (Handout 2)

(FA) Analyzing Student Work

Take time to analyze students’ work after they finish doing their exercises. Focus on the following:

  • A student’s current knowledge

  • Strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles

  • Need for further, or special, assistance

4. Activity Free Time Questionnaire

Students are asked to design the questions of a survey. Here is the sample of conversation, learners will design questions and talk to his or her classmates to get personal information about each other. There are three cells in the survey, Name, Activity and Extra Information. Here is the sample of questions

Read the conversation below. Practice with your partner.

-What do you do in your free time?

  • I play tennis.

  • Really? Where do you play tennis?

  • I play tennis at a club near my department.

  • Oh yeah? Who do you play tennis with?

Notes: The teacher’s role is to facilitate, offer differentiation by support and suggestions.

Learners begin by discussing possible questions. For example, about sport, favourite food, colours, TV programme – anything they like.

They agree the number of questions and which questions they will use for the questionnaire.

Messages 2, Student’s books, Cambridge Unit 5

D.Goodey and N.Goodey

Handout 1

Handout 2

Messages 2, Student’s books, Cambridge Unit 5

D.Goodey and N.Goodey

Handout 3




At the end of the lesson, learners reflect on their learning:

  • What they learnt during the lesson: e.g. new vocabulary.

  • What skills did they develop? e.g.listening, speaking

  • What did they know about Gerund and Infinitive? (reflection)

DIFFERENTIATION – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

ASSESSMENT – how are you planning to check learners’ learning?

Health and safety rules

  • In difficult classes, it can feel like a never-ending uphill battle, so try to remind students that they’ve come a long way. Set achievable, short-term goals, emphasis improvement, keep self-evaluation forms to fill out and compare throughout the year, or revisit mastered concepts that they once struggled with to refresh their confidence.

Monitoring learners while making conversation, learners are also given an opportunity for self –assessment in grammar activity. A great deal of information can be learned from students’ work. This is especially so if the students are required to explain their thinking. When teachers take the time to analyze student work, they gain knowledge about their progress. Learners do grammatical exercises and teacher should analyze their work.

  • Some students can be interested in extreme sports. There are some safety rules and regulations to avoid injury. http://www.ehstoday.com . Do not try to imitate stunts seen in televised events. The people in those events – even the X Games, which appear to be less formal than events like the Olympics – are professional athletes with years of training. If you have children who watch these events, make sure that they understand this.

  • Never participate in extreme sports alone. Many extreme sports enthusiasts have a coach or responsible party overseeing any activity. Have a partner who can assist you or go for help if you get injured.

  • Wear appropriate protective gear, including goggles, helmets, gloves and padding, and make sure equipment is in good working order and used properly.

  • Take frequent water breaks to prevent dehydration and overheating.

  • Avoid participating in any sport when experiencing pain or exhaustion.

  • For warmth and protection, wear several layers of light, loose and water- and wind-resistant clothing. Wear proper footwear that provides warmth and dryness, as well as ample ankle support.

  • When falling, try to fall on your side or buttocks. Roll over naturally, turning your head in the direction of the roll.

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Leisure activities

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