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Внеклассное мероприятие "Winnie-the-Pooh goes on a visit"

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Разработка поможет провести спектакль в лицах на английском языке по мотивам сказки о Винни-Пухе А. Милна. Подходит для 7-9 классов.

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«Внеклассное мероприятие "Winnie-the-Pooh goes on a visit"»

Лебяженский филиал

МБОУ "Клюквинская средняя общеобразовательная школа"

Внеклассное мероприятие

7-9 класс


goes on a visit»

Учитель английского языка

Титова В.С.

с. Лебяжье -2016

Ruslan - CHAPTER TWO, In Which Winnie the Pooh goes on a visit and gets stuck.

One morning, when the breakfast had long finished and dinner hasn't even begun yet, Winnie the Pooh have been walking with his friend Piglet, composing a new song.

W. -Tram-pa-pam...

W. и P. вместе - Pa-pam!

W. - No, that's wrong.

- Prum-tah-tum...

W. и P. вместе - Tah-tum!

W - No, it's still wrong.

W - Proom-pooh-poom-pooh-poom...

W. и P. вместе - Pooh-poom!

W - Tram-papam-param-tah-rum. Trampumpum...

P - Poom-Poom.

W - Why don't we go on a visit?

P - Visit?

W - Right. I've just thought to myself, why don't we go on a visit?

... to have a little snack.

P - Who goes on a visit in the morning?

W - Who goes on a visit in the morning? Wait a minute..

The - one - who - visits - friends- at dawn,..

Taram-param, param-taram!


W - The one who visits friends at dawn,

Is wiser than the rest!

It’s known so well, taram-param,

Such timing is the best!

P - Such timing is the best!

And where are we going?

W - To you, of course.

W - The boring evening time has come –

Our hosts are yawning loudly,

But when the morning guest arrives,

They serve up breakfast gladly!

P - They serve up breakfast gladly!

W - Do you have anything to eat?

P - I have another balloon.

W - No, I think, we won't go visiting you. Otherwise I'll be the guest and you will not.

P - Aha. Let's visit you then.

W - When morning guest decides to stay

He's not in any hurry,

Hosts shout: ‘Hooray!’ You’ve made their day!

They're glad and very happy.

P - They're glad and very happy.

W - Wait a minute, I won't be a guest in my own house.

P - So what do we do?... Pooh! It seems I've got it! Let's visit... someone else.

W. и P. вместе - It’s not for nothing that the sun

Goes visiting at morning time,

Taram-param, param-taram,

Always go visiting at dawn!

Taram-param, param-taram,

Always go visiting at dawn!

Подходят к норе..

W - Aha. If I know anything about anything, that hole means burrow.

P - Aha.

W - And the burrow means Rabbit.

P - Aha.

W - And Rabbit means Good Company.

W - And Good Company means ...... it means Food.

кричит в нору:

W - Hey! Anybody home?

I said 'Hey! Anybody ho-o-ome?

R- NO-O-O! You needn't shout so loud! I hear you quite well the first time.

W - Sorry! Isn't there anybody here at all?

R - Nobody at all.

W - It can't be. There must be somebody in, because somebody said: 'nobody at all'.

Hey, Rabbit, isn't that you?

R - No, not me.

W - so please, tell us where is Rabbit?

R - He has gone to see his friend Winnie the Pooh

W - Oh! But it's Me.

R - What sort of Me? There are different sorts of Me!

W - Me means Me - Winnie the Pooh.

R - Are you sure?

W - Of course!

R - Hm...Winnie the Pooh indeed... And... who is this?

W - And this is Piglet.

R - Piglet indeed. Well, then, come in. By the way, there is "Wipe your feet".

Винни-пух читает надпись на коврике

W - Wipe-your-feet...Aha, got it. It's not so easy - to go on a visit.

When we enter, remember pretend......that we are not hungry...

P - Aha.

W - Hello, Rabbit! We were just passing by...

R - Perhaps you will come in...since you were passing by, anyway?

W - Oh yes. As I said, we were just coming by and I thought, why don't we visit...... Rabbit.

Ruslan - Pooh has already started to worry, but Rabbit was very smart and figured out himself

it was a time for a little snack.

R - The wash-stand is over there.

- Pooh, would you like honey or condensed milk with your bread?

W - (обращаясь к Пятачку)Would you like honey or both?

(Кролику)Both! But without bread, please.

Винни кушает мед.... (играет музыка)

P - So, we must be going....

W - Nobody leaves right after meal. It's impolite.

Громко тикают часы

R - Must you go so soon?

W - Yes. It is time to go. Take care. Good-bye. Thank you very much.

P - Thank you very much!

R - Well, Good-bye, if you don't want anything else...

W - Anything else? (обращаясь к Пятачку)- Are you in a hurry?

P - Me? No. I am absolutely free until Friday.

W - Very well. We'll stay a bit longer...

Ruslan - And they have stayed a bit longer.

Then a little bit longer...

And still more...

and more...

Till ..- nothing..was left

And at that moment suddenly Pooh remembered some very important business to do!

W - Right. It's time to be going. Well, we COULD stay a little longer...

R - As a matter of fact...I was going out myself.

W - Well, then. We ought to go. Good-bye.

R - So long!

W - Thank you.

R - Oh please, you're welcome

W - Oh well... Take care

R - Take care

W - Bye.

R - Bye

W - So, we'll be going... (пытается пролезть в дверь)

Ow... ow... ow...

Oh, ow, I'd better go back.

eekh... ow... no, I shall have to go on...

Ow-ow... Better go back... Oh, help!



P - Winnie, Winnie!

W - Oh, help me!!!

P - Winnie, what's the matter with you?

W - Save me, help!

R - Hey, are you stuck?

W - No. I'm just resting.

R - Now, give us a paw. Pull hard, Piglet!

P - Aha.

тянут Пуха за лапы

W - Oh-ow-ow-ow! You're hurting!

R - The fact is, he's stuck!

W - That's because somebody has very narrow doors!!

R - No! That's because somebody eats too much!

P - So what do we do now?

R - There's only one thing to be done. We shall have to wait for him to get thin again.

P - Well...Long?

R - A week.

W - How long?!

R - About-a-week, I should think.

Винни-Пух чихает

W - A-a-achoo!.....- Ow. I think...I've become a bit slimmer. Hurry! Get me out of here!

С трудом вытаскивают Пуха и все падают в кучу

Ruslan - After Winnie the Pooh had visited his friend, he thought that, perhaps, it's not wise

to stay too long, if you don't want to get stuck.

(В это время Пух , Пятачок и Кролик прощаются друг с другом, пожимают лапы и расходятся)

And nobody knew what Rabbit had thought.

Because he was raised to be very polite. Winnie the Pooh lives quite a good life in this land,

That is why he sings these little songs all aloud!

W. и P. вместе :

What he’s doing doesn’t matter,

If he doesn't get much fatter,

And he won't get any fatter


Все выходят, держась за руки, кланяются и вместе говорят: "The End" и уходят

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 7 класс

Внеклассное мероприятие "Winnie-the-Pooh goes on a visit"

Автор: Титова Валентина Сергеевна

Дата: 29.06.2016

Номер свидетельства: 336600

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