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Конспект урока английского языка по учебнику Т.Аяповой

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Данный урок предназначен для 5 класса на тему "When is your birthday?" Автор учебника: Т.Аяпова. Цель урока: создать условия для развития коммуникативных способностей учащихся, способностей к аудированию; создать условия для развития памяти, внимания, воображения учащихся; способствовать формированию мотивации для изучения английского языка. Тип урока: урок обобщения. Используемое оборудование: иллюстрации по теме, магнитофон, презентация, электронный учебник. 

Просмотр содержимого документа
«Конспект урока английского языка по учебнику Т.Аяповой»

The theme of the lesson: When is your birthday?"

Form: 5 “b”

Teacher: Duyssenbayeva L.S

The aims: A) to enrich pupils` vocabulary, to fix their knowledge about dates, days, months and numerals;

B) to develop their speaking, reading and logical thinking abilities;
C) to teach them to respect each other;
Visual aids: an interactive board, a ball, pictures, a tape recorder.

The type of the lesson: fixed

I. Org.moment: Good morning! How are you, pupils? I am very glad to see you! Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What`s the weather like today? Do you like such weather? What date is it today? 
And now let`s continue our lesson with our golden rules:

  1. We all must be active!

  2. We must be attentive!

  3. We mustn`t say I don`t know!

  4. First think, then speak!

Your home task was to repeat months, days of weeks, ordinal and cardinal numerals. 
I put the theme of our lesson into code. Let’s count letters of the English alphabet and you can decode the theme? Each number is English letter.; 9.19;; 

As you can see the theme of our lesson is “When is your birthday”. Today we shall speak about seasons, months, ordinal and cardinal numbers and days of the week. 

II. Active Vocabulary: 
When- қашан 
What? - қай, қандай 
birthday- туған күн 
cake- торт 
month- ай 
season - жыл мезгілі 
week – апта 
day – күн (апта) 
date – күн жады
year – жыл 
now – қазір

Numerals-сан есім 

1) There are 4 pictures on the blackboard. 
Look at the blackboard. 
- There are 4 seasons in the year. 
It is autumn. It is summer. It is winter. It is spring. (Match the names of seasons with the pictures) 

2) Ask the pupils: “What season is it?” ( the pupils will answer ) “It is ……..”. 

3) You prepared one poem about seasons: Let’s listen to the poem about “Seasons”. 

Spring is green, 
Summer is bright, 
Autumn is yellow 
And winter is white. 

Four lovely seasons 
To make up a year” 
Sing them by color 
And sing them by name. 

IV. As you know each season has three months. These are 12 months in a year. Put the months under the seasons. 
December, January, February are winter months. 

March, April, May are spring months 

June, July, and August are summer months. 

September, October and November are autumn months. 

V. Please, repeat the names of months. The pupils will say the months in order. 

VI. Take sheets of paper, listen, repeat and write a rhyme. 

30 days has September, April 
June and November 
All the rest have 31 
Excepting February alone 
Which has 28 or 29 days clear 

Fill in the rhyme 

30 days has S..er, A…l, 
J…e, and N…r 
All the rest have 31 
Excepting F…, alone 
Which has 28 or 29 days clear 

VII. As you know there are 2 types of numerals: cardinal and ordinal. 

Let’s use cardinal numerals. 

T: - Who will count from 1 to 10? – 

X. Practice: And now be attentive! Listen to me, we must receive 10

XI. But there are ordinal numerals. You must remember that numerals have the definite article – 

the – and the ending –th- 

XII. Game with a ball. 

I`ll call the cardinal numerals and throw the ball to pupils, they will say the ordinal numerals. 
Example: one- the first; 
three- the third; 
seven- the seventh; 
20- the twentieth….. (ask from 1to 31 ) 
XIII. Read and Remember. 
You know that Sunday is the first day of the week in England. 

Sunday is the first day of the week 
Monday is the second day of the week 
Tuesday is the third day of the week 
Wednesday is the fourth day of the week 
Thursday is the fifth day of the week 
Friday is the sixth day of the week 
Saturday is the seventh day of the week 

XIV. As our theme: When is your birthday? Can you translate? When is- When’s 
- It is (It’s) on the 22 (twenty second) of December. Repeat and read. 

I want to know when are your birthdays. Write on these colored notes your birthday’s dates. 
And then place them on the picture with birthday’s cake and presents. 

Tell me, please again. 
What date is it today? 
It is the 17(seventeenth) of April. 

Ex 3 on page 78

XV. Open your books on page 78. 
Read and Remember! 
after – кейін, соң 
before – дейін, бұрын, алдында 

Read Exercise 6, page 79 

-What month is it after January? 
-It’s February. 

-What month is it before July? 
-It’s June. 

XVI. Let’s check how you remembered the words and expressions. 

Answer the questions. 

а) — What month is it now? 

— It's____________now. 

b) __What month is it after March? 
__ It’s _______________ . 
c) __What month is it before December? 
___It’s ______________ . 

b) — What season is it now? 

— It's____________now. 

c) — What day is it today? 

— It's_______ _____today. 

d) — What date is it today? 

— It's_____________ 

Now I see you can answer my questions. 

XVII. Production: We`ll conclude our lesson through the test. I`ll give you tasks. You must answer for them, then change your papers with your neighbours. And you`ll check the test yourselves.

Test 1. Underline the cardinal numeral. 
1) 2 
a) the second 
b) two 
c) twelve 
2) 8 
a) the eighth 
b) eight 
c) eighty 
3) 4 
a) four 
b) the fourth 
c) forty 
4) 3 
a) the third 
b) three 
c) thirty 
5) 5 
a) five 
b) fifteen 
c) the fifth 
6) 20 
a) twelve 
b) the twentieth 
c) twenty 
I) Translate ordinal numerals. 
1-ші; 2) 2-ші; 3) 3-ші; 4) 4-ші; 5) 5-ші; 6) 9-ші; 7) 15-ші; 
II) Choose the correct version. 
23 – ші ақпан 
a) the twenty three of February; 
b) the twenty third of February; 
c) the twenty third February; 
Task. Translate. 
1) Бүгін аптаның қандай күні? Бүгін бейсенбі. What day of the week is it today?-It is Thursday.
2) Бүгін нешесі? Бүгін 17-ші сәуір. What date is it today?- It is the 17th of April.
3) Сенің туған күнің қашан? 1-ші қазан. When is your birthday? –My birthday is on the 1st of October.
XVIII. Conclusion: Open your diaries and write down your home task. 
Our lesson is over. Thank you very much. Today you were clever, so bright. Your marks are …

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 5 класс

Конспект урока английского языка по учебнику Т.Аяповой

Автор: Дюсенбаева Ляззат Серикбаевна

Дата: 07.03.2016

Номер свидетельства: 302863

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