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3. Лексико-грамматические упражнения (Spotlight 6 модуль 3)

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Лексико-грамматические упражнения (Spotlight 6 Module3)

Вы уже знаете о суперспособностях современного учителя?
Тратить минимум сил на подготовку и проведение уроков.
Быстро и объективно проверять знания учащихся.
Сделать изучение нового материала максимально понятным.
Избавить себя от подбора заданий и их проверки после уроков.
Наладить дисциплину на своих уроках.
Получить возможность работать творчески.

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«3. Лексико-грамматические упражнения (Spotlight 6 модуль 3)»


Test 8 (Spotlight 6)

Task 1. Fill in the correct word: store, stadium, tent, snack, library, palace, cottage, sports centre, gallery, university halls of residence. There are two words you don't have to use.

1. Prince William and Princess Kate live in Buckingham _________ .

2. There is a big departament ________ near my house. We often do the shopping there.

3. My grandparents live in a _________ in the countryside.

4. When my family go fishing we always sleep in a ________ .

5. I usually exercise at the __________ to keep fit.

6. We can see a lot of works of art in the Tretyakov ________ .

7. If I want to have a ________, I go to the fast food retaurant.

8. The opening and closing ceremony of the Olympiad – 2014 was at Fisht _________ .

Task 2. Mustn't or needn't?

1. We _______ hurry. We'll make mistakes.

2. We _______hurry. We're early.

3. We _______ leave the door open. The rain will come in.

4. We _______ leave the door open. Peter has got a key.

5. You _______ drive so fast. The police will stop you.

6. You _______ drive so fast. We've got a lot of time.

7. You _______ pay now. You can pay when the work is finished.

8. You _______ smoke and use mobile phones on a plane.

Task 3. Write what Ann «has to do» or «doesn't have to do» in the office. Then write about yourself.

Ann You

make coffee +

wear a uniform at school +

clean the office –

go to school on Sunday -

type letters +

study hard +

answer the phone +

come to school at 7.30 -

lock the office –

do my homework regularly +

Task 4. Write the comparative and superlative adjectives.

Variant 1 Variant 2

Late, rich, hot, hungry, good, little, many,

dangerous Wide, high, slim, angry, good, bad, much, important

Task 5. Compare yourself with one of your classmates. You can use: short, tall, young, good at sport, bad at Maths, lazy, friendly, beautiful/handsome and other.

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Целевая аудитория: 6 класс.
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3. Лексико-грамматические упражнения (Spotlight 6 модуль 3)

Автор: Альбина Фирдаусовна Гаффарова

Дата: 27.05.2022

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