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Разработка урока "I want to be healthy.Food"

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The theme of the lesson is " I want to be healthy".

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«Разработка урока "I want to be healthy.Food"»

LESSON: I want to be healthy. Food

School: M.Kashgary school lyceum

Date: 16.11.2018

Teacher name: Shaxnoza Tashtemirova

CLASS: 4 form

Number present:


Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to

L1 understand arrange of short basic supported classroom in structions

4.S1 make basic statements related to personal information, people and objects on familiar topics and classroom routines. to activate using of vocabulary on healthy lifestyle in oral speech.

4.R1 read and spell out words for others 4.W1 write with support short response sat phrase level to questions and other prompts. To reinforce pupils knowledge about Health. To explain the importance of healthy lifestyle. 

Lesson objectives

  • All learners will be able to: listen for gist

  • talk about healthy habits

  • read for specific information

  • give advice

  • Most learners will be able to: to talk about healthy/unhealthy eating habits

  • Some learners will be able to: give advice about new theme

Assessment criteria

make basic statements related to personal information

to activate using of vocabulary on healthy lifestyle in oral speech.

understand arrange of short basic supported classroom in structions

Previous learning

One day


Learner can

Read and answer the questions

Work with pictures

Listen and write correct words

Complete the proverbs

Find healthy and unhealthy foods


Planned timings

Planned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities)



Good morning, dear boys and girls! 
How are you? I’m very glad to see your face and your smiles. I think this day will bring joy for you. Close your eyes and repeat after me: I’m at school, I’m at the lesson. My attention grows. I’m very attentively. My memory is strong. I want to learn and I’m ready for the lesson. Who is on duty today? What day is it today? 
What date is it today? What season is it now? 
What is the weather like today? 
Are you ready for the lesson? You see today we have some guests at our lesson. You know them all! If you are ready let us continue our lesson!

At the beginning of the lesson I want to pay your attention to these rules, you should follow them.

The golden rules:

-Be attentive

-Be active

-Be emotional

-Don’t interrupt each other

-Don’t say “I don’t”

-First think then speak.

Let’s check up your homework!


Phonetic drill.

Children, the letters u and ue give the sound [ju:]-

Please, repeat after me.

blue, student, glue, uniform, music, costume.

Brainstorming. Introducing the new theme.

Solve the Rebus. If you guess this rebus you’ll guess about what we will talk at our lesson today. 
1) heart " 2) lion''' 3) tea'' 4) horse''''

Now children, what kind of word is this?

Yes, you are right our word is "health". Today we will talk about health.

Please write down today's date and today's theme of our lesson is "I want to be healthy"

b) Now look at the board and read the proverb. Repeat this proverb one by one.

« Health is above wealth»

«Early to bed and early to rise make people healthy wealthy and wise »

New words: bread [bred] нон

Sandwich meat [ˈsænwɪtʃ] сэндвич ,бутерброд

Pickles [ˈpɪkəlz] тузланган бодринг

Cheese [tʃiːz] сыр

Tomato [təˈmeɪtoʊ] помидор

Lettuce [ˈletɪs] салат япроги

Reading. Read the text

Listening and put (A) Alibek or (B) Ben.

Work with partner. Look at the pictures and tell the story.

Warm up.. The song “I’m healthy”

Pair work. Look at the table and match the words regarding to our theme. 

b r e a d n e t b u r n 
n y v c h e e s e s o q p 
u r u v t o m a t o k i a 
s w o p i c k l e s  n l l 
e o r s a n d w i c h u r t k g e 
l e t t u c e e r o t a b 
w a m i l k  i j

Work with pictures. Group work.

Look at the pictures and answer the question: What should you do to stay healthy?

To stay healthy you should

1) Eat healthy food

For example:

eat vegetables

eat meat

eat fish

eat fruits

2) Go in for sports

to play football

to play volleyball

to play basketball

to play tennis

Polyglot. Group work. Complete the proverbs.

1. An apple a day keeps _____________ away

2. _____________ is above wealth

3. The first ______________ is health

4. Health is ___________

Dear children now please find healthy and unhealthy foods and write.

Say please is it right or wrong. To stay healthy you should:

  • Get up early - It's right

  • Eat healthy food - It's right

  • Eat fast food - It's wrong

  • Do morning exercises - It's right

  • Stay at home all day long - It's wrong

  • Go in for sports - It's right

  • Be lazy - It's wrong

  • Go on foot - It's right

  • Go by car - It's wrong 



Active board




Active board

Exercise book


Dear pupils, our lesson has come to the end. Let’s make a conclusion of our work. We have done many kinds of work at our lesson. You were very active. I hope that you’ll take care of your health not only at the lesson but also in everyday life. I wish you to be always healthy.

I want to give vitamins for everyone.


Give marks


Write down your home work into your diaries. Your home task will be from WB page 30, exercise 4 and page 32, exercise 7.

To learn by heart the vocabulary.
I’ ll give you your marks. Thank you!

The lesson is over! Good bye! 

Additional information

Differentiation – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’ learning?

Cross-curricular links
Health and safety check
ICT links
Values links

More support:

More-able learners:


Were the lesson objectives/learning objectives realistic?

What did the learners learn today?

What was the learning atmosphere like?

Did my planned differentiation work well?

Did I stick to timings? What changes did I make from my plan and why?

Use the space below to reflect on your lesson. Answer the most relevant questions from the box on the left about your lesson.

Summary evaluation

What two things went really well (consider both teaching and learning)?



What two things would have improved the lesson (consider both teaching and learning)?



What have I learned from this lesson about the class or individuals that will inform my next lesson?

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 4 класс

Разработка урока "I want to be healthy.Food"

Автор: Tashtemirova Shaxnoza Alisherovna

Дата: 19.11.2018

Номер свидетельства: 486525

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