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Контрольная работа по грамматике (английский язык) в 10 классе

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Работа нацелена на проверку знаний и умений употребления существительных, прилагательных, наречий, артиклей, видо-временных форм глагола, типов предложений, сослагательного наклонения, герундия, прямой и косвенной речи. Промежуточный контроль.

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«Контрольная работа по грамматике (английский язык) в 10 классе»

Grammar Test - 1

1. _______ you work in a bank? a) Why c) Are b) Do d) Really

2. ________ you work in a bank 3 months ago? a) Do c) Did b) Have d) Will

3. It rains a lot at present, but it ___ at all a week ago. a) doesn’t rain b) rained c) didn’t rain d) doesn’t rain

4. It __________ hard now. Let’s stay at home. a) snow c) is snowing b) snows d) snowing

5. A strong wind ____ when she left the house. a) blew c) were blowing b) blows d) was blowing

6. _____your translation yet? a)You have finished b)Have you finished c) Did you finished d)You finished

7. Sally ____ an “A” on the exam yesterday. a) has got c) was getting b) got d) gets

8. They _________ since 3 o’clock. a) aren’t working c) don’t work b) didn’t work d) haven’t been working

9. During the last 100 years people _____a lot of carbon dioxide. a) have produced c) have been producing
b) produced d) are producing10. 10. Weather _________ every day. a) forecast c) is forecast b) is forecasting d) forecasts

11. Rain __________ this week. a) expects c) is expecting b) is expected d) was expected

12. Food __________ tomorrow. a) is bought c) will bough b) is buying d) will be bought

13. The story ________. a) must finish c) must be finished b) must be finishing d) must to be finished

14. The bill ________ now. a) should pay c) should paid b) should be paid d) shouldn’t pay

15. If they (1)________ rainstorms, we (2)______ to the city. a) (1) will forecast, (2) will return
b) (1) forecast, (2) will return c) (1) forecast, (2) return d) (1) are forecasting, (2)return

16. The air in the country is ____than the air in the city. a) more cleaner c) the cleaner b) the cleanest d) cleaner

17. Life is _______ boring in the city. a) less c) few b) few d) the fewer

18. The speaker advised us to save energy and to use ___ electricity and gas. a) a few c) less b) fewer d) more

19. I am going to be a lawyer. So ________. a) Nick does c) does Nick b) Nick is d) is Nick

20. Nelly asked if I ________ her to solve the problem. a) will help c) am helping b) help d) would help

21. Polly told Caroline ______ in direct sunlight. a) doesn’t stay c) not stay b) not to stay d) don’t stay

22. The teacher asked Ann what organisations _a) does she know c)she knew b)did she know d)she will know

23. Moscow is a very old city; _______ history goes back to the XII century. a) her c) it’s b) its d) it

24. I like Moscow. _______ a nice city a) She’s c) It’s b) Its d) It

25. The girl ______ to Tim is his sister. a) talking c) is talking b) talked d) has talked

26. The game _______ yesterday was lost. a) playing c) played b) was playing d) was played

27. What ______ attractive faces! a) a c) an b) the d) –28. It is ______ exciting news. a) such c) an b) so d) very much

Grammar Test - 2

1. The idea is _______ attractive. a) such c) no b) an d) so

2. ______ an exciting trip it has been. a) What c) Not b) How d) Very much

3. We wouldn’t like ________ late. a) your to return c) you will return b) you return d) you to return 4. They expect the train ______ on time. a) will arrive c) to arrive b) arriving d) arrives

5. You should make _______ his trousers. a) him to clean c) he to clean b) him clean d) he cleans

6. My parents won’t let ______ late. a) me to come back c) I come back b) me come back d) I to come back

7. The children were allowed _______ in the show. a) take part c) to take part b) took part d) taking part 8. Mother watched the children _______. a) to play c) played b) were playing d) playing

9. Can you hear a child _______? a) cried c) crying b) is crying d) to cry

10. Mother _____ the flat before we all returned . a) cleaned c) has cleaned b) had cleaned d) was cleaning

11. The teacher said that water ___ at 100 degrees Centigrade. a) boils c) boiled b) had boiled d) was boiling

12. I ____ over the Atlantic Ocean at 12 o’ clock tomorrow. a) will fly c) am flying b) will be flying d) fly

13. Alex didn’t come to see the film last night because he _ it before. a) saw b) had seen c) has seen d) was seen 14. A cold wind ____ for the last three days. a) has been blowing. b) blows c) is blowing d) blew

15. I __ as ill as I do now for a long time. a) wasn’t feeling b) haven’t been feeling c) didn’t feel d) haven’t felt 16. I wish I _____ younger. a) had been b) would be c) were d) have been 17. She said she __ to me, but she didn’t.a) would have written b) will have written c) would write d) will write

18. If he _____ lucky, he could get the job. a) is b) had been c) would be d) would have been

19. She told him that if he _ his promise, she _ speak to him again. a) breaks; would never b) breaks; will never

c) broke; will never d) broke; would never 20. You ___a six-month contract when you are offered a permanent position elsewhere. What will you do? a) have just started b) had started c) were starting d) started

21. I’ll see you in August when I _____ back. a) will come b) came c) will have come d) come

22.They claimed they _ the law. a) haven’t broken b) were not breaking c) hadn’t broken d) wouldn’t breaking

23.My friend __ when the lesson started. a) hasn’t arrived b) wasn’t arrived c) hadn’t arrived d) wasn’t arriving

24. He _____ on the bank fishing when he _____ a man’s hat floating down the river. a) has sat; had seen b) was sitting; saw c) sat; was seeing d) was sitting; has seen

25. July 10th is my wedding anniversary. Next month, my husband and I will ____________ for twenty years. a) marry b) have married c) be married d) have been married

26. Who _____ the boss tell him that? a) did hear b) does hear c) hears d) heard 27. Something extremely strange _____ yesterday while we were out jogging. a) was happened b) happened c) has been happening d) has happened

28. I _______ this letter around for days and haven’t even looked at it. a) carry b) have been carrying c) am carrying d) was carrying

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Тесты

Целевая аудитория: 10 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Контрольная работа по грамматике (английский язык) в 10 классе

Автор: Амирагов Гарри Константинович

Дата: 30.12.2015

Номер свидетельства: 271285

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