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Matematik savodxonlikning oshirish usullari

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«Matematik savodxonlikning oshirish usullari»

Yosh o’quvchilarning til o’rganish qobiliyatini rivojlantirish omillari.

(How can we improve young pupils learning and the English language?)

What is the most important thing in improving your students ability of learning a foreign language? Through out the findings which I have found during the researches on teaching English crucial was that for many students isn’t only new world, new way of life, new people and of course new opportunities but also the tool changing them mentally and psychologically. So, how to involve your students in English learning atmosphere requires you much effort.

Immersing your students in the target language helps them use it more independently and this can lead to increase confidence and better vocabulary. Students enjoy listening to ‘ real people ’ speaking the target language, so get our colleagues involved.

Firstly, you can start with encouraging students and staff to use the language. Even if they make mistakes, and emphasize that communication is the key. You could invite a fluent speaker into the classroom, perhaps a friend or a colleague from another school, as a guest.

Anything show the target language being used in practical situations will emphasize the value of the language as a communicative tool.

As a teacher , one day I have invited two my ex-colleagues to my lesson. They sat in the back of the room and watched my lesson. After finishing my lesson, we talked only English without stopping, without harassing. All my students were astonished and they asked them some questions without stopping. “ How can you speak English as a Native speaker? ” “ What will I do improving my speech in my English? ” . They smiled and replied students’ answers. I considered that it was kind of encouragement for them. Students make the most progress when they are enjoying themselves. Competitions and quizzes keep motivation levels high. The smallest of tasks, such as matching pictures to words or phrases, or even word searchers can be turned into competitions- against the clock, first to finish, fastest group, etc.

If we take into consideration grammar, grammar translation method lately has been considered as an old method of teaching and it has also advantages. Grammar is the foundation for building language skills. Learning grammar enables students to speak and write more accurately, confidently and fluently. I have found that asking students to explain grammar rules to each other and to the rest of the class gives them more confidence. Sometimes during my lessons, I found that if I explain grammar rules, some of the students don’t understand what I am saying. That time, active pupils try to clarify the theme to their classmates. It also indicates to the teacher whether the grammar needs clarifying or explaining . By teaching each other , they also consolidate their own knowledge or discover holes that need filling.

The more you learn, use and practice the language , the more accurate and fluent you become. Repetition and practice are essential to many skills , and this is especially true when learning a language. I want to indicate that one of the best ways to learn English is reading. Reading is a learned skill, but good reading relies on more than how we were taught to read. Reading improves writing, writing improves reading. One of my methods which I use during my classes I make my students read or write in English every day for information and for fun. When I have young children, I read stories out them and we will practise , recite together. The most important thing is that it provides greater opportunities for learners to do repetitive practice with authentic materials. The more they read or listen in English , grammar structures will naturally sink in and stick in your head. Additionally, reading opens to the door to a world of adventure, culture, knowledge and love of learning. According to Albert Einstein:” If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales . If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales ”. I love reciting fairy tales to my students once a month and they also like playing roles like real characters. My favorite fairy tales are “ Little Red Riding Hood ”, “ Three Little Pigs ”. They enjoy playing “ Little Red Riding Hood” more. Every time I print some words for Red Riding hood, some paper for a wolf, grandma and etc. When they read their words, I feel that they are already in their cartoon life. By monthly repeating, they have learnt how to speak when they are happy, or when they are angry or what do they speak when they need help. Also, by reading you revise widen what you know and learn what you weren’t aware of before.

Furthermore, I would like to make some comments on improving students’ speaking skills. Making students speak more English in the classroom is not only a matter of “ forcing” them to speak. I try to create an English atmosphere such as bringing some English – native speakers posters, flags, famous writes on the walls. When I give some topics to my students, I realize that few students has their own ideas and try to define it. Others keep silent. In that case, I give them some tips or let them select their own topics or based on what they are interested in. I praise them for speaking, I show my satisfaction. One more thing, outside the classroom, I encourage my colleagues, my students joining chatrooms which holds every Friday. They just come and pick some quick question card and two or more minutes for preparing and they speak. I always speak in English any student who comes in the chatroom.

All things considered, the more you learn and teach , use and practice the language , the more accurate and fluent your students become. Repetition and practice are essential to many skills, and this is especially true when learning a language.

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Matematik savodxonlikning oshirish usullari

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