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5-Sinflar uchun bir soatlik dars ishlanma

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Этот часовой план занятий рассчитан на 5 классов.

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«5-Sinflar uchun bir soatlik dars ishlanma»

5-SINFDA UNIT 5 I like English. Do you?

DATE: ______________
Grade: 5D
Theme: Unit 5. I like English. Do you? Lesson 2. What time is it?
to learn to ask and tell the time
to learn to use prepositions with times
to enable pupils to ask and tell the time.
Socio cultural:
to raise awareness to ask and answer the time.
Learning outcome: At the end of the lesson pupils will be able to ask the time, tell the time and use time prepositions.
Vocabulary and structure: past, to, quarter, half, when, minute, break, o’clock
Required equipment: pupils book, multimedia, projector, handouts, tables, pictures of clocks, flashcards, color pencils

The beginning of the lesson

  • 1. Organizational moment.

  • Time: 3 minutes

  • Greeting

The teacher greets with pupils:

  • Good morning, teacher!

  • Good morning, dear pupils!

  • Т: Good morning. How are you?

  • Well, I’m glad to see you. What day is it today?

  • P. Today is…

  • Thank you. You may sit down. I am very glad to see you again.

Making English
atmosphere (speaking)

  • Teacher: We have 2 duties. Who are on duty today?

  • (two duties stand up)

  • Teacher: Please, give me a report!

  • (Duties give daily report. It is based on the date, weather, news, absence)

Procedure of the lesson:

  • Warming up

  • Objective:

  • Warming up

  • Time: 14 minutes

  • Interaction: pair work

  • Procedure:

  • Sing the song.

  • STEP 1: Play the DVD. Ask the pupils to listen to the song and sing it.

DVD script:

The pilot

The pilot flies a plane to sky

He flies to different countries.

p-i-l-o-t, p-i-l-o-t, p-i-l-o-t

He flies to different countries.

The nurse works at the hospital.

She looks after sick people.

n-u-r-s-e, n-u-r-s-e, n-u-r-s-e

She looks after sick people.

The pupil is at school all day.

And he learns maths and nature.

p-u-p-i-l, p-u-p-i-l, p-u-p-i-l

And he learns maths and nature.

STEP 2: Ask the pupils to swap their exercise books in pairs. Ask them to check each other’s homework. Then you can check the homework involving the whole class.
In order to recall the previous lesson let’s play snowball. I will throw snowball to one of you and the pupil who will have received should say a school subject with “I like…” Who wants to be the first?

Explanation the theme (10 minutes):

I’m going to explain the new theme. Listen carefully! In order to tell the time we need to know several words and word expressions. In English when we say about time we use “It is” at the beginning of the sentence. For example:

It is 9 o’clock (9:00)

It’s half past 10 (10:30) It’s quarter to 12(11:45)

Differently in English, first of all we should say the minute of the time and then the o’clock. For instance:

It’s 20 minutes past 11(11:20)

It’s 25 (minutes) past 3 (3:25)

Look at the picture. There you can see words which are necessary to speak about the time. Do you know them? Let’s translate them. 
When we speak how many minutes does the minute arrow after the beginning of the hour till it’s half, we use preposition past, when we speak how many minutes are left till it’s end we use the preposition to. 
To tell the time in the first part of the day from midnight till midday, we use A.M. (in the morning), to tell the time in the second part of the day from midday till midnight, we use P.M. (in the evening).

Consolidation part:
Objective: to raise awareness to tell the time
Time: 3 minutes
- It’s your turn pupils. Please, show me your understandings. (Pupils come to the blackboard and show their clocks and say the times)
Activity 4b. Look and write.
Objective: to practise telling the time
Time: 5 minutes
The pupils look at the clocks and write the time. After having finished listening they can check their work themselves. Then PP repeat the times after the DVD.

Extra activity. Work in groups. Match the clocks with the written times.
Objectives: to develop pupil’s speaking skills
Time: 5 minutes
Materials: handouts , pieces of paper
Interaction: group work
Read, match the clocks with the written times
Explain the pupils when they finish they should stick it on the board.

  1. D raw the hour and minute hands on the clock to show 5:00.

  1. Draw the hands on the clock to show 3:30.

  1. Write the time on the clock on the line below.

At the end of the lesson

Time: 3 minutes
Assess the pupils according to their participation. Explain the given marks.
Time: 2 minute
Ask pupils to open their class books to Page 58. Explain what to do in Activity 1a,1b,1c. They should deal with the clocks and times.
Thank you for your participation, especially pupils who were active during the lesson.
The lesson is over. See you next lesson. Good bye!

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Планирование

Целевая аудитория: 5 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

5-Sinflar uchun bir soatlik dars ishlanma

Автор: Hasanov Dovudbek Hamidulloxon o`g`li

Дата: 14.04.2020

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