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"Spelling Bee" lessons at the lyceum at KazGASA

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Spelling Bee lessons are helpful for learners and teachers at the lyceum at KazGASA help to them to achieve high knowledge 

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«"Spelling Bee" lessons at the lyceum at KazGASA»

S P E L L I N G B E E” lesson at the lyceum at KazGASA

There are different ways of encouraging students to learn English as the Second or Foreign Language. They are video lessons, effortless English with repetition, reading different books during the classes, discussing and having conversation or debates between groups, lessons with singing songs and of course, teaching with "Spelling Bee" lessons should also be included as one of the best methods in teaching English especially for developing speaking skill.

Regarding with methods that encourage students’ interest for learning, the teachers of the Lyceum at KazGASA try to teach their pupils with great enthusiasm and experience. The teacher of English at the lyceum at KazGASA, Shakhlo Bakhadirova Babirovna have had "Spelling Bee" competition among the 10-11 grade learners which was first contest in these sphere of the learners’ education. 
            In contest there were teachers of the lyceum at KazGASA for observing the lesson and 2 teachers were juries for checking the skills of the pupils in English.
            The teacher of English, Shakhlo Bakhadirova Babirovna started the lesson with greetings and the rules of Spelling Bee Competition with her power point presentation. After that, the contest has started with calling the students with their numbers or names turn by turn to spell the words which were pronounced by the teacher.
            According to the words of Shakhlo Bakhadirova Babirovna, to none of the pupils given the materials beforehand and all of them were aware of the words during the Spelling Bee competition which gives us information that all pupils checked their knowledge of English honestly in this competition. 
            From the rules of Spelling Bee most of observers and students liked are: 
1. Not helping to each other during the spelling process
2. Students can spell the words again without changing the letters that they have already spelled.
3. They have opportunity to ask for the definition or the etimology of the words that they misunderstand or not aware of them.
4. If they misspell the words or someone helps to the participant, the speller will be disqualified.
5. Teacher of English will bell the ring, if the participant spells the word incorrectly. 
         After all, the winners were awarded with certificates. 1st place as "THE TOP SPELLER" was given to the pupil of 10 A, Bakbergen Almira. With 2nd place the student of 11A Sagadiev Sabit was awarded. 3rd place was given to the student of 11 A Kim Irina. 
         Taking everything into consideration we should say that this lesson was very interesting and extraordinary both for participants and observers. According to the students’ opinion, “Spelling Bee” competition was one of the effective lesson and crucial experience in their study process. I think it will be good if every teacher uses different kinds of methods which are helpful for their students and make the study are much more convenient and encouraging surrounding for learning new and new data in their everyday lessons.

Bakhadirova Shakhlo Babirovna,

The teacher of English as a Second Language

At the lyceum at KazGASA,

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 10 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

"Spelling Bee" lessons at the lyceum at KazGASA

Автор: Bakhadirova Shakhlo Babirovna

Дата: 21.05.2019

Номер свидетельства: 511623

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