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Цель урока: Систематизировать знания учащихся по теме “The Commonwealth of Australia”, актуализировать знания о природе, отработать умение составлять диалог и монолог, искать информацию в различных источниках, в данном случае Интернете, работать в группе и индивидуально, практически изучить и применить на практике знания по теме в межпредметной связи (географии, экологии, информатики).

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Открытый урок по английскому языку в 11 «А» классе

Тема “The Commonwealth of Australia”

The purpose of this lesson is to systematize the knowledge of students on the theme “The Commonwealth of Australia”, to make knowledge about nature, to develop the ability to write dialogue and monologue, to search for information in different sources, in this case the Internet, to work in groups and individually, to study and apply knowledge of theme in interdisciplinary communications (geography, ecology, Informatics).

Objectives of the lesson: Bringing-up: education of tolerance to foreign culture, to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, develop cognitive interest in nature, the ability to work in teams, pairs, individually, to impart love to the native land, protection of the environment, to animals, to use practical knowledge in the field of information technology with the use of computer and Internet.

Educational: to acquaint pupils with opportunities to use information technology and skills on the computer using the Internet, to consolidate the grammar skills - (individual flashcards and tests), developing skills of monologue and Dialogic speech, correct pronunciation, reading and translation of the text, the activation of new vocabulary in speech, the formation of linguistic competence.

Developing: to teach the ability to think logically, to develop monologue and Dialogic speech, to consolidate the ability to observe, compare, collate, analyze, evaluate others, the ability to work in a team.

Lesson type: lesson-workshop on project method.

Equipment: computer, projector, screen, CD with the presentation of the lesson, map of Australia, flag of Australia, crossword, cards for individual work, tests for independent work to consolidate grammar, projects, and essays of students, textbooks, notebooks. Цель урока: Систематизировать знания учащихся по теме “The Commonwealth of Australia”, актуализировать знания о природе, отработать умение составлять диалог и монолог, искать информацию в различных источниках, в данном случае Интернете, работать в группе и индивидуально, практически изучить и применить на практике знания по теме в межпредметной связи (географии, экологии, информатики).

Задачи урока: Воспитательные: воспитание толерантности к иноязычной культуре, применять теоретические знания на практике, развивать познавательный интерес к природе, умение работать в коллективе, парах, индивидуально, прививать любовь к родному краю, охране окружающей среды, к животным, использовать практические знания в области информационных технологий с применением компьютера и Интернета.

Образовательные: знакомить учащихся с возможностями использовать информационные технологии и навыки работы на компьютере с использованием Интернета.

Обучающие: закрепить навыки грамматики - (индивидуальные карточки и тесты), развитие навыков монологической и диалогической речи, закрепить навыки произношения, чтения и перевода текста, активизация новой лексики в речи, формирование языковой компетенции.

Развивающие: научить умению логически мыслить, развивать монологическую и диалогическую речь, закрепить умение наблюдать, сравнивать, сопоставлять, анализировать, оценивать других, умение работать в коллективе.

Тип урока: повторительно-обобщающий урок.

Вид урока: занятие-семинар по методу проектов.

Оборудование: компьютер, проектор, экран, CD с презентацией урока, карта Австралии, флаг Австралии, кроссворд, карточки для индивидуальной работы, тесты для самостоятельной работы для закрепления грамматики, проекты и рефераты учащихся, учебники, тетради.

The course of the lesson:

I. Organizational moment. To inform the theme and purpose of the lesson. 2 мин.

Good morning, students! Look at me, pleasе and smile. O.K. Thank you. I am glad to see you. How are you? Sit down. Are you ready? Let’s begin our lesson. Who is on duty today? Who is away? What date is it today? What day of the week is it today? What season is it now? And what season is in Australia now? Today we have an unusual lesson, our theme is the Commonwealth of Australia. We’ll speak about it, learn some different facts, do different tasks and play games. So let’s try to speak English.

First of all I want you to do the Quiz and examine your knowledge about English speaking countries

II. Речевая зарядка (слайд №3) 3 мин.

Guess what country it is

  1. Big Ben is a visiting card of this country. (GB)

  2. The main landscape of this country is deserts.(Australia)

  3. The population of this country is called “ kiwis”.(New Zealand)

  4. There are two official languages in this country. (Canada)

  5. There are Niagara Falls in this country.( the USA)

  6. Robin Hood lived here. (GB)

  7. It is a melting port of nations. (the USA)

  8. The language of this country is close to Australian English. (New Zealand)

  9. People only this country celebrate Thanksgiving Day. ( the USA)

  10. The capital of this country isn’t the biggest city of it. ( the USA)

III. Фонетическая зарядка. 1 мин.

Phonetic drill
Look at the blackboard! You see some proper names.I want you to read them correctly. Be attentive in your pronunciation, please.
Australia, Australian, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide
Indian ocean, Pacific; Murray, Darling, Equator, Southern hemisphere. Teacher: I prepared funny questions. Let’s listen to them and try to guess. 3 мин. Question 1: My first is a modal verb My second is a verb which helps to form tenses My third is double letter My last is an indefinite article My whole is a name of the city. (Can-be-rr-a) Question 2:My first is an indefinite article, My second is a pronoun. My third is the first three letters of the word train, My fourth is the first three letters of the word liana My whole is the name of the country. (A-us-tra-lia) III. Presentation of Australia 6 мин. T: At home you had to prepare presentations about Australia. Who wants to begin?

. Look at the screen, try to understand and remember the information. What is the Commonwealth of Australia? What do you know about Australia? P1. Australia is a very interesting country. It is the largest island but the smallest continent in the world. It has its own customs, national culture, literature and traditions. There are many famous writers, poets, outstanding scientists, sportsmen and politicians in Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia is a self governing federal state. It is situated in the south-west of the Pacific ocean, occupying the continent of Australia and a great number of islands of which Tasmania is the most important. Australia is a continent-island washed by the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. The country consists of 6 (six) states and 2 (two) territories. 16 million people live in Australia. The capital is Canberra. The official language is English.

T—P1,P2,P3 Did you like the presentations?

But it would be better to listen to a poem about Australia. I should say it is a national anthem of this country. Let’s listen to the national anthem. Текст гимна 1 мин. Australians all let us rejoice,
For we are young and free; 
We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil, 
Our home is girt by sea; 
Our land abounds in Nature’s gifts 
Of beauty rich and rare; 
In history’s page, let every stage 
Advance Australia fair! 
In joyful strains then let us sing, 
«Advance Australia fair!» Beneath our radiant southern Cross, 
We’ll toil with hearts and hands; 
To make this Commonwealth of ours Renowned of all the lands; 
For those who’ve come across the seas 
We’ve boundless plains to share; 
With courage let us all combine 
To advance Australia fair. 
In joyful strains then let us sing 
«Advance Australia fair!» T: Answer my questions about Australia. T: What is the capital of Australia? P.: The capital of Australia is Canberra T.: What are the biggest cities of Australia? P.: There are 5 (five) big cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. These cities are also the country's main ports. T: What is the official language in Australia ? P.: Australian English does not differ from other forms of English, although some expressions are unique to Australia .

IV. Совершенствование навыков чтения с пониманием деталей прочитанного и выбором интересной или неизвестной ранее информации 7 мин. I want уou to read some information and translate the most interesting sentences from your point of view. (Тексты об Австралии) Text №1. Australia is a large country lying between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Australia is an island, like Britain, but unlike Britain, it is vast. It is, in fact, nearly twenty-five times as large as the British Isles. Its area is about 8,000,000 square km. The population of Australia is about 18 mln. Most of Australia is semi-desert. People cannot live where there is no water, and so most of people in Australia live in the richer south-east. The first Australian people were dark-skinned Aborigines, and though the coming of the white settlers destroyed their tribal lives, some sixty thousand still survive in Australia today. Their account for about 1 percent of the population. They may be found in the island areas of the country. Some live in modern cities but it is not really easy for them. They have to fight for their rights. The first Europeans to land in this country were Dutch sailors. The national holiday, Australia Day, is now celebrated on or near January 26th in memory of landing of the British in 1788. The young country grew very fast. Today Australia is an independent federative state consisting of 6 states and 2 territories. It is a member of the Commonwealth headed by the British Queen. The national language is English. The capital of Australia is Canberra; the largest cities are Sidney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Text №2 The Commonwealth of Australia is a self-government federal state. It has six states: new south Wales, Victoria, Queens land, south Australia, western Australia and two internal territories. It is situated in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean. The area of this country has 7000000 square kilometers. Australia is the largest island in the world and the smallest continent. The Dutch were the first Europeans to visit Australia. In the 1770 the English captain James Cook discovered the East Coast of Australia. Nearly 20 million people live in Australia. The capital of the country is Canberra, this city became the capital in 1927. Federal government works in Canberra in the government buildings. There are no industrial plants in the town. The population of Canberra is about 300 000 people. There are many sites in the city. They are the buildings of the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian National University and other places of interest. There are two big industrial cities in Australia: Sydney and Melbourne.

Text №3

Australian climate is dry and warm. Australia is situated in the Southern Hemisphere and that is why it has summer when we have winter. January is the hottest month in Australia. Australia is separated from many countries. The animals in Australia have developed differently. They are interesting. You can see the dingo, a wild dog that kills other animals at night, the kangaroo and many parrots there. There are many lakes in the country. Australia is an industrial country. It has coal, nickel, zinc and gold. Australia is one of the most important producers of metals and minerals. It exports wool production, meat, fruit and sugar. The Australia is situated near the ocean. Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are the ports of the country. There are many universities, theaters and museums in Australia. There are some political parties in Australia: the liberal party, the labor party and two socialist parties of Australia. Text №4 Australia is not only far from the rest of the world, it has a bad climate, too. The climate is better in the east and south-east, where most big cities have grown. But the northern coast has too much rain, and the western coast is too dry. The highest part of Australia, and almost all the mountains are near the coast. The whole central part of the country is dry; it never rains, there are no large rivers and no water there. So there is no very rich plant life in Australia, except in the east and south-east. Australia is an important producer and exporter of primary products: wool, meat, sugar, fruit, coal, iron, copper, lead, gold and so on. Most of the factories are situated near big cities. There are 5 (five) big cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. These cities are also the country's main ports. Canberra was specially planned as the capital. It is a quiet city. All the government buildings are situated there. There're no industrial plants in the city. About 300000 people live in Canberra. Sydney is the oldest and largest city in Australia. It was founded in 1788. Sydney is a big industrial centre. About 3 million people now live in the city Text №5 Australia seems to be the upside-down world. The New Year is at midsummer, midwinter is in June. Hot winds blow from the north: cold winds blow from the south. The further north you go, the hotter it gets. The trees look strange; it will seem odd to you that they never lose their leaves, and you will miss the bare branches in winter. Australia is a land of strange birds and beasts such as kangaroo, koala, echidna and dingo. Australia is the world's largest island and the smallest continent. Its area is about the United States (without Alaska) -7,7 square km. Today there live about 17 million people. Australia is a country almost 3 million square miles far from other countries and that's why it wasn't discovered for a long time. Text №6 Only in 1606 Dutch sailors reached the shores of the unknown continent, but no one settled there until the English Captain Cook discovered the East Coast in 1770. When settlement began in 1788 the continent was inhabited by about 300 000 people, who are now called aborigines. Diseases brought by settlers caused many deaths among the aborigines and now there are only about 60 000 of them. At the beginning of the 19-th century the English colonists gave the fifth continent the name Australia or "the unknown southern land ". At first, nobody wanted to live there because it was used as a prison where the British government would send British prisoners. Most of Australia is a semi-desert, so most people in Australia live in the south-east. The climate is hot and the Australians boast that they can sleep outdoors all the year round. The sun shines in winter and in summer. Snow and ice are rare, except in the high mountains. There is not much rain, and drought is a constant anxiety. In bad times, and in the driest parts, many animals may die for want of water. Today Australia is an independent federative state consisting of 6 states and 2 territories. It is a member of the Commonwealth headed by the British Queen. The capital is Canberra. T: Well, have you done? Did you understand the texts? I want you to read the most interesting information from these texts. Well done, thank you. V. Video film about Australia. Совершенствование навыков аудирования и умений понимать иноязычную речь. 4 мин.

T: So, Australia is one of the youngest countries in the world. Every country has its national flag, coat-of-arms, emblem and anthem. Look at the screen, try to understand and remember the information.

Have you learned anything new? What have you learned? Is Australia interesting for you?

Would you like to go there someday? 3 мин. VI. Грамматический тест. 7 мин. We have done many tests before. Are you ready to test yourself in English and grammar? I expect you to do it as far as you can. About 7 minutes. Do it in your computers. VII. geographical names 1.nerblmueo, raebrcna, astamani, eidadale, dlanqueesn, iasuaratl 2. Animals and birds alkoa, okaognar, torpar, isetroto, rsaemht, biarbt

VIII. Подведение итога урока. 1 мин.

I am going to sum up. Today we spoke about Australia. We read, did tests, remembered grammar, answered the questions, described country, listened to the tape, saw your computer presentation. I think our lesson was full of information which you can use in your other school lessons.

IX. Домашнее задание. (дифференцированный подход) 1 мин.

I want you to write down your home task in your diaries. Many animals are in danger. Take one of them from any country (for example, Russia, the USA, Africa, etc.) and describe its life and say why it must be protected.

“3” – p. 234 (read and translate the text) “4” – in writing “5” – retell the text

X. Выставление оценок. Now your marks.

XI. Завершение урока и прощание.

The lesson is over. I thank you for your pleasant lesson. Good bye!

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