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Diets and healthy food

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Задания предназначены для студентов 2 курса заведений СПО по специальности: "Повар, кондитер", "Технология продукции общественного питания". В комплект входит: текст профессиональной направленности, задания к тексту, профессиональная лексика, задания для тренировки лексики, грамматическое упражнение на количественные местоимения.

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«Diets and healthy food»


Taking our diet more seriously

Many people believe that health is very important and, because of this, many are trying to eat more healthily. For example, people in the UK are eating less salt and more low fat margarine and milk; fruit is now America’s favourite snack and Japan is currently promoting cocoa because it is healthy alternative to soft drinks like Coca Cola. These changes in eating habits are also having an effect on the food market. Global sales are increasing for soy drinks and drinkable yoghurts more than any other food and sales of bread, pasta, and cereals are growing much more slowly. People are also becoming interested in fresh fruit and vegetables and ‘farmers’ markets’ are getting more popular throughout Europe. When they can, people often opt for ‘natural goodness’, and they are buying more products that are healthy, like fruit, salads, and nuts. They are also buying products that help to protect environment, like organic vegetables. So it’s clear that things in the food world will never be the same again.

Задание 1. Прочитайте предложения и напишите T(True- верно) и F(False- неверно) после предложения.

  1. Americans eat more fruit than any other food.

  2. Cocoa drinks are good for your health.

  3. People are buying more soy drinks.

  4. People are buying less pasta.

  5. Nuts are good for you.

Задание 2. Сопоставьте подчеркнутые слова из текста с их синонимами.

    1. worldwide –

    2. think –

    3. now –

    4. becoming –

    5. choose –

    6. a substitute for –

    7. getting bigger –

    8. look after, keep from danger –

Задание 3. Заполните пропуски подчеркнутыми словами из текста.

1. Mane vegetarians eat soya as an __________ meat.

2. Some people __________ that all ready-cooked meals are unhealthy.

3. The number of people buying organic vegetables is __________ in many countries.

4. The UK government is __________ studying how to encourage people to change their eating habits.

5. In the US and Europe, many children are __________ fatter because of their bad diets.

6. Many people __________ a change a diet because it makes them feel better.

7. A balanced diet can help to __________ you from illness.

8. Unhealthy eating is now a __________ problem: not just in the US and Europe.

Задание 4. Заполните пропуски в предложениях словами из списка.

Home-made / meal /raw/ spicy /diet/ chicken /steak/ takeaway /meat/ frozen

        1. His __________ is terrible: he eats too many sweet things.

        2. Strict vegetarians don’t eat __________ or fish.

        3. __________ vegetables have more vitamins than when they are cooked.

        4. I love __________ food but I don’t have too much time to cook.

        5. She likes her __________ well done.

        6. I am very busy so I often buy a __________ meal and heat it up in the microwave.

        7. Our biggest __________ of the day is usually lunch.

        8. She doesn’t like Mexican food because it is too __________.

        9. Our typical Sunday lunch is roast __________, I especially like the wings.

        10. We often buy __________ food on Fridays – either Chinese or Indian food.

Задание 5. Ответьте на вопросы письменно.

        1. Is food a pleasure for you?

        2. What you normally eat in atypical day?

        3. Do you ever cook?

        4. Do you ever eat ‘unhealthy’ food? How do you feel about it?

        5. Are you trying to cut down on anything at the moment?

        6. Are people’s diets in your country getting better or worse?

Задание 6. Вставьте одно из следующих слов:

a) some, any, no.

1. There were __ of my friends there. 2. Well, anyway, there is __ need to hurry, now that we have missed the train. 3. Have you ever seen __ of these pictures before? 4. There is __ water in the" kettle: they have drunk it all. 5. There were __ fir-trees in that forest, but many pines. 6. We could not buy cherries, so we bought __ plums instead.

b) somebody, anybody, nobody.

1.I saw __ I knew at the lecture. 2. I dare say that there may be __ at the lecture that I know, but what does that matter? 3. Do you really think that __ visits this place? 4. I have never seen __ lace their boots like that.

c) somewhere, anywhere, nowhere.

1.1 haven't seen him __ . 2. I know the place is __ about here, but exactly where, I don't know. 3. Did you go __ yesterday? - No, I went __ , I stayed at home the whole day.

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Diets and healthy food

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