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"The world of stories" - Presentation for the 3rd grade students

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Presentation for 3rd grade students "The world of stories"

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«"The world of stories" - Presentation for the 3rd grade students»

Structure of the opening lesson

The theme of the lesson:

Revision 11 (Unit 14.The world of stories.)

Teacher: Pulatova Naima

School: № 208

Date: 18. 05.2020 year

Grade: 3 “A”

Lesson: Revision 11 (Unit 14 The world of stories.)

Aims of the lesson:

  • To learn to ask and answer questions about familiar cartoons and fairy tales

  • To enable pupils to write, to ask and answer questions about familiar stories. Revise words from previous lessons.

  • To raise awareness of cartoons and fairy tales.

Organization part: Greeting.( Good morning, pupils!)

Explain the new theme: Today we speak about cartoons and fairy tales which we read and discussed before. We remember and revise words form this unit.

Activity 1: Answer the questions

Objectives: Warm up; to check the pupils knowledge from the previous lesson.

Do you like reading?

What is your favourite hero?

What is your favourite fairy tale?

(Pupils own answers)

Activity 2: Guess the words. Connect English words with Russian translation.

Objectives: to recycle the learnt vocabulary

Activity 3: GUESS THE NAME OF FAIRY TALES. WHAT FAIRY TALE IS THIS? (Teacher show some pictures of different fairy tales. Pupils should say its name in English)

Objectives: to have fun; to prepare pupils for the next activity.


Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Pupil1: Picture 1 is “Red riding Hood” (Красная шапочка)

Pupil 2: Picture 2 is “The turnip” (Репка)

Pupil 3: Picture 3 is “The bun” (Колобок)

Pupil 4: Picture 4 is “The wolf and seven kids” ( Волк и семеро козлят)

Pupil 5 : Picture 5 is “ Little cottage” ( Теремок)

Activity 4: Read the sentences and say what fairy tales is this?

Objectives: To improve pupils’ reading and speaking skills.

1 I got away from Grandpa. I got away from Grandma. And I’ll get away from you , hare

2 The first little pig built a house of straw. The big bad wolf came and said: ..

3 A pretty little cottage stood in the forest. Mosquito flew down and said: …

Teacher: Well done! Good job! I see you know a lot of fairy tales. As you know there are both negative (bad) and positive (good) heroes in each story. Let’s do the following exercise.

Activity 5: Look at the pictures and say which of these heroes good and bad.

Objectives: to improve pupils’ speaking skills

Pupil 1: A fox is a bad hero. Fox is sly and liar.

Pupil 2: Doctor Aybolit is a good hero. Doctor Aybolit is kind.

Pupil 3: Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka are good heroes. They are very friendly.

Pupil 4: Baba – Yaga is a bad hero. She is angry.

Pupil 5: Barmaley is a bad hero. He is angry too.

Teacher: Well done! Now write down your home task.

Homework: Write a small story or fairy tale and draw picture.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Презентации

Целевая аудитория: 3 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

"The world of stories" - Presentation for the 3rd grade students

Автор: Pulatova Naima Erkinovna

Дата: 04.05.2021

Номер свидетельства: 579776

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