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Prepositions of movement

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«Prepositions of movement»

Lesson plan

Lesson: Use of English 2b Prepositions of movement

School: №37 gymnasium

Date: 08.10.2019

Teacher's name: Olzhabayeva Sh. A

Class: 6 Á

Number present:

Number absent:

Learning objective(s) that this lesson is contributing to – use speaking and listening skills to solve problems creatively, cooperatively in groups. – respect different points of view – ask simple questions to get information about a growing range of general topics – understand the main points in growing range of short simple texts on general and curricular topics.

Lesson objectives

  • To ask and understand more complex questions to get information

  • To share ideas and opinions on the given topic

Assessment criteria

    • Be active in the lesson process

    • To save the rules

    • Listen to others

    • Respect others’ opinion

Value links

Respect, the lesson is aimed at group working and sharing opinions, also supporting each other

Cross curricular links

Education, the lesson is aimed at discussing classmates

Previous learning

Past simple


Planned timings

Planned timings





Organizational moment.

Teacher greets pupils, then presents the lesson objectives, explains students what they would be able to do by the end of this lesson.

Warming-up. “I believe you cause…”

Students should say to each other compliments why they believe to him/her. And they must tell it with their signature move.

Short poem to develop pronunciation.

Dearest creature in creation

Studying English pronunciation,

I will teach you in my verse

Sounds like corpse, corps, horse and worse.





Asking the home task. “Home-bag”

Students write down their names on a sheet of paper then throw it into the bag. Teacher choose one of the paper and ask the home task from that person.

New theme. Prepositions of movement

Short video material about new theme. “Prepositions in song”

Ex.1. Look at the pictures and fill in the correct preposition of movement.

  1. Along

  2. Past

  3. Through

  4. Towards

  5. Up

  6. Down

  7. Over

  8. Across

  9. Into

The game “Simon says”

Instruction: the teacher stand in front of the class and give the rules to the learners, like “Simon says,

    • To stand in front of your partner

    • To sit on your chair

    • To go into a classroom

    • To walk along the road

    • To go past your table

    • To go through the desk

    • Change places with your partner who stands on the left side of you.

    • To jump over the stone.

    • To give a high-five to your classmate

The game with video material.

Task with the worksheets. The worksheets will given for each pupil.

The game “Snowball”

Students write one preposition that they've learnt today, then throw that papers around the class.

Evaluation. At the end of the lesson teacher must evaluate pupils with rule which she gave at the beginning of the lesson

Video material


Whole class

Active board or a laptop


Video material

The sheets of paper

The sheets of paper

The stickers



Home task

Workbook ex 6-8 p15

Feedback. ‘I&S’

Pupils should write one interesting and one sad moment about today's lesson.


A4 sheet


College Methodist Zhaksybayeva A.M

School teacher Rakhimbayeva K.K

Student Olzhabayeva Sh.A

Dearest creature in creation

Studying English pronunciation,

I will teach you in my verse

Sounds like corpse, corps, horse and worse.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Планирование

Целевая аудитория: 6 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Prepositions of movement

Автор: Нұрмұхамботова Жұлдыз Айдарқызы

Дата: 22.11.2019

Номер свидетельства: 528232

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