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Entertainment and Media "Films"

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«Entertainment and Media "Films"»

Lort-term plan unit:

Unit 6. Entertainment and Media.



Teacher’s name:

Grade: 7

Number present:


Theme: Film review

Learning objectives that this lesson is contributing to

7. R3 understand the detail of an argument on a growing range of familiar general and curricular topics, including some extended texts

7. S3 give an opinion at discourse level on a growing range of general and curricular topics

7. C 1 use speaking and listening skills to solve problems creatively and cooperatively in groups.

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

Read and understand the meaning of the topic

Most learners will be able to:

Make a conversation to each other according to the topics

Some learners will be able to:

Briefly describe the content of the text


  • Student understands the detail of general and curricular topics, including some extended texts

  • Gives an opinion about general and curricular topics

  • Discusses some problems in small groups

Level of thinking skills by Blum's taxonomy

  • Knowledge

  • Understanding

  • Application

  • Analysis

Value links

Respect and cooperation by:

  1. Common history, culture and language

  2. listening to each other

  3. encouraging each other

  4. helping each other

Cross curricular links


ICT skills

Previous learning

Focusing on TV programmes and films


Planned timing

Planned activities


Beginning (5 min)

The teacher and students greet each other.

Lead-up: Look at the blackboard . You can see different pictures , different quotations by famous people.

Can you guess  what the subject of our today’s lesson is.  What are we going to speak about?

Middle (25 min)

5 min

5 min

10 min

5 min

End (5 min)

Task 1. Work in pairs: T: How do you usually watch films: on TV, on DVD or at the cinema?

How often do you go to the cinema?

T; Imagine that you are going to the cinema tonight. Choose the film you and your friend would like to see. Use the phrases on your cards and act out the dialogues.

Descriptor: students tell about their visit to the cinema.

Pre-reading task:

  1. Who is this boy?

  2. Do you guess whom there will be a text today?

  3. Do you like the film “Harry Potter?”

  4. Did you watch all series?

  5. Was the film interesting for you?

Vocabulary: translate the words using your dictionary:








Descriptor: students answer the questions and find the definitions to these words.

Task 2: read and translate the text

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone."

I decided to dedicate my review to my favorite film "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone." This movie is based on the novel of J.K. Rolling. This is the first part of the book series about the adventures of young wizard Harry Potter. The film was shot by a famous American director Chris Columbus, known for such masterpieces as the comedy "Home Alone." "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" - is only the first part of a great story.
The story is about the boy Harry. He lives with his uncle and aunt, who don’t love him. They harassed him every way, but he doesn’t have another variants. His parents died in a car accident and he is an orphan. But on his 11th birthday, he learns that he is the magician and is invited to study at Hogwarts School of Wizardry. Hagrid,(who delivered the letter) explains to the young wizard the cause of the scar on his forehead and the real circumstances of the death of his parents. They were killed by the evil wizard VoldeMort. Harry learns that he was also cursed by the evil wizard, but miraculously survived. After buying (with the help of Hagrid) everything necessary, Potter goes to magic school. There he finds his true friends, learn magic and goes through various adventures. Despite of the fact that the school seems to be all quiet, after arrival of Harry odd things concerned with VoldeMort start to happen. Over time, Harry learns about his devious plan to steal the Philosopher's Stone, which gives immortality. The young wizard is eager to stop him. With the help of his friends, he manages to break the plans of VoldeMort.

The film, on the background of a magical atmosphere, talks about simple things and values, which in fact is often neglected. He teaches kindness, honesty, loyalty and true friendship. Great music and great acting, of course, complete the dynamic plot. Director created a fairy tale can please all the ages.

Task 3: Find the right answer “True or false”

  1. The first part of the book series about the adventures of young girl Germeona. T/F

  2. "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" - is only the first part of a great story. T/F

  3. The film was shot by Chris Columbus. T/F

  4. The story is about the girl Germeona. T/F

  5. Harry Potter was invited to study at Hogwarts School of Wizardry. T/F

  6. Potter’s friend was Volde Mort. T/F

Descriptor 1: students read the sentences and choose the right answer “True or False

Task 4: Answer the questions:

  1. How the school of magic was called where have invited Harry?

  2. How called the wizard who tried to kill Harry in the childhood?

  3. Who was the best Harry’s friend?

  4. Who delivered letters?

  5. what professor did help Volon de Mort?

  6. What game should they play to get to the Philosopher's Stone storage." ?

Descriptor 2: students read the questions and give answers according to the text



https:/www.youtube.com/turtleday.com/solar system lesson for kids

5 min


Underline the suitable word:
1. My work at the lesson was active/passive.

2. I am satisfied/ dissatisfied (доволен/недоволен) with my activity.

3. The lesson seemed long/short to me.
4. I feel tired/not tired after the lesson.

5. The material of the lesson was interesting/boring/useful/useless/easy/hard/for me. (you can underline some words).
6. I can speak about films. Yes/no.

7. I can say my own opinion on movies. Yes/no.
8. I can give arguments. Yes/no.)



Write about your favourite film don’t give the title of the text

Additional information

Differentiation – how do you

plan to give more support?

How do you plan to

challenge the more able


Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’


Health and safety check ICT links

Less able students –read the text attentively and do the tasks “True or False” according to the text (the task 3 )

Fill in the observation shield


Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Team 1

Team 2

  • Work with the SMART board not more than 10 minutes

  • Ensure proper ventilation

  • Check sockets’ safety

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Entertainment and Media "Films"

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