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Контрольная работа по модулю №3 "Spotlight 11"

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Контрольная работа помогает учителю проверить усвоение изученного материала по модулю №3 "Spotlight 11" (лексику, грамматику, словообразование, фразовый глагол Keep).

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«Контрольная работа по модулю №3 "Spotlight 11"»

Spotlight 11” Module 3. SPOTLIGHT ON EXAM.

I. Fill in: *tilted, *witness, *shoplifting *tremble *harbour *confessed, *muttered *suspect *growled, *threatened.

1). Mike was caught _______ yesterday. He had stolen some batteries and a pair of gloves.

2). My mum ________ to take away my MP 3 player if I don’t do well on my exams.

3). “What shall I do now?” Julia _______ under her breath.

4). The dog ______ at the burglar as he broke into the house.

5). I have to go to court because I was a ______ to a car accident.

6). The woman they arrested ________ to the crime late last night.

7). The ferry boat set sail from Wellington _______ at night.

8). The police are holding a _______ for questioning.

9). Greg ______ his head to the side and looked in wonder at the picture.

10). Her voice started to _______ and she began to cry.

II. Underline the correct item.

11). It took them a while to realize \ identify that their bags had been stolen.

12). The young man shivered \ pointed in the cold.

13). He will use any means \ winnings he can to get what he wants.

14). The burglar pleaded \ muttered with the police officer to set him free.

15). When Sarah saw that her wallet was missing, she thought that a pickpocket \ burglar must have taken it from her bag on the bus.

16). Helen was timidly \ ravenously hungry as she hadn’t eaten all day.

17). Mrs. Higgins will not face \ tolerate bad behaviour in her classroom.

18). It is important that students do not abolish \ violate the school rules.

19). Animal rights organizations work to prevent offence \ cruelty towards animals.

20).Suzanne found it difficult to face \ deal with the fact that the police had arrested her son.

III. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form ( - ing form, to - infinitive or infinitive without to).

21). I can’t stand _______ ( watch ) horror films.

22). He doesn’t mind ______ ( help ) with the homework.

23). Let me ______ ( stay ) up a little longer. The film hasn’t finished yet.

24). He’s old enough _______ ( drive ) a car.

25). It’s not worth _____ ( try ) to convince him.

26). I’d love ______ ( see ) you again.

27). I would rather _____ ( go ) horseriding than kitesurfing.

28). I promise _____ ( try ) my best.

29). My parents made me _____ ( stay ) at home.

30). How about ______ (join ) us for a skiing holiday?

31). She keeps ______ ( tell) everyone that she’s innocent, but no one believes her.

32). We’ve always wanted _____ ( go ) on a safari.

IV. Fill in: away, down, on, back, up with.

33). If you keep ____ arguing with your sister, I’ll tell your father.

34). Try to keep your voice ____. You are in the library.

35). Keep _____ from unlit areas at night!

36).Mark hired an assistant as she couldn’t keep ____ his work.

37).Tell me everything, don’t keep anything ______ .

38).If you keep ____ driving like that, you’ll have an accident.

V. Fill in the gaps with the correct words derived from the words in bold.

39).The Universal ______ of Human Rights was adopted to DECLARE

protect the rights and freedoms of all people.

40). During the war, prisoners suffered unspeakable __________ . CRUEL

41). Global climate change, ozone depletion ( истощение),

and deforestation ( вырубка леса) are all ______ issues. ENVIRONMENT

42). ______ plastic bags remain in landfills for hundreds of years. DISPOSE

43). The main concern of Amnesty International is

the ______ of human rights. PROTECT

44). Ben was frightened by the robber’s ________ behavior. THREATEN

45). Mrs. Smith has high _______ for her grandson. EXPECT

She wants him to become a lawyer.

VI. Match the texts 46- 47 with the headings A – G. Use each heading only once. There is one extra heading.





46 – Kidscape is the first charity in the UK which works towards keeping children away from danger. The charity was set up in 1984 by Dr. Michelle Elliot, a mother herself. So far over 2 million children have attended a programme the charity runs which teaches children how to avoid risky situations and also how to defend themselves if they are ever at risk. Children can also learn how to deal with bullies and what to when a stranger approaches them.

47 - The Suzy Lamplugh Trust was established in 1986 and has grown considerably over the past twenty years. The purpose of the trust has always been to promote personal protection. The trust offers advice and guidance on how to stay away from aggressive incidents and avoid dangerous situations. It offers its services to anyone, from big companies to young children and the elderly.

48. - The Help the Aged charity began in 1961 and is now a leading international charity for the elderly. The focus of the charity is to help senior citizens and ensure they do not suffer from poverty and neglect. They also offer a free home security service for all older people in the country. For this purpose, the charity raise money through its 370 charity shops all over the UK that sell second-hand items.

49.- Streetwise Safety Centre is an award-winning safety education centre. The centre looks like a real village, but in fact, it is an artificial village inside a large warehouse.(склад). The area consists of a house, a street, a park, a farmyard, a railway track and a beach. In the village children are taught to be more aware in all aspects of their lives, from catching a bus to walking home at night. Skilled teachers work with young people so that they can have a first-hand, realistic experience of what it is like to be a victim of a crime.

50- The Card Watch agency raises awareness about credit card fraud in the UK. The agency provides information and advice to prevent the illegal use of all bank cards. It does this by working closely with shop owners and the police in reducing bank card fraud. The agency can also provide training for anybody who works on a cash register or handles payments. Its useful website is full of tips on how to avoid being the victim of credit card fraud.

51- Neighbourhood Watch is one of the most successful crime prevention programmes ever. It was first set up in the UK in 1982. The scheme encourages neighbours in specific areas to work together by watching each other’s properties and raising an alarm when they notice anything suspicious. Since the scheme began, crime has reduced dramatically. Today, Neighbourhood Watch includes 10 million residents, making it the largest voluntary organization in the UK.







KEYS Module 3 “SPOTLIGHT 11”


1). Shoplifting 11). Realize 21). Watching 31). Telling

2). Threatened 12). Shivered 22). Helping 32). To go

3). Muttered 13). Means 23). Stay

4). Growled 14). Pleaded 24). To drive

5). Witness 15). Pickpocket 25). Trying

6). Confessed 16). Ravenously 26). To see

7). Harbour 17). Tolerate 27). Go

8). Suspect 18). Violate 28). To try

9). Tilted 19).Cruelty 29). Stay

10).Tremble 20). Deal 30) Joining

IV. V. VI.

33). Keep on 39) DECLARATION 46). - D

34). Keep down 40). CRUELTIES 47).- B

35). Keep away 41). ENVIRONMENTAL 48) - A

36). Keep up with 42). DISPOSABLE 49) - G

37). Keep back 43). PROTECTION 50). - F

38). Keep on 44). THREATENING 51) - E


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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Тесты

Целевая аудитория: 11 класс

Контрольная работа по модулю №3 "Spotlight 11"

Автор: Хаврик Елена Алексеевна

Дата: 05.05.2021

Номер свидетельства: 579856

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