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Сценарий литературно-музыкального салона "The Beatles"

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Цель мероприятия - познакомить с творчеством легендарной группы. Дети исполняли песни из репертуара группы.

Просмотр содержимого документа
«Сценарий литературно-музыкального салона "The Beatles"»

Литературно-музыкальный салон, посвященный группе «Beatles».


1.Развивитие интереса к поэтическим и музыкальным произведениям страны изучаемого языка, актуализация страноведческого материала;

2.Совершенствование навыков устной речи.

3.Совершенствование навыков выразительного, художественного рассказа.

4.Развитие интереса учащихся к изучению английского языка.

5.Создание условий для эстетического воспитания


1.Познакомить учащихся с музыкальным, поэтическим наследием группы "Битлз"

2.Развивать технику выразительного чтения, сценического искусства, умения публичного выступления, развивать чувство прекрасного

3.Воспитывать уважительное, доброжелательное отношение к другим людям, толерантность

Оборудование: декорации и костюмы, презентации со слайдами, представляющими необходимый материал по теме "Битлз", мультимедийный проектор, компьютер, программа презентаций MicrosoftPowerPoint.

Подготовительная работа: написание сценария, разучивание сценок, песен, подготовка танцевальных номеров, презентаций, демонстрационного материала, музыкального оформления, изготовление костюмов и декораций.

Ход мероприятия

- Good afternoon, dear friends. I am very glad to see you at our Party “The Beatles”.I know there are a lot of fans of this group. Today you will remember and enjoy the songs of this outstanding band. I am sure it will be very interesting. So we' ll start.

Звучит песня:

под песню Come together ученики просматривают фотографии группы на презентации.

Ведущий 1:

- So, today we are going to talk about “The Beatles” , the “legendary four”. The Beatles changed pop music forever! More and more people began to listen to pop music than before. The Beatles was created in 1962. During the 1960s the Beatles were at the high of their glory: newspaper headlines, films and world-tours. Their new style of singing and their unusual haircuts immediately become the latest fashion.

Ведущий 2:

This song was first heard in 1962 and became a hit. (Звучит запись песни “LoveMeDo ”).

Ведущий 1:

- Let`s speak about the name of the group ”The Beatles” , what do you think the word means? Well, the name of the group is a combination of two words.

Ведущий 2:

- On the board you can see a number of different words:

beast, beet, beat, beautiful, bear, beef, beetles, bed, be.

(зверь, свёкла, такт (удар), красивый, медведь, говядина, жуки, кровать, быть)

- Which words make the name of the group? (Рs высказывают предположения)

- So, thesewordsarebeatandbeetle (жуки-ударники).

Ведущий 1:

- Well, now we know what the word Beatles means. Now tell me please why they are often called “The Liverpool Four”?

(Because they came from the English town Liverpool)

Ведущий 2:

So, let’s visit Liverpool.  Liverpool is situated in Lancashire, at the mouth of the River Mersey, where it empties into the Irish Sea. For a lot of people Liverpool is first of all associated with the Beatles, probably the most famous and successful pop-group the world has ever known.

(Звучит полифоническая мелодия из произведений “TheBeatles”).

Ведущий 1:слайдWho are they?

- The Beatles were a hugely successful band during the 1960-s. The “legendary four” соnsisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star.(показ 2 слайдов на презентации)

J.L.I `m the founder of the group John Winston Lennon. I was born in 1940. Very soon my parents divorced and I was brought up by my aunt Mim who took the place of my mother and father. She loved me very much despite I was a trouble teenager. At school I was known persistent boy, always wanted to be the leader and that is why I was very aggressive. I was fond of fighting, boxing and foughtvery much. My musical career began at the age of 10 with a harmonica given me by my Uncle George..A bit later I got interested in pop-music. It was the time of Elvis Presley and in 1956 I organized the group at school called «Quarry men». Wewanted to play rock-n’-roll.

One day I got aquainted with Paul McCartney and the story of the Beatles began on that day.

P.M.I was born in 1942 and I was 14 at that time, when I joined the group. At school I was one of the best. So I could become a doctor or professor, as my teacher said, but I didn`t care for studying. When my mother died, I was 13 years old, my father, a part-time musician, bought me a guitar to help me through the sorrow of my mother’s death. My idols were Elvis Presley and Little Richard, whom I wanted to remember.   Though I was a left-hander I was gifted in music. I started composing, began to write my own songs. Later I composed songs together with GohnLennon.

Once I came with my school friend George Harisson  who played the guitar much better than we did.

G.H. I was a year younger than Paul. One day on my way to school I met Paul McCartney on the bus.We became friends and had the same interests. Playing the guitar did not come as naturally to me as to my friend Paul McCartney. But I was patient and determined. I studied it on my own. Eventually John Lennon accepted me not only for my guitar playing, but because my mother could tolerate our noisy rehearsals. Soon I made progress and became the lead guitar of «Quarry men».

We needed a good drummer: Richard Starky, better known as Ringo Starr, was the last to come to our group as a drummer.

R.S. I was born in a working class family in 1940: my fatherwas a baker, my mother worked hard as a waitress in a bar. I often stayed at home alone, was a weak child, missed classes at school and even couldn`t read at the age of 8. Due to my weak health I didn`t finish school and didn`t get any profession. But like many young people I started to get into music. I became a good drummer andsome time later I joined the group and then Beatles were admitted the best group in Liverpool.

Ведущий 2:

The four Beatles were often interviewed by a lot of journalists and reporters. They liked to answer numerous questions. They were witty, merry and played jokes. Now you will be journalists and reporters. Journalists and reporters, please make interviews with the Beatles.

1. What means the name of your group “Beatles”?

(George Harisson :the name of our group is a combination of two words. These words are beat and beetles)

2. Could you tell me, George, why you haven’t got a tie on?

(George Harisson : And why haven’t you got a hat on?)

3. What was the first name of your group?

(John Lennon:the first name of our group was The Quarry Men)

4. Who is the leader of your group?

(Paul McCartney: the founder of our group is Gohn Lennon)

(John Lennon: But the story of the Beatles began on that day when I had met Paul McCartney)

5. Paul, have you ever cut your hair?

(Paul McCartney: I did it yesterday.)

6.“Yesterday” is the most popular Beatles song. What is the origin of this song?

(Paul McCartney: Every morning I sat at the piano and played music. The melody of “Yesterday” appeared one morning while I was cooking breakfast. That's why first I named the song “Scrambled eggs”. Nice sad music didn’t agree with simple words. The words came after several days and they were charming. Let’s try to sing it all together.)

(Звучит песня“Yesterday”)

7. Ringo, why have you got so many rings on your fingers?

(Ringo:Because I can't have them all in my nose.)

8. What can you say about the song “Yellow Submarine”?

(Ringo:“Yellow Submarine” is an interesting song. Reality and fantasy are mixed in it. It is a witty and happy song. We can hear the sounds of the sea, seagulls, sounds of lapping water and the captain’s commands. Every 5 year old boy dreams about the adventures of a seaman.)Our submarine is waiting for us. Let’s sing this song.

(Звучит песняYellow Submarine”)

Ведущий 2:

- It`s very pitty, but the group disbanded in 1970, after the release of their final album,” Let It Be”. On Decеmber 8, 1980, John Lennon was fatally shot in New York City.

And now let`s listen to the song “Let it be”.

Ведущий 1.

А теперь проведем музыкальную часть нашего салона. По ходу нашего мероприятия вы слышали песни «Битлз», исполняемые ими на английском языке. Сейчас вам предлагается отгадать эти же самые песни, но звучащие без слов.
1. Yesterday
2.Love me do
3.Yellow Submarine
4. Let it be
5. Come together 


Ведущий 1:

- Now let’s give the correct answers.

The Beatles Story Museum is situated in Liverpool. (true)

The Beatles Story Museum was founded by Paul McCartney(false)

This museum was founded in 1984(true).

You can buy souvenirs, cups with The Beatles’ portraits and cassettes here (true).

You can listen to their songs at the museum (true).

Ведущий 2:

- And the end of our party one more test. And now let`s check up your knowledge.

1. Сan you put these first names and surnames together to make the names of the four Beatles?

John Star

Ringo Harrison

George McCartney

Paul Lennon

Ведущий 1:

2. Which city in England did the Beatles come from?

a) London

b) Manchester

c) Liverpool

Ведущий 2:

3. What was the first name of the group?

а) Johnny and Moondogs,

b) The Quarry Men,

c) The Beatles,

d) The Silver Beatles.

Ведущий 1:

4. What was the Beatles’ first really big hit?

а) “Please Please Me”,

b) “Imagine”,

с) “ Love Me Do”.

Ведущий 2:

5. In which year did they have their first hit?

a) 1970



Ведущий 1:

6. When did the group split up?

a) 1970




At the end of our party I want to say “Thank you” to everybody who was here, who knows the group The Beatles and loves it.(слайд про музыку)

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 11 класс

Сценарий литературно-музыкального салона "The Beatles"

Автор: Дубровская Екатерина Александровна

Дата: 25.05.2018

Номер свидетельства: 471038

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