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Законодательство РК

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Разработка урока по английскому языку. В ходе урока учащиеся ознакомились структурой Законадательства РК

Просмотр содержимого документа
«Законодательство РК»

Тема урока: Законодательство РК

Цель и задачи: Знакомство с системой правления РК. Учить чтению текстов и беседе на английском языке на общественно-политическую тематику; повторить лексический материл по теме «Политика», закрепить употребление; расширять кругозор учащихся, познания в области политики; развивать навыки чтения устной речи с использованием политической лексики. Воспитывать казахстанский патриотизм, уважение к Конституции РК, политическому строю государства.

Оборудование: Мультимедийный проектор и компьютер.

Форма: комбинированная.

Методы: словесные, карточки, наглядные.

The plan:

  1. Brainstorming.

  2. The Kazakhstan government.

  3. Legislative branch.

  4. Executive branch.

  5. The President. The museum of the first President.

  6. Judicial branch.

  7. The RK Constitution.

  8. The Symbols.

  9. Working with numbers.

  10. Questions.

  11. Making right sentenced words.

  12. Conclusion.

  13. Home task.

The procedure of the lesson

Teacher: Good afternoon pupils! How are you? I hope you well!

  • Today we are going to conclude the unit “Power” exactly the Constitution of the RK. At the previous lesson we worked on the theme “The Constitution of the RK”. So, what was your task?

  • Your home task was to learn the vocabulary of Ex.3 p 96. Are you ready?

  • What is the English for:

  • Жалпы ережелер –general provision

  • Зайырлы – secular

  • Құқықтар-legal

  • Қоғамдық татулық-public concord

  • Тұрақтылық-stability

  • Игілік-for the benefit

  • Унитарлы,біртұтас-unitary state

  • Өкілетті иелену-appropriation

  • Заң бойынша құдалау-be persecuted

  • Біріктіру-unify

  • Әр алуандылық-diversity.

-All right, very good.

-So, let’s go down to our lesson revise all your knowledge on this theme. As you know that our country proclaims itself ,a democratic, legal, secular and independent country. The fundament functions of the activity of the republic are: public concord, political stability and economy development for the benefit of the nation. The RK is a state with presidential form of the government. Well, short information about our motherland. Who want to say?

S1.Ok, we will continue speaking about the system of government of Kazakhstan.

S2.The RK government divided into three branches: Executive branch, Legislative branch, Judicial branch. Executive branch is headed by President, Prime minister of government and executive office of the President. Legislative branch is headed by the Senate and the Majilis. And Judicial branch is headed by supreme court of the RK.

S3.The Parliament is divided to the Majilis and the Senate.

1. Majilis is elected for 5 year term and consists of 107 deputies.98 are elected in constituencies, 9-elected from the Assembly of the People of the RK.

2. The Senate is composed of 2 deputies from each oblast, major city and the capital of the RK.15 deputies are appointed by the President. Elections take place every 3 year, one second of members are replaced. The deputy may not be younger than 30 years old and is elected for a six year term.

S4. Speaking about Executive Branch. The President is elected by universal voting for a seven-year term. He can be elected for only 2 terms in a .The powers of the President are enormous but still they are limited by the Parliament. Regular elections of the President are held on the first Sunday of December. The inauguration is on the second Wednesday of January.

A President can be a person who is not younger than 40 years old, not less than 15 years resident of the RK has a perfect commend of the state language. S5.Speaking about the biography of the President.

President was born 1940 in the village Chemolgan near Alma-Ata. In 1960 he graduated from college in, worked as a metallurgist in Temirtau. In 1972 become the second security of Karaganda regional Communist Party of Kazakhstan. In 1984 he was appointed Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR.

In September 1989 Nazarbayev was elected chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic. In March 1990 became President of the Kazakhstan.

December 1, 1989 Nazarbayev was elected President of Kazakhstan , having received almost 99% of votes. December 16, 1991 Kazakhstan was proclaimed an independent republic.

S6. Speaking about museum of the First President.

Museum of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan- is the museum of the newest history of Kazakhstan. It is created in 2004, the first visitors have come to the museum on march 2005.

Basic idea is the formation of the national sovereignty of republic of the historical role of the first President N.A.N in the building of the independent democratic state.

Museum collection is organized in four funds and has 111831 items. The number of museum fund is 7201 units. The library fund has 12438 books. Archives fund has 92192 units.

Hall of “Silver Hall”. Public recognition of the merits of N.A.Nazarbayev.

Dome Hall-is one of the largest beautiful hall of the Residences. The height of the dome is 14.5 meters.

In this hall on December 10,1997, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced that a new capital city of our state would be Akmola.

S7. Spelling about the symbols. Exposure “symbols of state” completes theme “Independent Kazakhstan”. Main attributes of political independence and sovereignty of Republic of Kazakhstan are represented here: Flag, Coat of arms, Hymn and Constitution.

S8. Speaking about the Constitution

We, the people of Kazakhstan, united by a common historic fate, creating a state on the indigenous Kazakh land, considering ourselves a peace-loving and civil society, dedicated to the ideas of freedom, equality and concord, wishing to take a worthy place in the world community realizing our high responsibility before the present and future generations, proceeding from our sovereign right, accept this Constitution.

Teacher: Thank you students. We have spoken about the system of Government, about structure and the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

So, go on working on this theme. Look at the table and put the numbers into the right column and explained it.

Teacher: And the next task you should answer the questions.

  1. What kind of country is Kazakhstan?

  2. What political parties of Kazakhstan do you know?

  3. Who might be elected to the Parliament in Kazakhstan?

  4. Who makes laws in Kazakhstan?

  5. How many branches has the Government? And what are they?

  6. When the new Constitution was adopted

  7. What month is the day of Independent celebrated in?

  8. When did Kazakhstan became an Independent state?

  9. What was Kazakhstan before Independence?

Teacher: That’s right, so pupils you have learnt about the structure of system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Open your note books, write today’s date. The task is make up true sentences.

  1. The head/ of Kazakhstan/ the President/ shall be/ of the Republic/ of state

  2. And/ proclaims/ secular/ the Republic itself/ of Kazakhstan/ a democratic/ social state

  3. By making/ every day/ about/ a hundred/ passes/ Acts/ laws/ Parliament/ directly

  4. Shall not/ a deputy/ the President/ have the right/ of/ to be/ of the Kazakhstan/ of a representative body.

  5. Consist of/ deputies/ shall/ The Majilis/ seventy-seven

  6. Extends to/ the sovereignty/ entire territory/ its/ of The Republic

Thank you, the lesson is over.

Your home task.

Ex.18. p.104 Complete the chart.

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