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Lesson plan for the 8th grade

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Это план урока английского языка для 8 классов

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«Lesson plan for the 8th grade»





8-sinflar uchun Unit 9. Lesson

mavzusida 1 soatlik

Dars ishlanmasi

Date: Form: 8 Subject: English

Theme:the power of the sun.


Educational : To talk and write about how things can be done and what can be done using the Present Passive with Modal Verbs

Developing: According to the lesson’s educational purpose develop pupils’ personal skills, English learning, motivational

skills, develop pupils’ self educational skills, analyzing and systematizing skills of knowledge, develop to report own ideas, communicative skills.

Socio-cultural: - to learn about simple ways of usig solar power

Learning outcomes: At the end of the lesson pupils will be able toknow modal vebs with passives

Competence: SC2, SC3, FLCC

Type of the lesson: Mixed, group work, pair-work, individual work

Method of the lesson: individual

Equipment of the lesson: Textbook ,pictures, internet, computers, projector, the DVD


Part of the lesson





-to greet pupils.

- to check up the register

5 min


Repeating last lesson

- to give pupils some questions about last lesson. – to ask words from previous lesson

5 min


Explaining new theme

- to explain to pupils new vocabulary and theme

20 min


Consolidating new theme.

- to consolidate new theme and new words of the theme.

10 min



- To mark pupils

5 min



- Giving homework.

Procedure of the lesson:

I. Organizing moment: Motivation,Greeting, checking attendance, season, weather, checking the preparation for the lesson.

II. Asking homework:

- Check for homework given on past lesson.

- Ask pupils all new words learnt on previous lesson.

III. Pre-activity:

Warm up activity:

What is the Sun?

Why is the Sun so important?

What are some reasons that the Earth needs the Sun?

.Activity 1.

Look At the picture and answer the questions.

Objectives: to stimulate PP ideas; to talk about PP own experiences; to work with a map. PP look at the map and discuss the questions . If necessary, help them to understand the map.

1 Look at the picture and answer the questions.

1 How many hours of sunshine a day do we have in Uzbekistan? 6 hours a day.

2 In what parts of the world do people use solar power? In almost all part of the world.

3 How do people in the world use solar power?

Activity 2a. Read, listen and complete the diagram. Use the words in the cloud.

Objectives: to read for detail; to work with a diagram.

cold water in, sun's rays, insulation, black absorber plate, glass, tubes, hot water out

Ordinary homes can be easily converted to use solar energy. They can make a simple heating system. A 'flat plate' solar collector is fitted to the roof. It must be painted black on one side. Black surfaces absorb energy well, and make sunlight into heat easily. The heat stays between the insulation and glass. Cold water is pumped through tubes in front of the black plate and is warmed up. The hot water can be used for washing, cooking and heating rooms.

III Post-activity.

Activity 2b. Work in pairs. Read and answer the questions.

Objectives. to raise awareness of the meaning and form of the Passive Voice Modal Verbs. Ask pupils to read and answer the questions. Draw their attention to the example in the text and the ones in the Remember box where there is a summary of the grammar of the unit.

1 What kind of writing is it?

2 Can we see such sentences in fairy tales, poems or stories?

3 Where do people use this kind of writing?

4 Translate the sentence 'It must be painted black on one side'.

5 Do you know who painted the box?

6 Is it important to know this?

Activity 2c. look and write a description. Use “may/might/can/must be”

Objective. To practise writing a paragraph based on a diagram using the Present Passive with Modal Verbs to explain a process. Ask pupils to look at the diagram and understand it. Then they should write a description like the one in 2a using the words in the cloud. This work could be done in pairs/groups. When pupils have finished, read out one or two of the descriptions to the class.

e.g. The sun's heat might be absorbed by thick walls.

IV. Main part

Additional information:

Solar Collecting Panels

Panels on a rooftop collect energy from sunlight and convert it directly into electricity. The solar panels contain semiconducting materials. When light strikes the material, electrons move from one layer of the material to another, forming an electric current.

V. Post-activity.

Answer the questions:

1.Summarise in your own words how the sun’s energy becomes electricity for families to use?

2. What are the three convincing arguments for choosing or not choosing solar power as one of our energy sources?

3. In what ways could solar power affect your family and community?

4. Do you think that we should increase our use of solar power? Explain.

IV. Evaluation

V. Giving homework. Write sentences using “must be”

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 8 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Lesson plan for the 8th grade

Автор: Кадирова Наргиза Зафаровна

Дата: 05.04.2020

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