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А?ылшын тілі п?нінен саба? жоспары "The world around us"

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The theme: The world around us.

The aims: To enrich students’ vocabulary

                 To develop their skills in speaking, writing and reading.

                 To teach them to speak their opinion clearly.

Visual aids: slides, posters, cards, pictures

Types of the lesson: explanation of the new theme

Methods of lesson: group work, pair work, question – answer

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organizationmoment.


At the beginning of the lesson I want to ask you attention to those rules, you should follow them.

-be active;

- be attentive;

- be emotional;

- don’t interrupt each other

- don’t say “I don’t”.

Then let’s begin our lesson. Read this proverb and learn.

 First think then speak

II.Checking up the home task.

-What was your home task for today?

-To read the text about internet.

-Tell us about internet.

III. Statement of purpose of the lesson.

Today we’ll speak about the world around us, about nature. You’ll answer the questions, recite the dialogues, work with posters and discuss about environment.

  1. Introduction of new theme: The world around us.

First I’ll divide you into 2 groups.

  1. Then let’s do ex.1. You should ask questions each other.

Group 1.                                                                       Group 2.

-Do you care the environment?                       -Do you protect the environment?

- How do you help the environment?              - Do you plant trees?

- Do you plant flowers?                                  - Do you keep your schoolyard clean?

-Do you know the problems                           - Does the government control

 of the environment?                                      air pollution, water pollution?

-What does the environment need today?

b) Work with new words. Read the words and translate them.

petrol station, road, pollute, fur, skin, destroy, soil


c) Work in pairs: ex.2. Are the sentences true or false.

 Exercise 3. Match the words in the box with the phrases below.

F.ex. Air is polluted.                             

 Animals are killed for meat, oil, skin and fur.

Pollution is one of the problems of the environment. Etc.

  1. Ex.4. What can you say according to this diagram.

Water is polluted.

Air is polluted.

Animals are killed for meat, oil, skin and fur.

Plants die from pollution.

  Ex.6. translate these sentences and then pay attention to the Passive voice.

  1. Адамдар а?аштарды кесіп жатыр.

People cut the trees.(Active voice)

The trees are cut by people.(Passive voice)

  1. Зауыттар ауаны ластап жатыр.

Factories pollute the air.

The air are polluted by factories.

Dialogues  P1 –P2,       P3 –P 4

It’s time to have a short rest. Listen and sing  a song together. “I’m a gummy bear”

g)Let’s read the text and do ex.10. p.169 read the verbs and write the correct prepositions.      f. ex. take care    --

                                     depend --


h)Now, let’s work with posters. Work with themes:

Group 1.  What should we do to protect the environment?

We should keep the schoolyard clean.

We should plant trees every year.

We should walk a lot.

We should take care about theenvironment. etc.

Group 2. What shouldn’t  we do to protect the environment?

          We shouldn’t  use  cars a lot.

We shouldn’t cut trees, plantsand pick flowers.

We shouldn’t pollute water.

We shouldn’t throw litter into the streets. Etc.

V. Conclusion. Ex.14. read the for and against arguments of  the companies and the friends of nature.

The oil companies:                                   The friends of nature:

We give jobs for people.                           You destroy the land and sea world.

The country becomes rich.                        You kill fish.

We have good experiences.                      Our health is in danger.

Oil industry is very important                  Air is polluted.

 for the future of Kazakhstan.                   Water is polluted.

    We know that the Earth is our common home, a big green home. And all its inhabitants, people, animals and birds need to live in peace and harmony. We must take care of the Earth for the next generations. We must keep our environment clean. Ecological problems are global problems of the 21 century. We should save the nature.

VI.Evaluation. You work hard, thank you. Mark each other.

VII. Home task: ex. 7. P.168.complete the table.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 9 класс

А?ылшын тілі п?нінен саба? жоспары "The world around us"

Автор: Шингенеева Советхан Усенбек?ызы

Дата: 03.06.2015

Номер свидетельства: 217284

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