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"A day in England"

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внекласное мероприятие, в нем разработаны несколько видов упражнений

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«"A day in England"»

A day in England

 The aims of the game:

1.To develop students ' untrained speech.

2.To develop students ‘creative abilities .

3.To train interest in the learning of the subject.

4.To summarize students ' cross-cultural knowledge, obtained on the English lessons.

Educational aims

1.To develop the ability to understand English speech:

2. To develop skills of monologue and dialogue speech;

3. To form students ' cultural literacy;

4. To teach the culture of communication.

Developing aims:

1. Develop the ability to work in a team and make a joint decision;

2. Develop positive personal qualities (responsibility, goodwill, sense of mutual assistance).

3. Develop and train attention, memory, thinking.


The Leaders of groups introduce their group members.

  1. Home work

  2. Fantastic reading

  3. English folklore. Proverbs. 

  4. Leaders competition

  5. Who is faster.

  6. Magic “5”

Good afternoon dear contestants, jury and guests of our competition!

The 1st task of the competition is the “Fantastic reading”. (2 points)

1 team: 

a) I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop.

b) There's a sandwich on the sand which was sent by a sane witch.

2 team: 

a) Four furious friends fought for the phone.

b) How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?

The 2nd task is the English folklore. Proverbs. (3 points)

1 team:

 a) Better late than never.

Ештен кеш жақсы.

b) East or West, home is best

Өз үйім өлең төсегім

с) All is well that ends well

Басы қатты болса аяғы тәтті болады

2 team: 

a) Good health is above wealth.

Денсаулық зор байлық.

b) Like mother, like daughter.

Шешесіне қарап қызын ал.

c)Tomorrow come never.

Еріншектің ертеңі бітпес.

The 3rd task  Leaders competition. Each team`s captain answers nine questions in three languages. Капитандар сайысы.

  1. АҚШ-да неше штат бар?

  2. What is the capital of the USA?

  3. Где находится Статуя Свободы?

  4. Әлемдегі ең терең өзен?

  5. “Dandelion” is an animal or a flower?

  6. Где находится мовзолей Ахмеда Яссауи?

  7. Ұлыбританиядағы ең басты сусын?

  8. Which is the shortest month in a year?

  9. Глава государствa Великобритании

  10. Ағылшын тілінде неше әріп бар.


  1. 50

  2. Washington

  3. Нью -Йорк

  4. Байкал

  5. A flower

  6. Туркестан

  7. Шай

  8. February

  9. Королева Елизавета ІІ

  10. 26

The 4th task is Who is faster. You will be given the sheets with adjectives. Find the antonyms and translate.

Антонимдерді тап.































The 5th task  Magic “5”

Quiz-master: And now we come to the contest which is called “A magic 5”. Look at the square, each team will take turns in answering questions. You’ll choose any number. “ …”, it’s your turn to start. Captains will have an opportunity to choose the number.

You can get 5 points for the right answer.













  1. Say or sing the English alphabet.

  2. Name 5 colours.

  3. Name 5 sorts of vegetables.

  4. Name 5 school subjects.

  5. You’re lucky! You won a prize!

  6. Name 5 sorts of fruit.

  7. Name 5 sports.

  8. Name 5 professions.

  9. Name 5 things that people wear.

  10. Name 5 English names.

  11. Name 5 English-speaking countries.

  12. Name 5 wild animals.




2 team

1 task

Home work

2 task

Fantastic reading

3 task

English folklore. Proverbs. 

4 task

Leaders competition

5 task

Who is faster.


Magic “5”

Ход урока

Teacher. Welcome to the British Isles, dear friends!

Are you ready to travel? Today we are going to visit the United Kingdom of GreatBritain and Ireland. Big cities , huge keystones with ghosts and other miracles are waiting for us.

Pupil 1. What are the British Isles Like? They consist of two big islands: Great Britain and Ireland. Great Britain consists of England, Scotland and Wales.

Three countries of the island make the United Kingdom.

(Демонстрируется карта Великобритании, изображение государственного флага и герба).

Pupil 2. The United Kingdom is monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II is a charge of it.

(Демонстрируются кадры с изображением королевской семьи).

Pupil 2. Queen Elizabeth II lives in Buckingham Palace. There are 650 rooms in it. She’s married. She’s got 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

Teacher. As you already know the capital of England is London.

(Учащиеся комментируют кадры с изображением частей Великобритании)

Pupil 3. London is not only the capital of England, but also the biggest city in GreatBritain. The river Thames is in the centre of London.

The population of England is 49million people.

Pupil 4. The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. The population of Northern Ireland is 1,5 million people. Ireland is called “the country of eternal spring”. The climate is very mild there. Ireland is a country of tales and legends. It’s a соuntry of old keystones, sheep and pubs.

Pupil 5. Cardiff is a capital of Wales. In Wales live 3 million people. The nature of Wales is very beautiful. Wales is known as the Land of Songs.

Pupil 6. Edinburgh is a capital of Scotland. The population of Scotland is 5 million people. Scotland is a country of breathtaking landscapes. We can see many lakes there. There is a legend that a monster lives in Loch Ness.

(На экране – изображение улиц Лондона).

Pupil 7. You can see many buses and taxis in London. Londoners call taxis “cab”.

Londoners use underground as a kind of transport. The underground consists of 273 stations.

Teacher. А сей час мы с вами поиграем в игру. Сложите из рассыпанных частей слова названия, связанные с Британскими островами.

(Учащиеся делятся на две группы. Побеждает та, которая быстрее выполнила задание).


(London, Scotland, Britain, Cardiff, England)

Teacher. And now you can see the animals’ world of Great Britain.

(Демонстрируются кадры с изображением животных, обитающих в Великобритании, дети вспоминают английские названия животных).

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Мероприятия

Целевая аудитория: 7 класс.
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"A day in England"

Автор: Бейсенбина Ардак Сериковна

Дата: 23.12.2019

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