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Open lesson on theme"The UK is a constitutional monarchy

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Oткрятый урок английского языка рассказывается о конституции 

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«Open lesson on theme"The UK is a constitutional monarchy»

Open lesson on theme

The UK is a constitutional monarchy”

held by Salomova Khursand Ibragimovna- English teacher

of specialized school №5

of Gijduvan district

Bukhara region.

The theme of the lesson

The UK is a constitutional monarchy

The aim of the lesson

a) to talk about the UK

b)To develop oral speech

c) To teach pupils like geography and history

d)To teach pupils be hardworking

e) To teach pupils respect and like their Motherland

The equipment of the lesson

The map of the UK, the flag and emblem of CB pictures.

The time table of the lesson


Org. moment

2 minutes


Interrogation of last theme

6 minutes


New theme

20 minutes


Fastening of the lesson

10 minutes



2 minutes

The motion of the lesson

I Org. moment. To listen on duty`s report and ask some questions to pupils.

1) What can you tell about last news in Uzbekistan and in the world?

2) What holiday do we celebrate in winter?

3) What is your favourite winter holiday and why?

4) What holidays do Americans celebrate in winter?

T he 8th of December is a Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The 25th of December is a Christmas day in America and England.

The 1st of January is our favorite holiday New Year Day.

The 14th of January is a Defenders of Motherland day.

The 9th of February is a birthday of Alisher Navoi.

The 14th of February is a birthday of Z.M. Bobur.

The 14th of February is a Valentine Day in America and England

Teacher: Who can tell me what kind of books were written by our President last years?

Pupil: Last years were written many books by president, two of them are “High spirituality-invisible power” and the second book is about defender the Uzbekiston from world crisis.

II. Interrogation of last theme: Now I want to check your home tasks. What was your homework?

Pupil 1: Our homework was to write a leaflet about our English club.

Teacher: Ok can you read or tell about your English club? Pupils: Yes, of course.

All pupils will read or talk about their English club? Teacher: Dear pupils you have all done your home task . I'm proud of you my dear

III New theme. My dear pupils today we'll talk about the UK and its constitutional monarchy. First of all my dear I want introduce you with the task of our lesson.

The task of the lesson is learn more about the UK. But I know that you have learned many information about the UK. For checking your knowledge I'll define you into 3 groups . Each group will show its knowledge of English. Imagine that you are not Uzbek, you are English and you must talk only about the UK, speak only in English. The first group will be called " Sightseeing of the UK".

The second " The history of the UK". The third " The geography of the UK" Each group must introduce the UK in his side.







Now I know that each team has its own slide and you'll speak showing your slide about the UK. Ok the first group begin your story please.

There are three countries in Great Britain: England, Scotland and Wales. But the United Kingdom has four parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Its full name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK). The UK is in Europe. The area of the UK is 244,880 square kilometers. The population of the UK is approximately 60 1/2 million. There are four main nationalities : English, Scots , Welsh and Irish .

The capital of the UK and England is London; the capital of Scotland is Edinburgh; the capital of Wales is Cardiff and the capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast.

Big Ben

Big Ben is in the clock tower at the

Houses of Parliament, the home of the

British government. The tower is over

30 metres high. Big Ben is actually the

name of the biggest bell. The clock

uses old pennies (money) to help keep

perfect time.

- The West End is the rich­est part of the capital. Here live the capitalists and the a;ri-stocracy. Here you can find many theatres, museums1 and big shops.

— The East End lies In the Eastern part of London. This is where working people live.

This is the British Museum. -Marx

and Lenin worked in Bri­tish Museum


The United Kingdom is a parliamentary monarchy, but it is well-known that the monarchy today has no state power. The real power belongs to the Parliament. Parliament is a group of people who make the laws for their country. British Parliament consists of two houses, the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

T he Houses of Parliament are situated in London on the riverside near Westminster Abbey.

The Tower of London.

The first part of the Tower was built in 1066 by William the Conqueror. The Tower was used as a prison and many people died there. In 14&3, two young princes called Edward and Richard disappeared. Two hundred years later, their bones were found near the White Tower.

Teacher: Very good. Let's listen to the second group.

English is the language of the people of England. England is in the south of the island of Great Britain. In the north of this island lies Scotland. To the west of England is Wales. The island of Ireland lies to the west of Great Britain. More than a thousand years ago the people who lived in these four countries were different, and they spoke different languages.

Great Britain is not a large country. It is much smaller than France or Norway and smaller than Finland. England is the largest part of Great Britain and it has always been the strongest. Today the official name of Britain is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. English is the official language in all parts of the country.

In the United States of America English is called the na­tional language,

The Anthem of the UK

God save our gracious Queen

Long live ournohie Queen

God save the Queen

Send her victorious

Happy and glorious

Long to reign over us

God save the queen

O Lord our God arise

Scatter her enemies

And make them, fell

Confound their politics

Frustrate their knavish tricks

On Thee our hopes we fix

God save us all

Thy choicest gifts in store

On her he pleased to pour

Long may she reign

May ever give us cause

To sing with heart and voice

Cod save the Queen

From the assassins blow

God save the Queen

O'er her thine arm extend

For Britain's sake defend

Our mother, prince, and friend

God save the Queen

Lord grant that Marshal Wade

Victory bring

May he sedition hush

And Hire a torrent rush

Rebellious Scots to crush

God save the King

To the north and east of the UK is the North Sea. To the west and south is the Atlantic Ocean. The most famous river is the Thames in London, but it is not the longest. The river Severn is 354 kilometers (km) long. The two highest mountains are Ben Nevis in Scotland and Snowdon in Wales. The largest lakes are Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland and Loch Ness in Scotland. Two more lakes, Lake Windermere and Ullswater, are popular for sailing and water skiing.

The UK


- a

60 l/2 million approx.


244,880 sq. km.


Severn- 354 km.


Ben Nevis -1,343m.

Teacher: Well, this group is good too . Now what will show us the third group?

Since 1066 there have been forty monarchs in England, thirty-five kings, five queens and seven dynasties. Only fourteen monarchs have stayed on the throne for more than twenty-five years, one of them is Queen Elizabeth II.

Every royal house or 'dynasty' has a surname. In Britain's case that name is Windsor. Queen Elizabeth II is the fourth Windsor monarch. She is also the head of a very large family. She has three sons, one daughter, and many grandsons and granddaughters.

The most famous British royal home is Buckingham Palace. But it is not the only one. The Queen and her family have several other castles, official residences and country houses too. Today Buckingham Palace is the best known palace in the world. It stands at the end of a long boulevard called The Mall and it has 600 rooms on three floors, 400 staff, and 300 clocks.

After Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's next monarch will probably be Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. He will be King Charles III. Even further in the future his son, Prince William, will become king too. His title will be King William V. The National Anthem is called "God save the Queen". But if Prince Charles becomes King, it will be "God save the King".

IV Fastening of the lesson.

Teacher: Well pupils, you were very good today. You have collected many interesting informations for us. Now please, open your books on page 52. We'll do exercises 2d 2e.

2d.Answer the questions.

1.How many dynasties have there been in the British monarchy up to date?

Since 1066 there have been forty monarchs in England, thirty-five kings, five queens and seven dynasties.

2.Where is the official residence of the Queen?

The most famous British royal home is Buckingham Palace

3.Who will be the next monarch?

After Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's next monarch will probably be Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. He will be King Charles III.

2e. Find the phrases in the text and say why “the” is used.

The Queen, the Mall, the best known, the Prince of Wales

e.g. Today Buckingham Palace is the best known palace in the world.

Please go to the blackboard and write your sentences.

Teacher: I see that you have learned definite article well.

V Homework. My dear pupils I said that you were very god at our English lesson today. You have learned and found many informations on our theme.

Get your marks



“3" …..

Your homework will be exercises 1,2 which are on page 52.

1 Put the articles in the right place.

1 I love listening to (a, the) wind.

2 He is (a, the) oldest in my family.

3 Mary lives in (the, —) England.

4 (The, A) Irish have their own language.

5 I want to see (a, the) President.

6 (A, The) sky is beautiful tonight.

2 Learn the British national anthem

Our English lesson is over good bye Pupils: Good bye teacher, thank you for your teaching

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Open lesson on theme"The UK is a constitutional monarchy


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