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"Animals are in danger" та?ырыбында?ы а?ылшын тілі п?нінен ашы? саба? жоспары.7-сынып

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Theme:Animals are in danger

Grade:7 “A”


The aims of the lesson:

Educational: to enrich students’ knowledge talking about animals, to enlarge their interest in learning foreign languages and to introduce the pupils with the new words and give more information.

Developing: to develop pupil’s speaking, listening, reading, writing skills and grammar, lexical habits

Up-bringing: to develop pupil’s love to the animals and  learn to treat with them carefully.

Form of the lesson: traditional lesson

Type of the lesson: new lesson

Methods of the lesson: explanation, question-answer, listening, pair and group work.

Visual aids: pictures, new words, the poster with rules, cards

The connection with other subjects: Kazakh, Geography,Biology

The connection with life:to speak about endangered animals

Literature: English 5th form Ayapova T

The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment

Teacher’s activity


-to check the attendance of pupils;

-to pay pupils attention to the lesson;

-to check the preparation of the lesson;

Student’s activity


-acting on duty;

-to prepare for the lesson;

  Teacher: Welcome to our lesson. I think that our pupils are ready for the lesson. During our lesson you’ll get useful  informations about  and enlarge your outlook. I hope you’ll show perfect knowledge, your activity.

I. Checking up the home task.

-Let me check your home task.

-What was your home task for today?

Teacher:Before starting our lesson I want you divide into two groups. Please, choose the picture, name it and find your group. The pupils were divided  into two groups “Tigers”, “Elephants”. We have the golden rule at our lesson. Let’s introduce with it.

Teacher:Let’s begin our new lesson. Pupils, look at our planet. It looks sad. Can you tell me why?

Pupil: It has got problems.

Teacher: What problems of the environment do you know?

P: Pollution,litter, water pollution, animals and plants become less.

T: All right. Look at the picture and try to guess what problem we are going to speak at our lesson.

P: Animals are in danger.

T:Yes, you are right. We are going to speak about endangered animals and try to help them.

By the way, I want  to say that about our Republic’s flora and fauna are very rich. There are 500 kind of plants and animals. As other countries we have too problems of endangered animals.The antelope’s horns are used in medicine and many years thousand of them were killed in Kazakhstani steppes. That’s  why antelopes are disappearing. Nowadays wild animals are also in danger because foreign hunters often come to our country for hunting. Who can tell me,how many protected territories has our country? Yes, there are eight.  

II.Warm up

T: Let’s see how well you know the animals. Look at the parts of the animal’s bodies and guess the animal.

T: Whose ear is this?

P: It’s an elephant’s ear.

T: Whose tail is this?

P: It’s a tiger’s tail.

T: Whose horn is this?

P:It’s a rhino’s horn

T:Can you name animals in three languages?


IV. Work with the text.(group work)

T:Pupils, listen to me,  I’ll read the text. Pay attention of the reading new words. After it pupils read the text and translate it.


VI. Work with the blackboard. Writing exercise.

VII. Complete the chart.

After reading the text pupils complete the chart using the information from the text.

VIII. Task for individual pupils.

IX. Work group. Pupils must write what kind of animals eat grass, what other animals eat meat.  

X. Conclusion

Making the poster.(The Code of Rules)

T:-Let’s divide into groups. This part of the group will find we shall do and that group what we shouldn’t do.(Pupils choose those and analyze  them  which match for their task)

T:Dear pupils, what did we learn at the lesson?

Are you ready to help animals?

What should we do ? What we shouldn’t do?

Do you think that our planet liked our lesson?

At the beginning of our lesson it was sad. Let’s make a smile on it.P,you best today come to the blackboard and do it.


Look at the blackboard, you can see two smileys. You have stickers, please. How did you feel yourself?

 I want to finish our  lesson with the phrases of the President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev:

The lesson is over. Good bye…

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«"Animals are in danger" та?ырыбында?ы а?ылшын тілі п?нінен ашы? саба? жоспары.7-сынып»

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 7 класс

"Animals are in danger" та?ырыбында?ы а?ылшын тілі п?нінен ашы? саба? жоспары.7-сынып

Автор: Ауданбаева Камшат Тумашевна

Дата: 06.04.2016

Номер свидетельства: 315732

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