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Complaints & requests

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Speaking skills development in «Making complaints & requesting action».

A simple 3-step process to complain.

Faulty products.

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«Complaints & requests»

«Complaints & requests»

Form: 8A

Date: 04.12.2019

Aim: speaking skills development in «Making complaints & requesting action»


  • отработка в речи лексико-грамматических конструкций, используемых в функции выражения жалобы и просьбы;

  • фонетическая отработка интонации выражения жалобы и просьбы;

  • тренировка употребления конструкций в соответствующих коммуникативных ситуациях с использованием аудио и видео опор.

Речевая разминка: Grandma's Going To The Grocery Store  

In today`s useful lesson, you will learn how to complain about any issue you have!

Put “to complain” and “to make a complaint” on the board. Ensure that students understand them both (to tell someone that something is wrong or not satisfactory, and that you are annoyed about it).

I want to ask one of you to help me.

I just need an assistant. ( ассистент берет кружку, журнал и одевает шарф).

How can I tell him that he`s wrong? He is drinking my coffee, reading my magazine and wearing my scarf without asking my permission.

How to complain or to make (lodge) a complaint!

Sometimes people make mistakes, but it is important to tell them. But, as polite English speakers, it is very important as we tell them politely.

Emphasize the cultural note.

Cultural note

You need to remember that English is not as direct as other languages. For example, it is normal, when making a complaint, to start by saying “sorry” or “excuse me”, even though you haven’t done anything wrong. Being polite will help you get what you want.

  1. We will learn a simple 3-step process to complain.

На экран выводится таблица (отрабатывается конструкция и интонация).

Let`s go on. You need to stand up for yourself and get your items back. You need to know how to speak up about it.

State the problem

Express your feelings

Ask for action

Excuse me you`re drinking my coffee. It is wrong. Can you give me back my coffee mug, magazine and scarf.

  1. We can use this 3-step process to complain about any issue you have: whether smb`s drinking your coffee or your product is damaged.

Let`s open the student` books on page 38 and let`s observe (outline) some problems which could be happened with products Ex.1a (Faulty products):

The heel is broken. (this belongs to …), (this matches with …)

The strap is torn.

A button is missing.

The lens is scratched.

The lid is cracked.

There's a chip in it.

There's a hole in the sleeve.

The earphones are damaged.

Ex.1b: Have you ever bought any products that were faulty? What was the problem? What did you do? (• take it back to the shop • get it repaired • get a refund • exchange it for another one)

Use the phrases to tell about any damaged product.

Now I`ll give you a list with 5 situations, read it, find the problem in each situation and actions.

The next task for you to listen to one audio record, to state the problem, feelings and actions.

  1. And now we come to one more point how to respond to the complaint.

I`m very sorry about that. I`m really sorry. We`ll give you a refund immediately. Certainly. One moment, please. No problem. • Could I see your receipt, please? • Of course. Have you got the receipt? Our Manager will apologize to you.

The last I want you to prepare the speaking situations using the cards.


Yes, good morning, I'm calling to say I still haven't received the books I ordered from your website over three weeks ago. I called this number last week, and a colleague of yours told me they would arrive by Monday. Well, it's Wednesday now, and there's still no sign of them. Please can you check if my order has been sent?


Hi, I ordered a dress from your website which arrived a few days ago. I've tried it on, though, and I don't think I like it after all. It isn't damaged or anything, it just doesn't suit me. Is it possible to send it back and get a refund, please?


Good afternoon. I ordered a teapot from your shopping site three weeks ago and you sent me a totally different model from the one I ordered. I sent it back to you, but now you've sent me the wrong one again! I know that mistakes happen, but I can't believe this has happened twice. I really do feel I deserve an apology for this.


Yes, hello. I'm very concerned. I recently bought a pair of jeans from your online catalogue and paid by credit card. Now I've just received my credit card bill and I can see that you've charged me twice for the jeans. I definitely only ordered one pair. Could you look into the matter and send me a refund, please?


Good morning. I'm calling to complain about the sofa bed that's just been delivered from your company. Unfortunately, it's damaged. The material is all torn on the back so I'll need to return it. I'm very disappointed. It's a gift for my son's birthday, so is it possible for you to send a replacement by express delivery?

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Complaints & requests

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