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Сценарий проведения школьного фонетического конкурса и конкурса инсценированной песни на английском языке в рамках недели иностранных языков в средней школе

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Текст ведущих гала-концерта, посвещенного окончанию недели иностранных языков в средней школе.

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«Сценарий проведения школьного фонетического конкурса и конкурса инсценированной песни на английском языке в рамках недели иностранных языков в средней школе»

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  1. Good morning, dear guests, participants and judges!

  1. We are glad to see you at our phonetic competition.

  1. Today our competitors will present you their knowledge of English and phonetic skills.

  1. Our concert consists of two parts. The first one is phonetic competition, where the students will recite their favorite English poems and some prose.

  1. And the second part is a dramatized English song contest.

  1. So, we are ready to start. But first, Let us introduce you our respectable judges.

1- The head of the jury is Писковец Полина Юрьевна

2- the other members of the jury are Бараковских Ирина Олеговна, Груздева Марина Сергеевна, Балакина Ольга Николаевна and Ефименко Екатерина Владимировна.

  1. Now it’s time to begin our concert. Good luck in your challenge!

2-The first participant is Козина Татьяна with “ Seagull ” by Johnathan Livingstone

Выступление участника

2- It was nice. Thank you very much!

  1. And now let us introduce you the next participant. Зайцева Кристина …

Выступление участника

1- Such a beautiful poem! Thank you, Кристина!

2- And the next participant is Федоров Матвей Нis poem is called «Puppy and I» You are welcome,Матвей!

Выступление участника

2- Thank you…, it was really nice!

1- The next participant is Бирюкова Марина with “Winter”

Выступление участника

1- Thank you, Марина, it was great!

2- And the next participant is Александрина Кира with “Two letters to Santa”

Выступление участника

2- Thank you, Кира. It was pleasant to hear you!

1- And now Тараненко Дарья is welcome with the poem “Be glad your nose is on your face”

Выступление участника

1- It was great, do you agree with me?

2- Yes, I absolutely agree with you. And, do you know, the next participants are ready to begin. Lets greet Бабенко Саша and Володин Александр with “Twas the night before Christmas”!

Выступление участников

2- It was excellent! So, Vitaly, do you know who is the next?

1- I think,Лукошкова Мария with…. Lets greet her!

Выступление участника

2- So, thanks a lot, Masha! And now, one of our presenters will make an “Inauguration speech of the president of the United States of America John Canady” Take the floor, Vitaly!

Выступление участника

2- Thanks, Vitaly. It was as usual great!

1- Thanks, Lera! And now the first part of our concert is over and we can start the second one. We want to remind you that this is dramatized song competition.

  1. In this part of our competition we are to listen to the most talented students of our school.

We start our dramatized song contest.

1- And the first will be the group of girls from the seventh grade with “Jingle bells rock”. It’s your time girls!

Выступление участниц

1- Well done! Thank you !

2- And the next will be Милова Даша and Гусева Аня with “Carousel”. Let’s greet them!

Выступление участниц

2- Such a beautiful singing! Thanks a lot!

1- And now Жорина Ангелина and the group of girls from the tenth grade will present a song called “ Once upon a December” !

Выступление участниц

1- Good work! And our last but not the least performance will be Таня Козина with the song “Ghost”!

Выступление участницы

  1. So? Our concert is over and we ask you to wait for the results.

  2. Dear judies, we give you ten minutes to make a decision.

1-Our judges are ready to announce the results.

Объявляют результаты

2-At the end of our competition, we want to express our students’ opinion, concerning our participants.

1-The prize of students’ sympathy deserves…. The performance is over.

  1. That’s all for today. Thanks for you attention and see you later!

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 11 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Автор: Балакина Ольга Николаевна

Дата: 05.06.2019

Номер свидетельства: 513504

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