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Проверочная работа по модулю №4 "Spotlight 6"

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Контроль усвоения знаний учащимися по модулю №4 УМК "Spotlight 6"

Вы уже знаете о суперспособностях современного учителя?
Тратить минимум сил на подготовку и проведение уроков.
Быстро и объективно проверять знания учащихся.
Сделать изучение нового материала максимально понятным.
Избавить себя от подбора заданий и их проверки после уроков.
Наладить дисциплину на своих уроках.
Получить возможность работать творчески.

Просмотр содержимого документа
«Ключи к проверочной работе»


I ( Listening )





1). False

7) up

15). then

21). G

29) Buses are always crowded

2). True

8) tie

16). when

22). D

30). I usually get up early

3). False

9) go

17). before

23). A

31). I sometimes go to the gym.

4). False

10). Sitcoms

18). After that

24). H

32). I often go shopping with my mum.

5). True

11). Count

19) then

25). B

33). Maria is never late.

6). True

12). Yuck

20) before

26). E

13). greenhouse

27). C

14) then

28). F


VII. Text

Extra Task

34). … do you usually do?

42)… doesn’t

48). True

56). At noon

35). watch

43)… surfs

49). Doesn’t Say

57). I can’t

36). …does he go?

44). .do they do…?

50). True

58). By train

37)… goes

45). ..go

51) False

59). Yes, I do

38). Does he play…?

46). ..do you leave…

52). False

60). It’s in December


47). ..catch

53). True

61). Every Saturday

40). ..plays

54). Doesn’t Say

41). Does she watch…?


Просмотр содержимого документа
«Проверочная работа Модуль 4»


I. You’ll hear Harry and Clara talking about their families. Listen and mark the sentences (1-6) T (true) or F ( false).

1. Harry has one brother …………

2. His cousin lives in Boston ……..

3. Harry’s sister works as a doctor ………

4. Clara has a small family ……..

5. Clara’s oldest brother is married ……

6. Clara is an aunt…….

II. Choose the correct item.

7. We put down\ up our tent.

8. He knows how to tie \ build knots.

9. We have \ go camping every weekend.

10. Sitcoms\ News always make me laugh.

11. I’d love to come. Join \ Count me in.

12. Wow ! \ Yuck! That tastes horrible!

13. My uncle grows tomatoes in a greenhouse \ dormitory.

14. She has a shower and then \ when she gets dressed.

III. Underline the correct word.

15. First we have lunch and then \ before we go to school.

16. I get up then \ when my alarm clock rings.

17. I have my lunch before \ when I go to school.

18. He watches a cartoon on TV; and \ after that he goes to bed.

19. First, we take showers and then \ before we get dressed.

20. I usually drink some milk before \ then I go to bed.

IV. Match the verbs to the words\ phrases.

21. catch A. the plants

22. do B. your teeth

23. water C. for a walk

24. make D. the shopping

25. brush E. the dog

26. walk F. computer games

27. go G. the bus to work

28. play H. your bed

V. Put the adverbs in the correct place.

29. Buses are crowded in the morning (always).

30. I get up early. (usually).

31. I go to the gym. (sometimes) .

32. I go shopping with my mum. ( often).

33. Maria is late. ( never).

VI. Put the verbs in brackets into the PRESENT SIMPLE.

A: What 34) _______ ( you\ usually\ do ) in the evening?

B: I 35)________ ( watch) a DVD.

A: When 36)_______ (he \ go ) to the gym?

B: He 37)________ ( go ) on Wednesday evening.

A: 38)_______ ( he \ play ) the guitar?

B: No, he 39)____. He 40)_____ ( play ) the violin.

A: 41) _______ ( she \ watch ) TV in the evening?

B: No, she 42)_____ . She usually 43)______ (surf ) the NET.

A: What 44)______ (they \ do ) on Saturday nights?

B: They 45)______ ( go ) to the cinema.

A: When 46) ______ ( you \ leave ) for school?

B: We 47) _______ ( catch ) the bus at 8:30.

VII. Read the article and circle the correct answer.


Ben Turner is a London taxi driver. He is this year’s winner of the “Driver of the Year” award. In this week’s article he tells us what a day in the life of a London taxi driver is like.

What is a typical day like for you?

I always get up early, at about 6 a.m, so that I can catch the morning rush to work. I get a lot of passengers then.

Is the morning a good time of day for your kind of job?

Well, it’s not bad, but there’s always a lot of traffic at that time so journeys can take a lot of time. At night it’s not so bad. It’s quiet and peaceful because there are no buses or tube trains (метро) after midnight. I get a lot of work then. Sometimes, I have to drive out of London.

Do you work all day?

No, I stop for lunch and have an afternoon sleep. Then I go back to work at about 5. At 2 or 3 a.m I go back to bed. I suppose I have a strange routine!

Do you enjoy being a taxi driver?

Oh, yes! You meet all kinds of people, even famous people. Sometimes passengers are rude but usually they are interesting and I like to talk to them.

48). Ben is a taxi driver in London A True B. False C. Doesn’t say.

49). Ben has breakfast at 6 a.m A True B. False C. Doesn’t say.

50). Ben gets a lot of passengers in the morning. A True B. False C. Doesn’t say.

51). There’s always a lot of traffic at night. A True B. False C. Doesn’t say.

52). People usually travel by bus or train after A True B. False C. Doesn’t say.


53). Ben sometimes has to drive his passengers A True B. False C. Doesn’t say.

out of London.

54). Ben has his evening meal at 8 p.m. A True B. False C. Doesn’t say.

55). Some of Ben’s passengers aren’t friendly. A True B. False C. Doesn’t say.

EXTRA TASK VIII. Complete the exchanges using phrases from the list below.

*By train *Every Saturday *At noon *Yes, I do *I can’t * It’s in December

56).A: What time do you get up on Sundays? 60). A: When is your birthday?

B: ________ B: ________ .

57). A: Would you like to go to the café tonight? 61). A: When do you clean your house?

B: ____. I always go jogging in the evenings. B: _______ .

58). A: How does your brother go to work?

B: ________ .

59). A: Do you like playing computer games?

B. ______ . I’m crazy about them.

Получите в подарок сайт учителя

Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Тесты

Целевая аудитория: 6 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Проверочная работа по модулю №4 "Spotlight 6"

Автор: Хаврик Елена Алексеевна

Дата: 16.04.2023

Номер свидетельства: 629695

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