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Cities of Great Britain

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l e s s o n  p l a n  f o r t h e 7th g r a d e

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«Cities of Great Britain»

I.Shormanov secondary school

Demonstrative lesson plan

Theme: “Cities of Great Britain”

Grade: 7 «A»

Teacher: A.D.Sissenbai

2016-2017 s.y.


Мектеп директоры:.......................


Date: The 9th of February

Theme: Cities of Great Britain

The aims of lesson:

Educational: to teach pupils to talk about the cities of Great Britain, ask and answer for the questions, read the text, learn new words.

Developing: to develop pupils thinking, writing, reading, speaking, use of English.

Up-bringing: to bring up love, interest to the subject, English language, other cultures, creating a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere in the class-room.

The type of the lesson: new learning lesson

The methods of lesson: reading, writing, speaking

Inter-subject connection: Kazakh, Geography

Resources: a pupil’s book, ACT, pictures, a map, poster

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment. Greeting

T: - Good afternoon, pupils!

Ps: - Good afternoon, teacher!

T: - How are you?

Ps: - We are fine (great, OK, good, etc.)!

T: - OK, Sit down, please.

- Who is absent today?

Ps: - Today is/are absent(s) … (All are present/it’s anybody absent)

T: OK, good. Thank you very much!

  1. Phonetic drill

Let’s take our phonetic drill
First I’ll read then you’ll repeat after me!

Oo [u:]

Look at the cook

He makes food.

He has a spoon and

A cook book

  1. Checking up home task

Let’s check your homework.

What was your home task for today?

  1. The presentation of new lesson

T. Today we are going to speak about the cities of Great Britain. At the lesson we will work at different exercises such as: read the text, answer the questions, learn new words. I hope you will be active.
First of all you should divide into two groups. Will you take the cards and someone who has Oxford should the team “Oxford” and sit here, please. And someone who has Cambridge will be a member of the team “Cambridge” and you should sit here.


Ex.1 p.79 a) Match the countries and capitals

  1. England a) Washington

  2. Australia b) Edinburgh

  3. Scotland c) Belfast

  4. The USA d) Ottawa

  5. Canada e) London

  6. Northern Ireland f) Canberra

b. What do these countries have in common?

All of them speak in English.

  1. Pre-reading task

Ex.2 p.80 Talk to your partner

  1. What’s the capital of the UK?

  2. What do you know about it?

  3. Do you know any other cities of Great Britain.

  4. What do you know about them?

  1. Vocabulary

T: Open your copybook for vocabulary and write down new words.

Popular - әйгілі

Fine - жақсы

Famous - атақты

Public - қоғамдық

Main - басты

Traditional - дәстүрлі

Important - маңызды

  1. Jigsaw reading

Let’s read the texts about the cities of Great Britain.

Group Cambridge reads the text about Cambridge.

Group Oxford reads the text about Oxford.


Cambridge is a city in England. It is situated about 50 miles (80km) north-east of London. The river Cam flows through the city and it is used for boating. Its population is about 135,000. Cambridge is most widely known as the home of the University of Cambridge. It was founded in 1209 and now it’s one of the top five universities in the world.

Popular sports are football, cricket, baseball, rugby and watersports. There are two Real Tennis courts and two cycling clubs.

The main transport in Cambridge is buses. Its railway station links the city with London. The city also has its own airport. A lot of people travel to work by bicycle.

The main traditional theatre in Cambridge is the Arts Theatre which is situated in the centre.

The main industries in Cambridge are tourism and high-tech business.


Oxford was founded in the 9th century. The population of Oxford is about 122,000.

Now Oxford is the home of the oldest university in the English-speaking world. The best way to see Oxford is on foot. Some of Oxford’s finest attraction are its parks, gardens, rivers, buildings and museum.

The popular sports are cricket, fencing, football, golf, horse riding and rugby.

The main transport is buses and trains. Trains run every 30 minutes from London to Oxford. It also has an airport. Oxford airport was opened in 1938.

The Ashmolean Museum was the world’s first public museum. It was founded in 1683. Today it’s the most important museum in Britain. It’s also famous for Blenheim Palace and Castle Museum.

The main industries are making cars and publishing.

  1. Cubism strategy

Ex.3 p. 81 Answer the questions about your text.

  1. How many people live there?

  2. When was it founded?

  3. What is it famous for?

  4. What are the popular sports?

  5. What are the main industries?

  6. What are the cultural places?

  1. Work with the map (2-3 min)

T: Look at the map. Now, I’ll give you names of cities and you should find them on the map. Let’s start!

Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Carlisle, Oxford, Bristol, Cambridge, London.

  1. Conclusion (4-5 min)

T: Now, for the conclusion you should decide the tests.

Group Cambridge

  1. Population of Cambridge.

  1. 135,000

  2. 150,000

  3. 130,000

  1. The main transport in Cambridge is …

  1. Plain

  2. Car

  3. Bus

  1. A lot of people travel to work by …

  1. Train

  2. Bicycle

  3. Car

Group Oxford

  1. Oxford was founded in the …

  1. 9th century

  2. 7th century

  3. 10th century

  1. The population of Oxford is

  1. about 120.000

  2. about 125.000

  3. about 122.000

  1. Oxford airport was opened …

  1. in 1938

  2. in 1957

  3. in 1940

  1. Reflection

  2. Ending

  1. Home task

Open your diaries and write down you home task.

Your home task will be Ex.6 p.82. Match the words with their definition.

  1. Evaluation

You’ve been very active and nice! I give you good marks according to your participation. You should be polite and friendly with each other and respect each other.

  1. End of the lesson

Our lesson is over. You’re free. Good-bye!

Checked up:__________09.02.2017y.

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Cities of Great Britain

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