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Лексико-грамматические упражнения по теме Present Simple

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Урок-закрепление темы "Present Simple", 5 класс

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«Лексико-грамматические упражнения по теме Present Simple»



 Match the words to make up word combinations.




4.Go to





lessons at school


II. Translate.

6.wonderful –____________________

7.delicious –____________________

8.dull –_________________________

9.awful –___________________________

10.interesting –____________________

III. Make questions to the answers.

11. ________________________________________________________________

He usually has tea and toast for breakfast.

12. ________________________________________________________________

He gets up at seven o’clock.

13. ________________________________________________________________

She goes to school by bus.

14. ________________________________________________________________

He often plays football in his free time.

15. ________________________________________________________________

I go to bed at eleven o’clock.

IV. Put the verbs in correct form.

V. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

26. always/London/to/go/they/spring/in.


27. usually/go/I/to/8 o’clock/school/at.


28. never/my/put/tent/grandparents/a/up.


29. we/Scout Club/go/Sundays/the/often/to/on.


VI. Underline the correct word.


I get up then/when my alarm clock rings.


On Sundays we have lunch and after that/before we go cycling.


She gets dressed when/before she has breakfast.


He leaves work and//when he finishes cleaning up.


I always have a glass of milk before/and I go to bed

VII. Choose the correct response.

____35.Are you free tonight?

____36.Shall we say nine at my place?

____37.Would you like to come to the concert with us tomorrow?

____38.How about going to the theatre?

____39.I’m afraid I can’t come tonight

A Ok, we’ll do it some other time.

B Yes, I’d love to.

C Sounds great! What time?

D Sure, see you later.

E I think so, why?

VIII. Read the email and choose the best word A, B or C for each space.


Hi! Thanks for e.g. your email. I hope you are well. I want to tell you about my hobbies and interests. During the week, I 40) ................ my homework in the evenings and 41) ................ that I watch TV. I like watching sitcoms and reality shows but I don't really like talk shows. Sometimes my friends come around and we watch a DVD.

42)............... the weekend, I do some sports. On Saturday morning, I play football with the school team and in the afternoon I go shopping. I always go 43) ................. the cinema with friends on Saturday night. On Sunday I relax at home and read a book or 44) ......... I go cycling.

Tell me what you like doing in your next email.




A you B your C our

  1. A make B do C study

  2. A after B then C when

  3. A at B in C to

  4. A In B At C to

  5. A sometimes B never C always

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 5 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Лексико-грамматические упражнения по теме Present Simple

Автор: Альбина Фирдаусовна Гаффарова

Дата: 29.08.2023

Номер свидетельства: 636083

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