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"Traveler Dora"

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Внеклассный урок на тему "Traveler Dora" для второго класса.

Просмотр содержимого документа
«"Traveler Dora"»

Form: 2-nd


The theme of the lesson: Traveler Dora

The aims:

Educational: to revise the passed material.

Up-bringing: to bring up interest to the subject, promote interpersonal relationship of pupils.
Developing: to develop skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Communicative: to repeat sentence structures and correctly translate words.

The form of lesson: Untraditional lesson

The type of lesson: Travel
Methods of lesson: question - answer, multiple choice, matching
Visual aids: Pictures, postcards,video.

The procedure:

Good morning children. We are glad to see you.

We all know the traveler Dora. Today, we'll help her get to school but on the road we have a lot of difficulties. Ok, let's look at a map. On our way: river, mountain, forest and the fox-crook
Guys, if we go through all the difficulties, we will FRIENDS TRAVELER DORA and we get the icon «traveler»

Now let's start our journey and we have in the way the river. Near the river, we have paper with tasks, let's read!

  1. Translate these words into in English.

Отбасы -

Әке –

Мектеп -

Ата -

Мұғалім -

Әже -

Қарындаш -

Ана -

Сөмке -

Кітап -

Қалам -

Well done, you did well with the task, now go ahead.
We look at the map, we now have on the road high mountains. Look at the top of the mountain is worth the paper. There is test tasks.

  1. Сan модаль етістігін дұрыс қолданыңыз
    A) Swim can I
    B) I swim can
    C) I can swim

Do you walk?
A) I walk
B) I did not walk
C) I do not walk

Мен теннис ойнаған жоқпын
A) He does not play tennis
B) I do not play tennis
C) You do not play tennis

That it was not boring, let us repeat the last word with video.

How is your mood? If fine, then will go on.

Look at the map. This is forest! In the forest, there is a very interesting task.

  1. We should call these colors in English.

Red- Black-

Yellow- White-

Blue- Green-

You did well with the task.

Moving on, we come to the school. Do you hear that sound? This is the fox-crook!

  1. It does not give us a pass and us find answers to these mysteries and say the answer in three languages.

Қалқиған ұзын құлағы
Елеңдеп қорқып тұрады. (Қоян - Зайц - Rabbit)

Қабақ - қабат қаптама,
Ақылың болса аттама. (Кітап - Книга - Book)

Ашылып, жабылады,
Әр үйден табылады. (Есік - дверь - Door)

You said correctly and The fox-crook went!

We crossed all obstacles and come to school, Dora is very happy!

I will give you the icon «traveler» on behalf of Dora. Now we will celebrate and dance with Dora.

We have reached the goal! You also reach their goals in life!

Good Bye!

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 2 класс

"Traveler Dora"

Автор: Құмар Мамыр Қанатқызы

Дата: 05.09.2017

Номер свидетельства: 427328

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