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Урок был проведен к 70-летию Победы в ВОВ в 7 классе. Ребята сами искали материалы и перевели на английский язык. Много узнали о детях-героях.

Просмотр содержимого документа

План – конспект урока английского языка в 7»б» классе по теме «Дети – герои войны»

Цель: Создать условия, обеспечивающие воспитание патриотизма и любви к своей Родине

-Способствовать развитию умений учащихся в монологической речи, обобщать полученные знания, делать необходимые выводы.

Задачи урока:

  1. Закрепление и проверка лексического материала по теме.

  2. Развивать познавательную активность учащихся.

  3. Подробно остановиться на кратких биографиях детей – героев

  4. Ход урока

I. Начало урока: 1. Приветствие учащихся и гостей

Good morning, dear children! Glad to see you. We have an unusual lesson today. Many guests are visiting our lesson. Dear guests, we are glad to welcome you to our English lesson.

2. Цель урока

Today we are going to speak about heroes – children. We are proud of children who have become heroes,

3. Ассоциограмма

At first we get to know, what means- hero?

- O.k. let’s make an assoсiogramm

With what you have associated the word” hero?


Protect fatherland, families and goods- защищать отечество, семью, добро

Keep nation, its traditions and value сохранить нацию, традиции, ценности

Defend the honor of country – отстоять честь страны

Not to be slaves- не быть рабами

Perform a feat - Cвершить подвиг

Sacrifice oneself - Пожертвовать собой

Overcome fear - Пересилить страх

To be brave Быть смелым

Courage and heroism Мужество и героизм

And now say me, please which hero- сhildren do you know?

Валя Котик, Лёня Голиков, Вася Коробко, Зина Портнова, Саша Бородулин и др.

Now, please, look!

More than 20 000 children took part in the Great Patriotic war. Most of them were in partisan detachments as scouts and saboteurs. Not infrequently there were occasions, when young pupils have been in war. Children became boys in warships. They worked in the factories and took part in the civic defence.

At home you make reports about heroes – children.

Please, the first report about Lenya Golikov.-

Valya Kotik

Vasya Korobko

Zina Portnova

Yuta Bondarovskaya

Sasha Borodulin

Valya Zenkina

Valera Volkov

Arkasha Kamanin

  1. Lenya lived in village Lukino. When fascists came, the boy had left to partizan.

He went to investigation, brought the important information to partizan. There was a fight in his life which Lenya lead one with the fascist general. Lenya lined the enemy car. The general with the important documents went in this car. Almost kilometer he pursued the enemy and killed him. He battled on the same level to adults. He was lost under village Острая Лука in 1943.

On April, 1944 he was ordered by the Hero of Soviet Union.

  1. He was born in 11 of February in 1930 in the village Khmelevka. He studied at school number 4 in Shepetovka. He was a leader of pioneers.

When fascists came to the city, Valya had began to struggle against fascists. Valya was a scout in the underground organization. Fascists decided to make punitive expedition against partisan. Valya found hitlerite officer, and killed him…

When the arrests had began Valya with his family went to partisan. He fought with people against fascists. He blue up 6 enemy trains. He died as a hero. He was ordered by the Hero Of Soviet Union.

  1. The front approached to village Pogoreltsy. Defense of village held a company. Вася Коробко brought cartridges to fighters.

When fascists borrowed village, Вася had born a pioneer banner from school. He became the scout of partisan group. He worked in a fascists staff, passed partisan the important material. Together with partisan Вася destroyed nine echelons, hundreds hitlerites. In one of fights he was killed by an enemy bullet. The small hero who lived short, but such bright life, the Motherland awarded by orders Lenin, the Red Flag, the Great Patriotic War first degree and the medal to Partisan of Patriotic war first degree.

  1. Zina was in the occupied territory and began to serve in the partisan ‘s detachment named after K.E.Voroshilov. She was in the underground organisation «Young revengers». On december, 1943 she was arrested by fascists. She tried to escape but the fascists have caugt her. She was killed by fascists in the prison after tortures.

  1. When the Grear Patriotic war began Yuta was in the Novgorod region. She was a scout of the underground partisan’s group. Yuta collected the important materials of the sovinformbureau . She fought with people against fascists . In 1944 the group advanced to the coast of the lake Choodskoy. Young scout Yuta died as a hero

  1. From the first days of the war Sasha went to the forests and attacked on hitleriens . Soon he met with partizan group and took part in all military operations. Once the group found in enemy encirclement. The group have broken but the lid group died. Sasha died last. He blue up oneself and some fashists.

  1. Valya is a byelorussian girl. She was a participant of the defence of Brest fortress where died her father. She was a junior nurse. She dressed the wounded men and collected guns after fight. Valya went from encirclement and fought in partisan group to the end of the war. After war she lived in Mogylev in Byelorussian Republic.

  1. Valera was in Sevastopol when the Great Patriotic war began. He was 12 years old. He fought with people against fascists. He was a scout of navy infantry. He died as a hero. The enemy’s tank given by Valera stopped the tank column for a long time.

  2. Arkasha Kamanin was 14 years old. He became a pilot in the west Ukraine. Once Arkasha noticed a plane with a wounded pilot. He landed a plane and luged across the fire and he has flown to one”s people. Arkasha died after the war.

Thank you very much. Your work was great today. You get good marks.

Now let”s me to tell you a poem Remember!

Звучит песня « День Победы»

What have you learnt today? Do you like this lesson? Thank you.

Your marks for today…

Do you improve your knowledge?

дети выходят к доске и отмечают на осях + или – на сколько они обогатились знаниями)

Look at the board and write down your home task: ex.

(Ученики записывают домашнее задание)

The lesson is over! Bye! See you later!

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 7 класс


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Дата: 23.03.2017

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