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Разработка веб-квеста по теме: "Save the Earth!"

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Разработан на основе шаблона веб-квеста Б.Доджа (B.Dodge)

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«Разработка веб-квеста по теме: "Save the Earth!"»

«Карта веб-квеста»

Разработана на основе шаблона веб-квеста Б.Доджа (B.Dodge) Балакиной О.Н.

  1. Название: Save the Earth!

Take a journey and discover what natural resources are and why they are important to you. Class: 7 Key words: natural resources, forest, soil, water, air, energy, recycling, reuse.

  1. Введение

Your task is to be a researcher. A researcher is a person who finds out information on a certain topic. Your topic is about how to save the Earth (natural resources). There are 5 natural resources that we will be exploring. We will be identifying what they are, how they are important and how we can use them responsibly. While working with a small group, you are to search this webquest for answers to the questions on the Think Sheet.

  1. Задание

At the end of this webquest, you will have answered the 5 questions on the Think Sheet. First, while working in your group, you will brainstorm ideas about the information from the think sheet. Then, using you answers, you and your group will design a poster that shows how people can reuse, recycle or conserve one of the natural resourcers that you discovered. Next, you will write 2 facts as to why it is important to do this. Lastly, you will write 2 facts as to what will happen if we don’t conserve the natural resource that you chose.

  1. Ресурсы

  1. Порядок работы

1.You will be put into groups of 3. 2.From the classroom discussions, brainstorm what you already know about Natural Resources and make a list. 3.Print the Think Sheet and the Vocabulary page. 4. See if you can find the answers to the Think Sheet questions by reading the different icons under the heading Resources. 5. Notice the Bold print words. Check to see if they are on the vocabulary page. Try to determine what the vocabulary words mean and write them on the vocabulary page.

  1. Оценка

Creativity, cooperation, required elements, use of time.

  1. Заключение:

Congratulations! You have completed Save the Earth! Webquest. Through researching information online, learning new vocabulary, working together in a group, and creating an informational poster you have gained a lot of knowledge about environment and natural resources. Not only have you learnt about what our natural resources are, you have researched and discovered why they are important, how we can conserve them and what we can do to save them from becoming endangered!

  1. Консультации (дополнительный для учащихся)

I would suggest, depending on the level of your class to allow at least a week to read through the material and answer the questions. This should give you time to sort out what you need to know and learn new vocabulary words. The poster project can be done over a longer period of time

  1. Рекомендации (дополнительный для учителей)

This webquest was designed to be used with students who have had some prior knowledge about natural resources and ecology. It was mainly used to introduce 7th graders to the Internet and how to research the information. Then using that information, they were able to retell important details orally and visually.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Тесты

Целевая аудитория: 9 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Разработка веб-квеста по теме: "Save the Earth!"

Автор: Балакина Ольга Николаевна

Дата: 26.05.2020

Номер свидетельства: 551453

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