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Тест по страноведению Великобритании "Лондон"

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Тест по страноведению Великобритании "Лондон" на знание столицы. Включает задания как открытого, так и закрытого типа.

Проверяются знание районов Лондона, его достопримечательностей - таких как Вестминстерское аббатство, собор святого Павла, Тауэр, здания Парламента, самые знаменитые улицы.

Просмотр содержимого документа
«Тест по страноведению Великобритании "Лондон" »


1) Name only the parts that London is traditionally divided into:

a. Soho

b. Westminster

e. The West End

f. Windsor

c. The City

d. Tower

g. Buckingham

h.The East End

2) London’s poorest part? London’s richest part? The historical part of London?

3) What statue marks the boundary between the City and London?

a. Lion statue

c. Dragon statue

b. Dog statue

d. Unicorn statue

4) In the centre of Trafalgar Square there stands a monument dedicated to:

a. Winston Churchill

c. Christopher Wren

b. Admiral Nelson

d. Prince Charles

5) The Speaker's Corner is situated in:

a. St. James' Park

c. Hyde Park

b. Kensington Gardens

d. Soho

6) The head of the City is:

a. the Queen

c. the mayor of London

b. the Mayor

d. prince Charles

7) What are the galleries of St Paul's Cathedral?

8) What street are many governmental bodies situated on?

9) Where do many Londoners and tourists see the New Year in?

10) What is the population of London?

11) What street is considered to be the busiest street in London?

a. Oxford Street

c. Regent Street

b. Harley Street

d. Piccadilly Circus

12) What is the British Museum famous for?

13) The London Eye is

a. the world’s tallest Ferris wheel

c. the shopping centre

b. the museum

d. the monument

14) The first Palace of Westminster was built by:

a. William the Conqueror

c. Edward the Confessor

b. Richard the Lion Heart

d. Elizabeth I

15) What are the Chambers of the Houses of Parliament?

16)The full name of Westminster Abbey is:

a. the Church of St Victoria at Westminster

c. the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster

b. the Collegiate Church of St Paul at Westminster

d. the United Church of St James at Westminster

17) Westminster Abbey was built in:

a. 1045 - 1050

c. 912 - 960

b. 1245 - 1250

d. 1357 - 1379

18) Who was crowned in Westminster Abbey as the first King of England?

a. Edward the Confessor

c. Henry I

b. William the Conqueror

d. Richard I

19) Westminster Abbey has a form of:

a. a cross

c. a square

b. a circle

d. a rectangle

20) Westminster Abbey is also used as:

a. the museum

c. the final resting place for monarchs

b. the royal treasury

d. the residence of the royal family

21) The Tower was built by:

a. Edward the Confessor

c. Richard the Lion Heart

b. William the Conqueror

d. Boadicea

22) List the towers of The Tower.

23) What is the official name of the way to the Tower by boat and why was it called “One-way street”?

24) The Ceremony of the Keys in the Tower means:

a. handing all the keys of the Tower to the guards

c. counting all the key of the Tower

b. putting all the keys of the Tower to the treasury

d. closing all the doors of the Tower

25) What legend is connected with the ravens living in the Tower?

26) What functions did the Tower serve? (name at least 3)

27) Tower Bridge was built in:

a. 1886–1894

c. 1914-1920

b. 987-996 d. 1276 - 1284

28) Match the works and their creators:

1. St. Paul's Cathedral

a. Sir Charles Barry

2. The Houses of Parliament

b. Sir Christopher Wren

3. Big Ben

c. Sir Benjamin Hall

29) Name some of London bridges.

30) What is the theatre ‘The Globe’ famous for?

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Тесты

Целевая аудитория: 10 класс

Тест по страноведению Великобритании "Лондон"

Автор: Игнатова Екатерина Артуровна

Дата: 07.10.2015

Номер свидетельства: 237123

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