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Тест по теме "Reported speech" для 10 класса.

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Этот тест помогает отработать навыки употребления косвенной речи в английском языке.

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«Тест по теме "Reported speech" для 10 класса.»

Report the sentences. Variant 1

№1 1. “I’ll stay at home on Sunday”, Bill said.

2. “I have something to show you”, I said.

3. “We have a lift but very often it doesn’t work”, they said.

4. “I’m very tired”, she said.

5. “I’m listening to the radio”, he said.

6. “I’ll tell them the news on Saturday”, she said.

7. “I spoke to Jane last week”, she said.

8. “I’m trying to listen to the music”, he said.

9. “I’ll phone the office from the airport”, she said.

10. “I can’t speak any foreign languages”, he said.

11. “I’ll see you tomorrow”, she said.

12. “My parents are arriving tomorrow”, she said.


1. “Do you like Marlon Brandon?”, she asked.

2. “How are you?”, he said. (asked)

3. “Do you live near your father?”, he asked.

4. “Who did you see at the meeting?”, my mother asked.

5. “Why did you take my wallet?”, he asked.

6. “Are you a foreigner?”, she asked.

7. “Where do you live?”, the boy asked.

8. “Have you met Danny before?”, he asked.

9. “Are you hungry?”, he asked.


Rewrite these sentences in reported speech.

1. “Make some coffee, Bob”, Carol said.(ask)

2. “Keep all the windows closed, Bill” they said.(warn)

3. “Please stay for supper, Bob”, he said.(try to persuade)

4. “Don’t forget to thank Mr Jones when you’re saying good bye to her.”

5. “Stop that dog.”

6. “Sit down, Mary.” (he told)

7. “Don’t be late, Tim.” (Tim’s father told)

8. “Be quiet, children.” (the librarian told)

Report the sentences. Variant 2

№1 1. “I’ve never been to Russia”, Mike said.

2. “I’ve been in London for a month but I haven’t had time to visit the Tower”, said Rupert.

3. “I’ll see them soon”, he said.

4. “I walked home after the party”, he said.

5. “I’m going to be sick”, she said.

6. She said, “We went swimming today.

7. “I’ll see Mary on Sunday”, she said.

8. “Stephen’s bringing some records to the party tomorrow”, she said.

9. “I see the children quite often”, he said.

10. “I’m having a bath”, she said.

11. “They were here three months ago”, he said.

12. “I’ve already met their parents”, she said.

№ 2. 1. “Why are you so late?”, the teacher asked.

2. “Have you finished your exams?”, she asked.

3. “Did you invite Judy and Mitch?”, he asked.

4. “Does your brother live in London?”, she asked.

5. “Why didn’t the police report the crime?”, the judge asked. _

6. “Do you know who broke the window?”, he asked.

7. “When does the train leave?”, I asked.

8. “Are you enjoying yourself?”, he asked.

9. “Why wasn’t Judy at the party?”, she asked.


Rewrite these sentences in reported speech.

1. “Don’t try to be funny.”

2. “Don’t take your coat off.”

3. “Go to bed and don’t get up till you’re called.”

4. “Be a good girl and sit quietly for five minutes.”

5. “Watch the milk and don’t let it boil over.”

6. “Don’t go near the sea, children.” (the children’s mother warned)

7. “Have your tickets ready, please.” (the inspector told us)

8. “Go home, Paul”, Francis said.(tell)

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Тесты

Целевая аудитория: 10 класс

Тест по теме "Reported speech" для 10 класса.

Автор: Аксенова Светлана Ивановна

Дата: 31.07.2020

Номер свидетельства: 555238

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