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Урок английского языка по теме "Eco-festivals"

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Урок английского языка в 9 классе о проведении фестивалей у нас в стране и за рубежом по охране окружающей среды

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«Урок английского языка по теме "Eco-festivals"»


Оқу ісінің меңгерушісі: _______________ Г.Т. Туржанова


Short term plan 64

Term III Unit 1 "Tradition and Language"

School: school-lyceum №50 by name Paiymbek Batyr

Date: 17.02.2020.

Teacher’s name: Suleimenova Tamara Ramazanovna

Grade 9

Number present:

Number absent:

Theme of the lesson: "Eco-festivals"

Vocabulary and language focus: Across Cultures

Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to

9.C8 develop intercultural awareness through reading and discussion

9.L2 understand specific information in unsupported extended talk on a wide range of general and curricular topics, including talk on a limited range of unfamiliar topics

9.S2 ask complex questions to get information about a wide range of general and curricular topics

9.R7 recognise typical features at word, sentence and text level in a wide range of written genres, including some which focus on unfamiliar topics

9.W2 write independently about factual and imaginary past and future events, activities and experiences on a wide range of familiar general and curricular topics

9.UE3 use a variety of compound adjectives, adjectives as participles, comparative structures indicating degree, and intensifying adjectives on a wide range of familiar general and curricular topics

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

  • Recognize and use nouns and adjectives of attributes and personality.

  • Understand specific information in unsupported extended talk

  • Ask complex questions to get information about eco-festivals.

  • Develop intercultural awareness(осознание) through reading and discussion

Most learners will be able to:

  • Decide on activities for the Brighter Together Festival.

Some learners will be able to:

  • Produce a clear, coherent (последовательность) description of a person they know.

Assessment criteria

Form ideas effectively and demonstrate the ability to express them clearly.

Provide a point of view in conversations and discussions.

Apply the rule for compound adjectives and adjectives as participles in practice.

Apply comparative degree structures accurately.

Descriptor. A learner:

  • selects useful information and plans the answer.

  • presents his/her information to the class.

Value links

Knowing yourself, being open to experiencing new things.

Cross curricular links

Social studies.

Previous learning

Previously learned vocabulary on the topic "Buying gifts".

Use of ICT

Smart board for showing a presentation, getting additional information, playing the audio, video files.

Health and Safety links

Switch off the active board if you do not use it.

If students are tired, do physical exercise with them.

Open the window to refresh the air in the classroom during the break.


Planned timings

Planned activities


Beginning the lesson

The lesson greeting.

The teacher sets the lesson objectives, letting students know what to anticipate from the lesson.

Warm up.

Pantomime: 'What do you like?

Play the game in 2 groups. One pupil from each group comes to the board and mimes a hobby. The other group tries to guess the hobby. If they guess correctly, they win one point. At the end of the game, the group with the most points is the winner.

Main Activities


Read the title and look at the picture.What activities can people do at eco-festivals? Listen read and find out.





Video and images

Handouts with task

Giving the hometask

Ending the lesson


Read the text again and answer the questions.


Which sentences best matches the main idea of eco-festival.

Ex.4. p.74.

Choose the correct prepositions. Ex.5.p. 75.

In groups decide on activities for the brighter Together Festival…

Giving the hometask. S/B Exercise 5.p.75. Write about your own festival in your town/city.

Peer-assessment. Two stars and a wish.

  • You did a really good job on ...

  • I really like how you ...

  • Maybe you could ...


Two stars and a wish.



Feedback: Teacher asks students what task was difficult to them and which pair worked well.

Additional information

Differentiation –

how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

Assessment –

how are you planning to check learners’ learning?

Critical thinking

Differentiation can be achieved by task (selection of learning materials and resources based on student strengths).

By support. Less able learners will be supported through step-by-step instructions, graphic organizers, sentence frames, glossaries, thinking time. Small group learning.

By outcome providing challenge, variety and choice.

Observe learners when participating in use of English activities.

Record what they considered they had learned from the lesson. Could they express what they had learned about content and language? Could they express which skills they had developed?

Formative assessment is held through observation/monitoring.

Students think critically, exploring, developing, evaluating and making choices about their own and others’ ideas.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 9 класс

Урок английского языка по теме "Eco-festivals"

Автор: Сулейменова Тамара Рамазановна

Дата: 12.03.2020

Номер свидетельства: 542469

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