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Литературно-музыкальная композиция "Никто не забыт, ничто не забыто" на английском языке

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Я делала этот концерт с огромной любовью и желанием, чтобы наши дети помнили. Люди, воевавшие в ВОВ и очевидцы тех страшных событий,  уходят из жизни, но в наших силах помнить о всех тех, кто погиб в годы Великой Отечественной Войны.

Посвящается всем тем, кто не жалел жизни своей ради того, чтобы мы могли бы жить.

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«Литературно-музыкальная композиция "Никто не забыт, ничто не забыто" на английском языке »

Литературно-музыкальная композиция

«Никто не забыт, ничто не забыто!», посвященная 70-летию Великой Победы

Концерт начинается с записи объявления о начале войны и песни «Вставай, страна огромная!»

Ведущий 1:  The War rudely intruded into the peaceful life of the Soviet people. This heroic and tragic time carved their personalities. Many had to choose between life and death.

Стихотворение «Мужество» А.Ахматова


We know what trembles in the scales, 
What has to be accomplished. 
The hour for courage. If all else fails, 
With courage we are not unfurnished. 
What though the dead be crowded, each to each, 
What though our houses be destroyed ?— 
We will preserve you, Russian speech, 
Keep you alive, great Russian word. 
We will pass you to our sons and heirs 
Free and clean, and they in turn to theirs,

And so forever. 

Ведущий 2:    For the long four years the bloodiest and the most dreadful war lasted on our land. Those were the years of hardship, pain, starvation, grieve and millions of lost lives.

Песня «Здесь птицы не поют»

Слова и музыка Б.Окуджа

Here birds don't ever sing...

Here birds don’t ever sing,
Here trees are scarce in spring
Alone we grow into the earth,
Together interlinked.

The planet spins and smolders, heated,
Through smoke, we watch our country burn.
This means at last one victory is needed,
Just one for all of us. The price is no concern!
But deadly shelling’ s starting,
It can’t keep us away.
Put doubt aside,
Into the night
Is Paratrooper’s
Tenth detached Brigade.
From Kursk down to Oryol
The war spins in a whirl
And to the gates of enemies
My brother, we are hurled…

We will look back once we’ve succeeded
With disbelief at every turn,
But here, today, one victory is needed,
Just one for all of us. The price is no concern!

Ведущий 1 :   Broken cities and villages, burnt fields, dreams and hopes of the people that never came true…They were years of courage, bravery and selfless love to the Motherland. No soldier knew if they could survive to see the next day or were they destined to live through the war and come back home.

Стихотворение «Братская могила» В.Высоцкий под аккомпанемент

«Эх, дороги..» муз. Л.Ошанина

Brotherly graves

No crosses are placed on the brotherly graves,
And here, no widows are mourning.
Some only bring flowers to honor the place,
And keep the Eternal flames burning.

This earth used to spurt and abandon its sleighs,
But now, it just sleeps in the sun.
And here, there are no individual fates -
All the fates have grown into one. 

Eternal flame shows a flickering tank,
We observe Russian villages smolder, 
The burning Smolensk, the burning Reichstag,
And the burning heart of a soldier.

No mourning widows come to this place -
The people who come here are tougher.
No crosses are placed on the brotherly graves,
But it doesn’t bring any comfort...

Translation by Andrey Kneller


Ведущий 2:  What helped the people to bear hunger and cold, hard hours-long labour for the sake of victory? A wartime song… Just the song shared all sorrows and joy with the warrior and cheered them up.

Вальс Синенький скромный платочек

Ведущий 1: During the war along with the adults children, teenagers and elderly fought against the German fascists. They helped build lines of defense, put out fire bombs and helped workers hammer weapons. They became scouts, miners and partisans.

Песня «Белла, Чао»

Автор неизвестен

The world is waking outside my window
Bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao
Drags my senses into the sunlight
For there are things that I must do

Wish me luck now, I have to leave you
Bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao
With my friends now up to the city
We're gonna shake the Gates of Hell

And I will tell them - we will tell them
Bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao
That our sunlight is not for franchise
And wish the bastards drop down dead

Next time you see me I may be smiling
Bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao
I'll be in prison or on the TV
I'll say, "the sunlight dragged me here!"

Ведущий 2: At times of war more than 800 thousand women joined the Soviet Army and were at the fronts. They were pilots, gunners, nurses and brought the day of victory closer.

Песня «Катюша» и танец

Музыка: Матвей Блантер, 

Слова: Михаил Исаковский

Apple trees and pear trees were a flower,
River mist was rising all around.
Young Katyusha went strolling by the hour
On the steep banks,
O’er the rocky ground.

By the river’s bank she sang a love song
Of her hero in a distant land.
Of the one she’d dearly loved for so long,
Holding tight his letters in her hand.

Oh, my song, song of a maiden’s true love,
To my dear one travel with the sun.
To the one who Katyusha loves so,
Bring my greetings to him, one by one.

Let him know that I am true and faithful,
Let him hear the love song that I send.
Tell him as he defends our home that grateful,
True Katyusha our love will defend.

Apple trees and pear trees were a flower,
River mist was rising all around.
Young Katyusha went strolling by the hour
On the steep banks,
O’er the rocky ground.

Ведущий 1: At home fronts women worked tirelessly at plants and factories, ensuring the victory. And they waited…They hoped, prayed and believed that their fathers, brothers, sons and husbands would return home alive…

Стихотворение «Жди меня, и я вернусь» К.Симонов

В сопровождении мелодии «Secret Garden»

Wait for me, and I’ll be back,
Should you wait me strong.
Wait for me when sky is black
And the sun has gone,
Wait for me when it is cold,
And when it is hot,
Wait for me when others don’t,
’Cause they just forgot.
Wait in case you don’t receive
Letters from the front,
Wait, and I will outlive,
If you really want.

Wait for me, and I’ll be back.
Don’t you talk to those
Gluing me a dead man tag.
That’s a wrong suppose.

Let my relatives believe
That I am the past,
Let my friends forget and give
Funeral repast.
They will drink a glass of wine
For the peace of soul…
You just wait and don’t make time,
Do not raise the bowl.

Wait for me, and I’ll be back,
Disregard the fate,
In the morning with my bag,
Should you only wait.

They will hardly understand,
How I could survive.
Waiting me from foreign land,
You have saved my life.

Let them say that it’s too late.
What you feeling tells?
I’ll be back, because you wait
Like nobody else.

Танец «Культурная революция»

Музыка из мультфильма «Князь Владимир» - «Не плачь, душа»

Ведущий 2: So the victory was won on the dusty roads of war at the price of millions of lives. The victory over the fascist Germany that had enslaved the half of the world.

Ведущий 1: This is our message to those who want to start a new war.

Стихотворение Мне интересно…

Автор: Marinela Reka, 2008

I was just wondering
How do you stand by,
Watching people suffering
Watching children die?

Is it really your job?
To let citizens go through hell
If I am wrong
Please do tell

You are stupid to think that
Wining a war, would make you seem strong
I pray that one-day
You will realize it is all wrong

Killing so many, for land
It must stop, it’s not right
Let people be happy
Don’t lead them to fight

There you sit choosing
What bomb to throw tomorrow
When your decisions make others
Life full of sorrow

Fighting about religion?
There is one God, and no other
Is it not God that taught us,
That everyone is our brother?

So if you want to keep stealing lives
Please go ahead
But remember the most powerful leaders fight
For their folks to live not to be dead

Is it really your job

to let citizens go through hell?

Ведущий 1: Our people carried an unbearable burden. They shed blood, starved, gave their last shirt off their back to the front. Nobody is forgotten! Nothing is forgotten!

Ведущий 2: We, the Millenials, want peace and well-being to all people on Earth. We believe that common sense and good-neighborliness will triumph over Planet Earth!

Песня «We’ll say YES» by Dean Reed

Young people everywhere, 
Come from all around! 
Every race and creed, 
Black, white and brown! 
Come to raise our voice, 
Raise it loud and clear. 
All our many friends they can hear. 

And when the people ask us,

If with them we'll stand, 
What will be our answer 
From each and every land? 
We'll raise our voice together 
We'll sing it out so loud 
For everyone to hear that in the crowd.

Refrain: We'll say da, da, da, da, da, 
We'll say ja, ja, ja, ja, ja 

We'll say oui, oui, oui, oui, oui, 
We'll say si, si, si, si, si, 
We'll say yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, 
We'll say wang, wang, wang, wang, wang, 
so come on, everybody sing along – 2 times

We'll stomp our feet in rhythm, 
We'll clap our hands with glee, 
When the people laugh 
What is it we see? 
We'll tell them of the future, 
The dignity of man. 
Peace to everyone in every land. 

Millions of our brothers 
And sisters everywhere, 
All progressive people 
They'll start to be aware. 
A peace, a love, a freedom – 

A life will be our song! 
So come on everybody sing along! 


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