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Разработка внеурочного мероприятия по теме "THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME"

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разработка внеурочного мероприятия по теме "THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME". Стихи, топики, песни о Родине.

Просмотр содержимого документа
«разработка внеурочного мероприятия по теме "THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME"»

The theme: There is no place like home

The educational aim: to learn by heart poems and proverbs, to sing songs, to dance, to read and retell reports, to act out scenes.

The developing aim: to develop pupils’ habits and skills of reading, listening, speaking, thinking and their abilities of independent thinking.

The aim of up-bringing: to bring up pupils to love the Motherland, to be friendly each other, to motivate their interest in learning English.

The equipment: Computer, multi projector, CDs, presentations of PowerPoint, pictures, proverbs, balloons.

The proceeding of the party

Teacher: I’m calling good morning,

Good morning to you,

This bright sunny morning,

How do you do?

I’m calling good morning,

Good morning to you,

This bright sunny morning,

Quite well, and you.

Good morning dear teachers and students! We are glad to see you. We would like to organize this party with the pupils of the sixth and seventh forms. And we want to call this party “There is no place like home”. All you know that this year on the 16th of December we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the independence of Kazakhstan. And I congratulate you with the Independence Day. Now our students show us their abilities and their knowledge, how they learn English.

We hope you will be enjoying our today’s party. Well we begin our party and let’s sing the anthem of Kazakhstan.

Алтын күн аспаны,

Алтын дән даласы,

Ерліктің дастаны,

Еліме қарашы!

Ежелден ер деген

Даңқымыз шықты ғой.

Намысын бермеген,

Қазағым мықтығой!

There is the golden sun in the sky,

There is golden grain in the steppe,

The poem about exploit,

Look at my people!

In exploit of old

Our people are famous.

Keeping pride,

Our people become strong!


Dildora: The ship is sailing

The flag is waving

Hello, my friends,


The Sun is shining,

The stars are smiling

Hello, my friends


Sevinch: She is rich and rare land

Oh! She is a fresh and rare land

She is a dear and rare land.

This native land of mine

Sherzod: She is not a dull or cold land

No! She is a warm and bold land

Oh! She is true and old land

This native land of mine.

Indira: My motherland, it’s so beautiful and bright
She gives me home, a shelter and light.
And we are proud of her history,
Full of struggles and victories.

We got this country from God as a gift,
Not just to take, but mostly to give.
Our motherland takes care of you and me,
And only here can we stay forever free.

We are proud to be her loyal kids,
She brings us up, teaches and leads
She’s our life, she is our best part 

She’s our soul, brain and heart. 

My motherland, you’re so beautiful and bright,
May we be strong to keep your shining light.


1st pupil:. There is no place like home.
2nd pupil: East or West, home is best.

3rd pupil:. My home is my castle.

4th pupil: Love to the Motherland starts in the family.

5th pupil: Any land is good but the Motherland is the best.

6th pupil: So many countries, so many customs.

Dance: “Barbie girl"

Topic: No place like home

Sevinch: We have already known some English proverbs, for example, East or West, home is best or there is no place like home, which are about our homeland.

Yes, best of places is our own village. We all remember it when we leave it for another part of the country or for any other foreign country.

There are many beautiful places in the world where people of different nationalities live. Those places may be near rivers, lakes, seas and in the mountains. Sometimes we think that such places are the most beautiful.

The beautiful nature is very good thing but there are things which may be more important to people. You may be proud of the history of your homeland, of its historical traditions.

We love our Motherland because it is our birthplace, the family live in it, we have many friends here. We go to school together and we do many interesting and important things.

As an English proverbs goes, “Every bird likes its nest”, let’s hope that we like our own “nest” and will do our best to make it the most beautiful place on the Earth.

Poem: “Our motherland”

Javokhir: Hearing a song of the brook

It is a motherland of yours

Hearing a voice of bird

It is a motherland of yours

School, where your friends

It is a motherland of yours.

Shakhsanam: Motherland’s the country

Where I first raised my head,

Where I loved my parents,

Where every stone knows me,

Where I made my home,

Where I first knew God,

Where my ancestors lived,

And left their graves behind them.

Farangiz: Where I grew on bits of bread,

Where I learned to speak my language,

Where I have my friends and family,

Where I’ve laughed and where I’ve cried,

Where I dwell with mirth and hope,

Where I one day long to perish.

Topic about Motherland.

Dilnur: There is nothing better and more expensive in the world than Native Land. It gives us wings for flight,lights every our step in life. It is impossible to choose Native Land. It can be only loved or treated indifferently.

An English proverb says «Every bird likes its own nest». I quite agree with it. Really,the best place is the country, where we were born and brought up, and we never forget it when we leave it. I believe in my homeland. Every person has his dear corner in the world. Motherland is the place, where we had our first friends and listened to mother’s songs. Thoughts about my land always make me feel happy.

Song: “Try everything”.


Shakhista: I’m proud of my state.

It is so beautiful and great!

It has a lot of limitless steppes, high mountains,

Deep rivers and lakes.

Parizad: My Kazakhstan – my native country

I’ m proud of being your citizen

I’ m not the only who is defended here.

But millions of my fellow-citizens

Farangiz: Sharing equal rights and freedom

They are of different nations –

Kazakhs and Russians and Azerbaijanians

United by my sovereign Kazakhstan

They do their best to keep

And strengthen friendship

To hand it down forever!

Shermukhammad: I dream my country to be admired

By all the peoples of the world

And its traditions should be forgotten never!

I want to help it with all my heart and soul

I’ll do some special deeds for you my country

When I’ m twenty – three.

Scene: “Brother Rabbit and Brother Goat-two friends”.

Brother Rabbit: I have five carrots. I am very hungry. I want to eat the carrot. But my friend Brother Goat is hungry too. I eat only two carrots. I want to give the others to Brother Goat.

He goes to Brother Goat’s house Brother Goat is not at home. So Brother Rabbit put the two carrots on the table and run away.

Brother Goat come home and see carrots on the table.

Brother Goat: “Oh, what good friends I’ve got”. And I want to be a good friend too. I think that Brother Rabbit is hungry”.

He ate only one carrot, took the other and ran to Brother Rabbit’s house.

Brother Rabbit was not at home. Brother Goat put the carrot on the table and wrote a letter “Dear Brother Rabbit! This carrot is for you.

Love from Brother Goat”.

When Brother Rabbit came home, he saw the carrots and the letter on the table. He read the letter, ate the carrots and thought, “Oh! What good friends I’ve got!”

Dance: “Gummy bear”

Topic: “Kazakhstan is my Motherland and its capital”

The Republic of Kazakhstan is situated in the Central Asia. Its population is about 16 million. The population lives mostly in towns and cities and large villages. The largest cities are Almaty, Karaganda, Shymkent, Pavlodar and Astana. Astana is the capital of the republic. Astana is situated in the central part of the country.

Kazakh is the official language of the country, but it is not the only language which people speak in the country. Russian and other languages are spoken here too.

As a sovereign state Kazakhstan has its own national flag and anthem and national traditions and holidays. The national flag of the country consists of a light blue field at the centre of which there is yellow sun flamed by the wings of a flying eagle, also in yellow, with a vertical stripe of national ornamentations near the hoist.


Oh, Kazakhstan, I’m in love with you!
Remember, Kazakhstan you are great
Not in the green fields full of wheat,
And forests, gardens free of dust.
I love you deeply, dear land.
Your hills and rivers, lakes and seas,
Which give me always much delight.

Farangiz: I love my country, my Kazakhstan,

Its beautiful nature and its golden Sun.

I love its steppes and the blue sky.

I'm its daughter that is why.

We live in peace with different nations

We have many friends all over the world.

We are the future generation

We are responsible for the World.

Topic: The message: “Kazakhstan – 2050”

Kazakhstan got its independence on the 16th of December in 1991. Many changes have taken place since then. People are living better. There are more beautiful buildings, more factories and plants, more cars. Shops have more different food and clothes.

The 16th of December has become one of the best holidays for the people in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We celebrate this holiday with pride.

In his message to the people of Kazakhstan “Nurly Zhol” President Nursultan Nazarbayev says that he is sure that Kazakhstan – 2050 is the state with a mightly economy, the best education and health-care. It’s the society of Universal Labour, prosperous society of free people, citizens of the world open to the new knowledge, science and technologies, hard-working and creative, real patriots of the country. We have made our choice and nothing can make us turn back. The strategy 2050 is for the young generation which is responsible for peace, well-being of our people. As most teenagers I go in for sports, learn languages, keep up national traditions, use computer and technologies, make plans for future to be useful to my country.

Dance: “Everybody dance now”

Poem: “Here is my hand”

Dildora: Here’s my hand, friends, here’s my hand

Over to you from my bonny homeland

Building the future, comrades, are we

Here’s my hand, friends, over the sea

Over to you, friends, over to you

Here’s my hand, friends, we will be true

True to youth’s promise never to break

True to the new world we’re going to make.

Topic: National Emblems the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Alizhan and Shermukhammad

Poem: My Motherland

Dilnur: There is a golden sun in the sky.

There is a golden grain in the steppe

There is a legend about the bravery of my land.

There is a beautiful country on the Eurasian continent.


Shakhsanam: It is a place where our glory was born in ancient times.

It is a place where peace and freedom always prosper.

It is a place where nature is so nice.

It is a place where people are so hospitable.


Oh, my Kazakhstani people, oh, my country!

I’m your flower which grows here.

I’m your song which everybody sings.


Shakhsanam: I have a wonderful space.

I have an open way to the future.

I have independent united friends.

I’m proud of them and all my majestic country!


To work with audience. To write out more words from the word ‘MOTHERLAND’.

Topic: Sports in Kazakhstan

Many sports are popular in Kazakhstan. They are: football, basketball, volleyball, boxing, judo, karate, skating, climbing mountains and horse riding. The people of Kazakhstan are not only sports fans. They take an active part in all sports and sport activities. There are different sporting societies and clubs in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan’s sportsmen have won a great number of world records.

Poem: “The Earth”

Diliar: Somebody far, far away

At the end of the day

Looks out at the sky

With the stars passing by

And cries: “Oh, now bright

The Earth looks tonight!

Makhfuza: How bright, how very bright

The earth is tonight!

How wonderful it must be,

All things there to see,

How interesting, how rare,

It must be to live there!”

Topic: “Karnak is my birthplace”

There are many beautiful places in the world. We live in the oldest village of Karnak. It is my birthplace. It is situated near Karatau mountains. It is a very big, beautiful and well-known village. Our village is over 2000 years old. It is called the second Bukhara. There are 13 mosques and 4 madrasah in Karnak. One of them is Shammat Eshon madrasah. It was built in the 18th century. It is a history museum now.

The pot which is situated in Khodza Akhmed Yassawy museum was made in Karnak in 1390 by Tabrazy.

There are shops, a hospital, a post office, 4 secondary schools, kindergartens, cafes in our village. There are 14 000 people live in Karnak.

Many doctors, teachers, engineers, writers, poets, scientists, architects, lawyers were born in our village. They all grew up and got education in our village. We proud and love our village.

Poem: The school

The school has doors that open wide

Hurry, hurry let’s go in

For soon the lessons will begin

Books and pencils I need

When I start to write and read

Lots to learn and lots to do

I like to go to school, don’t you?

Topic: “My school”

We live in the village of Karnak. Our village is large, beautiful, old and new. There are 4 secondary schools in our village. They are “Makhmud Kashgary”, “Karnak”, “Chosh tepa” and “Akhun tuma”. I want to tell you about our school. Our school is situated in the center of the village. It is three storied building. On the 1st floor we’ve a assemble hall, a gymnasium, director’s room and many classrooms. There is a hall after Makhmud Kashgary on the 1st floor.

There’re many subject rooms on the 2nd floor. They are Russian, Englsh, Geography, Maths, Uzbek, Art and computer rooms. There are also a teachers’ room, a library, a medical room, a dining hall and 3 deputy teachers’ rooms on the 2nd floor. There is a historical museum, psychologist’s room and many other classrooms on the 3rd floor.

We love our school and our teachers.

Dance: “Macarena”


With this our party is over. We think that you enjoyed our party.

Thank you for your attention. Good bye.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 6 класс

разработка внеурочного мероприятия по теме "THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME"

Автор: Бабашова Дилфуза Абдурахмановна

Дата: 21.12.2016

Номер свидетельства: 371971

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