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КВН 7 класс, англоговорящие страны

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  • Контрользнанийпотеме «English-speaking countries»
  • Совершенствование навыков аудирования
  • Развитие грамматических навыков
  • Совершенствование навыков монологической речи


  • Расширение кругозора учащихся
  • Развитие лингвистической догадки


  • Приобщение учащихся к культуре и традициям англо-говорящих стран
  • Воспитание умения работать в команде


Данное мероприятие рассчитано на учащихся 7 классов. Мероприятие проводится в конце изучения темы “English-speakingcountries”. 

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Быстро и объективно проверять знания учащихся.
Сделать изучение нового материала максимально понятным.
Избавить себя от подбора заданий и их проверки после уроков.
Наладить дисциплину на своих уроках.
Получить возможность работать творчески.

Просмотр содержимого документа
«КВН 7 класс, англоговорящие страны»

УрокКВН по теме «English – speaking countries» (учебник М. З. Биболетовой, 7 класс)



  • Контрользнанийпотеме «English-speaking countries»

  • Совершенствование навыков аудирования

  • Развитие грамматических навыков

  • Совершенствование навыков монологической речи


  • Расширение кругозора учащихся

  • Развитие лингвистической догадки


  • Приобщение учащихся к культуре и традициям англо-говорящих стран

  • Воспитание умения работать в команде

Данное мероприятие рассчитано на учащихся 7 классов. Мероприятие проводится в конце изучения темы “English-speakingcountries”.

Ход КВНа

T: Good afternoon, dear girls, boys and guests of our party. Today we shall have a competition! We have two teams. Let’s do it. Please, give the names to your teams and choose the captains. Well, now your teams have names and we can start.

The first competition

T: We shall see how you can read different countries and languages. Your task is to read the words in transcriptions and say if it is a country or a language.

Task 1

Task 2

Portugal, Japanese, Italian, Hungary, Arabic, Greek

Chinese, Spain, Bulgarian, Norway, Dutch, French

Данные слова даются в транскрипции, каждый член команды читает по слову и говорит страна это или язык и за правильный ответ получает балл

The second competition

T: You can see the word “Misunderstanding” on your cards. Make up as many words from it as possible. You have only three minutes. The team that will make up more words wins.

Примерные слова:

Understand, ear, date, sun, dentist, dress, dream, rain, read, ten, time, star, red, sea, great, tree, train, meat, seat etc.

За каждое придуманное слово – 1 балл

The third competition “Stop Game”

T: The rules of this game are the following: I read you some texts about English-Speaking countries but I will not tell you the name of the country. Try to guess what country it is. If you ready to answer you can cry “STOP” and name the country. If the answer is right you’ll win two points. If the answer is wrong I continue my reading and the other team has right to answer. The team that will guess more countries wins.

Тексты с описанием стран

This country is situated on a group of islands lying in the north-west part of the continent of Europe. It is an island state. It’s one of the world’s smallest countries. There are no high mountains, no very long river, and no great forest in this country. The head of the state is the Queen. This country consists of four parts. There you can meet people of different nationalities. (The United Kingdom of Great Britain)

This country is situated in the central part of the North American continent. It’s one of the most powerful and advanced countries in the world. It has the third largest population in the world. It’s a real melting pot. It is a highly developed industrial country. It is one of the richest countries in the world. It is washed by two oceans: the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. The head of the state is president. The second important language in the United States is Spanish. (The United States of America)

This country has an area of nearly 10 million square kilometers. It is the second largest country in the world. Its western coast is washed by the Pacific Ocean and its eastern coast by the Atlantic Ocean. The population of the country is over 26 million people. It is a federal state. There are two official languages in this country: English and French. The emblem of this country is the maple leaf. (Canada)

This country is situated south-east of Australia. It consists of two main islands and some smaller islands. This country looks like Italy upside down. The population of the country is over three million people. The official languages are English and Maori. It is known as the World’s Biggest Farm/ (New Zealand)

This country is the biggest island and the smallest continent in the world. The country has an area of nearly eight million square kilometers. The population of this country is over 18 million people. You can meet amazing animals in this country such as panda, kangaroo and many others. It is called sometimes “Oz” or “the Lucky Country” (The Commonwealth of Australia)

За каждый правильный ответ – 2 балла

The fourth competition“Using signals”

T: I would like to see how you know Grammar Tenses. I’ll give you the cards with signal words that can be used in some tenses and you should make up sentences with them.

The card №1

The card 2

Already, now, every day, yesterday, next week

At the moment, often, two days ago, tomorrow, just

За каждое верное предложение – 2 балла

The fifth competitionQuiz

T: Well, the rules of the quiz are the following. Each team should choose a sector. For each right answer you’ll get three points. If your answer is wrong the other team may answer the same question. Take turns in choosing the sectors. Are the rules clear?


Задания для сектора “Countries

Which country consists of four parts having their own capitals? (The UK)

Which of English-speaking countries has practically every kind of climate? (The USA)

What country is famous for its flora and fauna? (Australia)

The flag of which country is called “Star and Stripes”? (The USA)

Which country is situated between two parts of the other country? (Canada)

Which country is famous for the bird kiwi? (New Zealand)

Задания для сектора “Cities”

What is the capital of the United States of America? (Washington)

What city is famous as a city of casinos? (Las Vegas)

What is the capital of New Zealand? (Wellington)

Where can you visit the Tower? (London)

In what city were the Olympic Games 2000 held? (Sydney)

What is the capital of Canada? (Ottawa)


Задания для сектора “People

Who discovered America? (Christopher Columbus)

Who was the first president of the United States of America: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln or George Washington? (George Washington)

What nationality ate the famous writers Mark Twain and Jack London? (Americans)

What is the mane of the Queen of the United Kingdom? (ElisabethII)

За каждый правильный ответ – 1 балл

The sixth competition

T: The next task is for the captains. Imagine that you are from another country and you speak another language. Close your eyes and come to me. Choose any country you like. So, you should tell us about your country. What country are you from? What is your country famous for? What is your official language? What kind of people are there in your country? Think it over! I’ll give you 5 minutes and then you’ll present your story. While you are making up your stories the teams will do the quiz. Write down the words translating them from Russian into English.






мир (world)






- говорить (speak)








- капитан (captain)








- производить (produce)









- обмениваться (exchange)










- ученый (scientist)











- журналист (journalist)












- информация (information)














- общение (communication)

Примерные страны: Australia and Canada

Примерный рассказ: I am from Australia. My country is large and beautiful. Its capital is Canberra. People in my country speak English as the first official language. My country is an island continent.

Australia is famous for its amazing flora and fauna. It is the country of koalas, kangaroos and pandas. People in my country are hospitable and sociable.

Рассказ оценивается по 5-тибальной системе. Учитывается произношение, грамматическое построение предложений, страноведческие знания учащихся.

And the last task is a crossword puzzle. Guess it and you will get your favorite subject, I hope.

Команды получают листы с кроссвордом, при верном заполнении которого они должны получить новое слово " English". 

1. The leaf of this tree is the official emblem of Canada. (A maple) 
2. The second official language of India (Hindi) 
3. The name of the Queen of Great Britain (Elizabeth) 
4. In this country people speak Finnish. (Finland) 
5. It is the most famous and important British river (the Thames) 
6. He is a husband of a queen. (A king) 
7. These birds lives in Antarctica (penguins) 

T: So, the competition brings us to the end. Everybody has worked well today! You know everything about English-speaking countries. It’s time to find out who has won in this competition.

Жюри подводит итоги конкурса.

Используемая литература

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Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №65»

Разработка урока – КВНа по теме «Englishspeaking countries» (учебник М. З. Биболетовой, 7 класс)


Гапоненко И. А.,

Оленберг Е. В.

Варлакова Т. П.

Новокузнецк, 2017

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 7 класс

КВН 7 класс, англоговорящие страны

Автор: Гапоненко И. А., Варлакова Т. П., Оленберг Е. В., Сибирякова Н. В.

Дата: 15.09.2017

Номер свидетельства: 428264

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