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Education of Ch.Valikhanov

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Поурочное планирование на тему "Education of Ch.Valikhanv"

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«Education of Ch.Valikhanov»

8th form Date: 04.03.2017

Theme: Education of Ch.Valikhanov

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: to give pupils the information about the famous Kazakh scientist;

Developing: to teach pupils to express their own opinions, to enlarge their vocabularies, to develop their communicative skills.

Up-bringing: to inoculate in pupils love for their country, to respect its spiritual wealth

The type of the lesson: lesson of taking new materials

Methods of the lesson: presentation, question-answer, discussion,

group work, pair-work

Visuals: slides with the information about famous Kazakh scientist in the interactive board, video material, schemes,

Subjection connection: Kazakh, Russian


Content of the lesson





New words

Reading the text

Grammar practice



-Good morning girls and boys! Glad to see you.

-How are you today?

-What date and day is it today?

-Who’s absent today?

- What season is it now?

- Do you like winter?

- What is you favourite month?

- What is you favourite day of the week?

- Ok.Sit down please!

What was you home task? Who wants to answer?

Scientist [saiәntist]- ғалым 
Historian [histͻrian]- тарихшы 
Private [‘praivәt]- жекеменшік 
Move [mu:v]- көшу 
Travel [‘trǣvәl]- саяхатқа шығу 
Expedition [ik’spediʃn] – экспедиция 
Collect [kә’lekt]- жинау 

Shokan Yalihanov

Shokan Yalihanov is one of the great scientist of Kazakhstan. He is the scientist, historic, ethnographer and folklorist , traveler and educator.

Shokan Yalihanov was born in Kuntimes Aman - Karagay district (now is the area of Sarykol District of Kostanay region).

His father , Chenghis Yalikhanov , was a senior Sultan of Aman - Karagay in Omsk region since 1834. At birth, the boy was given the Muslim name Muhammad Kanaffiya . Later, his mother invented the nickname Shokan and it was fixed as the official name. As a child he studied at Kazakh school opened in Kuntimes , where he received his basic knowledge of Kazakh , Arabic and Persian languages.

From the early ages Shokan had a special love for the oral and musical folklore of the Kazakh people and liked drawing.

In 1847 , at age of 12 , he was sent to study in the Omsk Cadet Corps. During the study Shokan was going to travelling. During his studies, he often visited his family house - Syrymbet. In November 8, 1853 Shokan graduated from the Omsk Cadet Corps and became a career officer in the Imperial Russian Army, received the rank of cornet.

He travelled a lot but one of the most famous his travelling was trip to Kashgariya.

In the years 1858-1859 Yalikhanov made his famous journey to Kashgar in China, which earned him the reputation of a brave traveler and a great scientist . The results of this trip were the works by the history, geography and social structure of the peoples of East Turkestan which had been published in Russian, German, English and French languages.

Died Shokan Ualikhanov very early, at the age of 30 years . He is buried near the road at the foot of the Altyn - Emel mountain range, about 250 kilometers from Almaty.

The works of Shokan Yalihanov is the great heritage of Kazakh people. He was not only the great scientist but the great person.


I. Make up the small resume on the scientist:

Name: ________________________________________________

Where and when was he born ______________________________________

His works ___________________________________________________

Additions _____________________________________________________

II. Complete the table:


Know from the text

Want to know

Your home work: Essay about Ch.Valikhanov

Lesson is over !Good bye!

5 min

7 min Check-up h/t

20min write vocabulary.

read and translate the text




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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 8 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Education of Ch.Valikhanov

Автор: Оспанова Айым Муратбековна

Дата: 16.05.2017

Номер свидетельства: 415922

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