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Задания для проверки знаний учащихся по грамматике

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Работа позволит проверить и закрепить знания учащихся 7 класса.

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«Задания для проверки знаний учащихся по грамматике»

Passive Voice.

I. 1.Правило образования Passive Voice.

2.Выбери предложения в Passive Voice.

1)Our office is cleaned every evening.

2) A famous artist painted this picture.

3) This car will disappear in few minutes.

4)Two people were killed in road accident yesterday.

5)Bill often cuts his finger while cooking the meals.

6)A new supermarket will be built next year.

II. Choose the right form.

1. The post … every morning.

a) are deliver b) was delivered c) is delivered

2. Those paintings … for 500 pounds each last year.

a)was sold b) were sold c) will be sold

3. That’s a good book. It … by George Orwell.

a) was written b) is written c) will be written

4. A school … in this area next year.

a) is built b) was built c) will be built

5. Coffee … fromBrazil.

a) isimported b) was imported c) will be imported

6. The luggage … soon.

a) isbrought b) was brought c) will be brought

III. Put the verb in Passive Voice.

1. When the telephone (invent)?

2. The letter (not write) tomorrow.

3. English (speak) all over the world.

4. Flowers usually (sell) in the streets.

5. This film (discuss) at the next lesson.

6. The UK (wash) by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

7. The results (announce) tomorrow morning.

8. In 1980 the Olympic Games (hold) in Moscow.


I.Назовите притяжательные местоимения и притяжательные местоимения в абсолютной форме.

I- we-

You- you-

He- they-



II. Choose the correct form of the pronoun.

1.Mary is … sister.

a)them b)their c)theirs

2.How are … parents?

a)they b)your c)us

3.Some relatives of … live in Italy.

a)you b)hers c)my

4.The company didn’t pay for … .

a)his b)her c)its

5.My mother’s hair is very long. … hair is beautiful.

a)her b)his c)hers

6)Those sweets are … .

a)my b)me c)mine

III. Fill in the correct form of the pronoun.

1. This book belongs to me. This is ______book.

2. The man put______ hand into pocket.

3. The cat ate______ food.

4. She took out______ purse and gave it to me.

5. My husband never wears______ glasses.

6. Lend me______ pen, I’ve lost ______.

7. They’re going to London with some students of ______.

8. This is not my pencil, ______is red.

Degrees of comparison.

I.Правило образования степеней сравнения прилагательных.

Образуй сравнительную и превосходную степени следующих прилагательных:

Big- little-

Large- nice-

Interesting- happy-

Good- many-

II. Choose the correct form of the adjective.

1.I met my … friend yesterday in the shop.

a) goodest b) better c) best

2. Ann is … child in her family.

a) the youngest b) the younger c) young

3. Henry is …than his elder brother.

a) taller b) tall c) tallest

4. Where is … post-office?

a)the nearest b) the next c) nearer

5. I earn … money than my husband does.

a) little b) more little c) less

6. This hotel is … among the tourists.

a) more popular b) most popular c) popularest

III.Fill in the necessary form of the adjective.

1. Your TV is much (good) than ours.

2. This is the (bad) film he’s ever seen.

3. His accent is (correct) than yours.

4. A woman seems to get (young) every year.

5. He’s the (fat) person in his family.

6. This is the (tasty) meal I’ve ever eaten.

7. She has a friend who’s much (pretty) than her.

8. She’s the (beautiful) in the class.

Past Simple/ Present Perfect.

I. Правило образования Past Simple и Present Perfect. Слова-спутники.

Выбери предложения в Past Simple и Present Perfect.

1. Margaret didn’t go to work yesterday.

2. Now babies are sleeping and my mother is reading the book.

3. William Shakespeare died in 1616.

4. Has he already done his homework?

5. She always goes for a walk in the park.

6. I have never been to London.

II. Choose the right form of the verb.

1. Tom (didn’t meet/hasn’t met) his sister since he was а child.

2. Olga (lived/has lived) in England last year.

3. I (lost/have lost) my key. I can’t find it anywhere.

4. Look! Somebody (broke/has broken) my pen.

5. How many plays (did Shakespeare write/has Shakespeare written)?

6. Do you know about Jane? She (gave up/has given up) smoking.

7. I’m looking for Mike. (Did you see/Have you seen) him?

8. Your car looks great. (Did you wash/Have you washed) it?

III. Fill in the right form of the verb.

I (1)(go) to New York for the first time three years ago.

I (2)(meet) an American girl of my age called Laura. She (3)(be) very friendly.

‘You (4)(be) to New York before?’ she asked me.

‘No, I ______(5),’ I said, and so Laura offered to help me.

‘You (6)(see) the Statue of Liberty yet?’

‘Yes, I (7)(see) it yesterday.’

‘OK. What about the Empire State Building?’

‘Yes, I just (8)(climb) to the top of it. It (9)(be) wonderful!’

Present Simple/ Present Сontinuous Tense

I. Правило образования Present SimpleTense и Present Сontinuous Tense.


Выбери предложения в Present Simple и Present Continuous tense.

1. Now babies are sleeping and my mother is reading the book.

2. William Shakespeare died in 1616.

3. Listen! My little sister is playing the piano.

4. She always goes for a walk in the park.

5. They don’t often go to the theatre.

6. Next year he will be a student of the university.

II. Choose the right form of the verb Present Simple/ Present Сontinuous.

  1. I… … learn the French language.

  1. Am not b) don’t c) isn’t

2. Leave me alone. I … to concentrate.

a) is trying b) try c) am trying

3. People in Italy … a lot of pasta.

a) eats b) are eating c) eat

4. The trains to London … from platform 5 every hour.

a) leave b) leaves c) are leaving

5. Where… you … now?

a) are … going b) is… going c) do … going

6. The banks … usually close at lunchtime.

a) don’t b) doesn’t c) aren’t

III. Put the verbs into Present Simple or Present Continuous

1. ‘I (be) very busy now.’ ‘Why? What you (do)?’

2. Tom (not be) lazy. He (work) hard every day.

3. How often you (go) to the theatre?

4. ‘When he (get) up every day?’ ‘He (get) up at 8 o’clock.’

5. They (not drink) coffee now. I (think) they (watch) TV.

6. I (have) no time now, I (have) dinner.

7. I (read) а very interesting book at the moment.

8. He is enjoying his holiday. He (have) а nice room in the hotel.

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Задания для проверки знаний учащихся по грамматике

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