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7-sinfda "Lay the table" mavzusidagi bir soatlik dars ishlanmasi

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7-sinflarda "Lay the table"mavzusidagi 1 soatlik dars ishlanmasi

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«7-sinfda "Lay the table" mavzusidagi bir soatlik dars ishlanmasi»

Andijon Viloyati ASAKA TUMANI 41-umumta’lim maktabi Ingiliz tili fani o‘qituvchisI TURSUNOVA NIGORANING BIR soatlik Dars ishlanmasi.

The theme: An accident

The aim of the lesson:

a) Educating: to present and practice more words ,to present and practice more words for say the new words and phrases correctly, to practice listening for specific information.

b) Developing:

to develop pupils oral speech and written speech to do exercises to enrich the vocabulary, to practice past simple and past continuous tenses

c) Upbringing :

To educate bringing up the pupils as perfect generation and patriotic for our Uzbekistan, loving the nature and motherland

The type of the lesson is mixed.

The method of the lesson: Interactive

Expected results: learning to speak and to make up sentences in English, to be able to read to pronounce correctly, to read specific information.

The equipment of the lesson: text book, «FLY HIGH”, visual aids, cards, pictures, grammar table.

I. Organizing moment

a) Paying attention to the cleanness of the classroom and the uniforms of the pupils;

Greeting – Good morning! Pupils

- Take your sit.

Duty’s report – Who is on duty?

-I’m on duty today

– Who is absent? Odina and Salim are absent

– What day is it today?

– What date is it today? - What is the weather like today?

Checking up their homework:

-What was your homework for today?

-Has everybody done the homework?

-Raise your hands those who haven’t done their homework.

II. Presentation of the new theme:

1.1 Introducing the new words:

To practice with the wordlist. Pupils find the translation of the new words in the wordlist write the words and translations in their exercises books.

Traffic- yo’l harakati

Get on-minmoq (moshina)

Get off- chiqmoq tushmoq

Accident- avariya

1.2 listening and repeating

1.3 to prepare the next activity, pupils read and answers the questions.

-Were you doing your homework at 7p.m yesterday on Sunday?

-No, I was not.

-Were you watching TV at last night?

-Yes, I was

Answers the questions!

-Are you good at noticing things that happen around you?

-Do you usually remember what you notice?

-Look and listen! Pupils should look at the picture and listen to the tape. Then ask them answer the question.

-I work in a small café in Chestnut Street. Usually there isn’t much traffic in the street and it’s quiet. But yesterday it was different. At 3… re…about 3 o’clock in the afternoon I heard a loud noise and went out to have a look. Two dogs were barking at two boys who were hiding behind a tree: There was a bus near the bank and the bus driver; well… he was laughing loudly at the boys and the dogs. And then I saw an accident: a big red car was against a tree. The driver was a woman. She was standing near her car. She looked really unhappy. Well, I decided that I should help her and phoned the traffic police.

III. Consolidation

1 Remember: Past continuous tense

Ish xarakatini o’tgan zamon davom etayotganini bildiradi.

I. I –was

II. you – were + v ing

III. she was

He was

It was

Ex: I was playing football at 14:00 pm yesterday.

Were you. .. ing?

No, I wasn’t / was not

The boys were not getting on the bus.

Ex. 3 to practice listening for detailed information

V. to give h/k

Ex. 1. P 121. Make up sent. new words.

For ex: You can take a tent and cook your meals on a campfire.

In our country many nationalities including: English, Kyrgyz, German Spanish, Chinese, Kazakh, and Turkmens etc.

To do exs. Activity 1

To practice talking about the geographical information in lessons 1 and 2Pupils work in groups. They take turns to ask a question about a country and others in the group should answer. E.g. A: Where is Termez? B/C/D/: It’s in the south- east of Uzbekistan.

Activity 2a

To revise pupils’ knowledge about the USA. Pupils work in pairs. They share knowledge about the USA. Each says three things s/he knows about this country.

Activity 2b

To read for the main idea.Ask pupils to read the text and find main ideas of the text. They write these sentences in their exercises books.

IV. Marking,: Your mark is, “5”, “4”, “3”,

V. Homework: Your homework is to learn by heart new words and grammar rules.

The end of the lesson:

Good bye! So long

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Уроки

Целевая аудитория: 7 класс

7-sinfda "Lay the table" mavzusidagi bir soatlik dars ishlanmasi

Автор: Tursunova Nigora Mashrabjonovna

Дата: 11.05.2020

Номер свидетельства: 549215

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