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O'quvchilarning savodxonlik darajasini aniqlash

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This works contains of many useful aspects such as ways and teaching resources 

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«O'quvchilarning savodxonlik darajasini aniqlash»

To the Republic organizing committee of

The best English teacher of the year ” from Shodieva Gulrukh Nazir qizi

an English teacher of Navbahor District Navai region 14th School

Candidate Application Form

First/last name: Gulrukh Shodieva

E-mail:[email protected]

Home address: 142, Navkar Street, Navbahor District, Navai

School name/number: Secondary School №14

Mobile phone: +99891 3096888

Home phone: +99893 3147474

School Address: Navkar Street, Navbahor District, Navai

Total Years of Teaching Experience: 2

Principal’s first/last name: Bobur Rahimov

Principal’s e-mail address:[email protected]


I hereby give my permission that any or all of the attached materials or photos that may be taken of me can be shared with persons interested in promoting , in a variety of media, the National Teacher of the Year Programs.

What are the essential ingredients for effective teaching and effective learning? ”

It is common fact that people start learning special things in their early ages. For example, they begin how to walk when they are young. After some time they learn how to write and read. Generally, the whole life of the human being consists of learning different things in different stages of their lives. That is a reason why many people came up with diverse ideas designed to make learning more efficient in human life. Along with the different teaching methods have been applied to make learning more crucial. Many different teaching methods have already approved in many schools around the world.

One of the key factors in teaching is that classes should be interacted. For instance, in the beginning of the lesson there should be some questionnaires that warm students up so that they can get themselves ready for a new lesson. Furthermore, teachers can apply team working in their teaching style by dividing the class into groups and can assign a project each group. This practice develops team working among students as well as competitiveness. and students should be rewarded with small gifts as a motivation.

When it comes to learning, the most significant feature is practice. As an example, student who is learning English has to practice every lesson he learns. Otherwise, he can not succeed in learning. Constant practice leads students to success. Another point is using up-to-date resources such as videos, logs and educational programs make study more interesting than focusing on only books.

In conclusion, I believe that combined techniques of teaching and learning give the optimal output in learning.

Shodieva Gulrukh Nazir qizi an English teacher of 14th School

Navbahor District Navai region

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Предмет: Классному руководителю

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 1 класс.
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O'quvchilarning savodxonlik darajasini aniqlash

Автор: Ibragimova Shaxnoza Asatovna

Дата: 24.11.2019

Номер свидетельства: 528425

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