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Тест по теме:"Reported speech"

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Данный тест предполагает отработку навыков по теме "Косвенная речь" для 9 классов.

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«Тест по теме:"Reported speech"»


Reported speech

9 class
Complete each sentence below using reported speech.

  1. Ann said, “How many hours a day do you watch TV, Fred?”

  1. David said, “Don’t write a letter to Ann.”

  2. He asked, “What magazines do you prefer to read?”

  3. Dad said, “Tom is leaving for Moscow tomorrow.”

  1. The chief ordered, “Go to the theatre and book the tickets.”

  1. She said, “Kent has visited many countries in western Europe this year.”

  1. I said to my sister, “Don’t drink coffee at night, you will not sleep.”

  1. He read, “The south of England is warmer than the North.”

  1. “Are you going to pick up the phone now?”, Miranda asked him.

  1. He said, “Martha will bring me some water”

  1. Sheila said to her sister, “Somebody stole my bag in the shop last week”

  1. Nora asked, “Does Sam like films about police and crime?”

  1. He said, “I can` t move the piano alone.”

  1. Doctor said, “Dairy products are useful for little children.”

  1. The teacher said, “What do you do to express yourself?”

  1. She said, “Doctors don`t advise us to eat chips and chocolate.”

  1. I asked my granddad, “Did you take part in the Great Patriotic War?”

  1. Nurse said, “Do you often take your blood pressure, Henry?”

  1. Wendy said, “Call a doctor if you have a strong pain in the heart.”

  1. Kate said, “I am going to buy a new car next Friday.”


Задание 1. Проверка теоретических знаний по теме Reported Speech (Косвенная речь).

1. На какое время изменяется время Present Perfect при переводе предложения из прямой речи в косвенную?

2. На какое время изменяется время Future Simple при переводе предложения из прямой речи в косвенную?

3. На какой модальный глагол изменяется глагол could при переводе предложения из прямой речи в косвенную?

4. На какой модальный глагол изменяется глагол may при переводе предложения из прямой речи в косвенную?

Задание 2. Fill in the gaps with last or latest.

  1. This is her ……..chance. She must use it.

  2. This dress is the ………. fashion.

Задание 3. Решите 2 теста (только 1 ответ верный). Преобразуйте прямую речь в косвенную.

1. He says, “You are right.”

a) he says that I am right b) he says which I right

c) he says I was right d) he said I are right

2. She says to him, “I have a right to know.”

a) she tells him that she would have a right to know

b) she tell him she have a right to know

c) she says him she has a right to know

d) she tells him that she has a right to know

Задание 4. Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь.

1. I thought, “He is going to give up his job”.

2. “Go to your room now and do your homework”, the mother said to her son.

3. The teacher asked Nina, “Do you live far from the school?”

4. “What have you bought me for Christmas?” the little boy asked his parents.

5. Helen: I cannot call you, I’ve lost your phone number.

6. Marina: I’ve lost my ticket.

7. “Don’t take my ruler, use yours,” Ann said to Harry.

8. “Let’s go to a movie”.

9. Nick told us, “I saw Jimmy at a party last week.”

10. ‘’Fasten the seat belts!’’ the stewardess said to passengers.

11. ‘’Have you finished reading my book?’’ my friend asked me.

12. ‘’Why are you looking pale? What’s the matter?’’ asked Mother.

13. Sister: “I have been looking for you everywhere, Robbie”.

14. David: “ It’s a bit cold today. I’m going to wear a pullover”.

15. Mother said, ‘’Alice, don’t interrupt the grown-ups.’’

16. ‘’Let’s begin the meeting,’’ said the chairman.

17. ‘Eat more fruit and vegetables’, the doctor said.

18. ‘Shut the door but don’t lock it’, she said to us.

19. ‘Can you speak more slowly? I can’t understand’, he said to me.

20. “Don’t come before 6 o’clock”, I said to him.

Задание 4.

Give recommends to children from their parents:

  1. Stop talking!

2. Open the window, please.

3. Please help us.

4. Don’t be late.

5. Guess the word.

6. Don`t touch him.

7. Explain us, why.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Тесты

Целевая аудитория: 9 класс.
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Тест по теме:"Reported speech"

Автор: Анна Константиновна Семёнова

Дата: 25.05.2020

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