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Контрольно-диагностическая работа по английскому языку для 9 класса.

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Данная контрольно-диагностическая работа предназначена для контроля навыков чтения, проверки усвоения лексики и грамматики за курс 8 класса и может быть использована в качестве входного тестирования в 9 классе. Работа включает в себя 2 варианта по 2 задания. Первое задание- это контроль умения извлекать нужную информацию из текста, а втоое задание-лексико-грамматический тест, состоящий из 13 вопросов с тремя вариантами ответов. Данный материал может быть использован учителями, работающим по различным УМК.

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«Контрольно-диагностическая работа по английскому языку для 9 класса. »

Контрольно-диагностическая работа по английскому языку для 9 класса

Тест I

Вариант II

Прочтите текст и выполните задания.

William Shakespeare (1564s – 1616)

William Shakespeare, the greatest English writer of drama, was born in 1564 in Stratford-on-Avon. We do not know everything about Shakespeare’s early life. But we know that he studied at the Grammar School in Stratford, and that he became interested in the theatre when he was still a boy.

In 1586 Shakespeare went to London, where he worked in the theatre for some years before he began to write his own plays.

Shakespeare soon became well-known in London literary circles. Every play that he wrote was good news to the people of the capital. Queen Elizabeth liked Shakespeare's plays, and the actors were often invited to play before the Queen and later before King James .

By the end of the 16th century, Shakespeare and his friends had enough money to build their own theatre - the famous Globe Theatre.

But we must not think that Shakespeare had no difficulties in his life. Less talented writers, whose plays were worse than his, often quarreled with Shakespeare and attacked him, the actors in his own theatre sometimes turned against him.

People in our сountry love and honour Shakespeare. They love him for his wonderful optimism: in his light comedies and even in his tragedies he seems to promise a better and brighter future for all mankind.


I. The text is about ...

1) Shakespeare's life.

2) the life of English people in Shakespeare's time.

3) the queen's and king's life.

II. Complete the sentence.

Shakespeare was especially good at...

1) novels.

2) detective stories.

3) dramas.

III. Answer the question.

What kind of man was Shakespeare?

1) He was a man who liked to quarrel with people.

2) He was a man who was fond of saving money.

3) He was a man who had wonderful optimism.

IV. Why do you think Shakespeare is well-known in the world?

1) He was an English writer.

2) His actors disliked him.

3) He wrote a lot of brilliant plays.

Контрольно-диагностическая работа по английскому языку для 9 класса

Тест I

Вариант I

Прочтите текст и выполните задания.

Mr. Smith is selling books

One day I went to a bookshop to look at the new books. The manager of the bookshop, Mr. Smith, showed me the bookshelves where I could find some interesting books.

While I was looking through the books, I could watch Mr. Smith at work and see some of his methods.

Every customer who entered the shop went away with the book Golden Dreams. To one lady the manager sold Golden Dreams as the reading for a holiday, to another as the book to read after the holiday, another bought it to read on a rainy day and the fourth as the right book for a fine day. Every time Mr. Smith recommended the book to his customers he added that his wife said that the book Golden Dreams was the best book of the season and he also liked it very much.

When I was leaving the bookshop I went up to the manager and asked him, “Do you like the book yourself?”

“Dear me!” said the manager, “I've no idea of the book, I've no time to read every book I'm selling.”

“And did your wife really like the book?”

“I am not married, sir,” answered the manager smiling.

(After Stephen Leacock)

A customer - покупатель

  1. The text is about ...

  1. the book Golden Dreams.

  2. the manager of the bookshop.

  3. some methods of Mr. Smith’s work.

Complete the statements according to the text.

II. The author came to Mr. Smith’s shop...

1) to buy the book Golden Dreams.

2) to see Mr. Smith and his wife.

3) to find some interesting book.

III. Mr. Smith recommended the book Golden Dreams to his customers because...

1) his wife enjoyed reading the book.

2) he wanted to sell the book.

3) the book was new and interesting.

IV. When I asked Mr. Smith if he liked the book he answered that...

1) he liked it very much because it was the right book for a rainy day.

2) he thought it was the best book for holiday time.

3) he didn't know anything about the book as he hadn't read it.

Тест II

Вариант 1.

Выберите правильный ответ из трёх предложенных

1. I like ________ TV.

  1. watch

  2. watching

  3. watches

2 . _______ come to our party on Tuesday?

  1. Can you to

  2. Can you

  3. Do you can

3. We_____in the sea last year.

  1. did swam

  2. swim

  3. swam

4. Lisa is _____than Vitya.

  1. tallest

  2. tall

  3. taller

5. I ____to France.

  1. has never been

  2. never was

  3. have never been

6 . If I _____ shopping today, I will buy some apple juice for you.

  1. go

  2. will go

  3. went

7. If I ____ more time, I would build another website.

  1. would had

  2. have

  3. had

8. She said she _____ his new car.

  1. can to like

  2. like

  3. liked

9. Don’t listen ____ what he says.

  1. at

  2. to

  3. -

10. They looked ______ him in surprise.

  1. with

  2. for

  3. at

11. Tobacco ______ to Russia by Peter the Great.

  1. brought

  2. was brought

  3. was bringed

12. My ______ is very cozy. I like to sleep there.

  1. sitting-room

  2. living-room

  3. bedroom

13. My favourite clothes in summer are______ and jeans.

  1. T-shirt

  2. P-shirt

  3. D-shirt

Тест II.

Вариант II

Выберите правильный ответ из трёх


1. She likes _______ to parties.

  1. go

  2. going

  3. to going

2._______ have a sandwich?

  1. Can I to

  2. Am I

  3. Can I

3. They _____ basketball yesterday.

  1. did played

  2. play

  3. played

4. She is _____ than she looks.

  1. older

  2. oldest

  3. more old

5. I ___ to the USA.

  1. was never

  2. has never been

  3. have never been

6. If I _____ my friend, I will be very glad.

  1. see

  2. will see

  3. saw

7. If I _____ in Sochi, I would bathe every day.

  1. live

  2. will live

  3. lived

8. He said that he _____a new computer.

    1. bought

    2. buy

    3. will buy

9. I'm looking ____ a job.

  1. with

  2. at

  3. for

10. Are you interested ___ gardening?

  1. of

  2. at

  3. in

11. Tobacco ______ to Russia by Peter the Great.

  1. were brought

  2. was brought

  3. brought

12. Mother spends a lot of time in the ____.

  1. kitchen

  2. living-room

  3. study

13. Sometimes men in Scotland wear ____.

  1. blouses

  2. dresses

  3. skirts

Ответы контрольно-диагностической работы по английскому языку

для 9 класса

Вариант I

Тест № 1 ( Текст)

I. 3

II. 3

III. 2

IV. 3

Тест № 2

1. B

2. B

3. C

4. C

5. C

6. A

7. C

8. C

9. B

10. C

11. B

12. C

13. A

Вариант II

Тест № 1 ( Текст)

I. 1

II. 3

III. 3

IV. 3

Тест № 2

1. B

2. C

3. C

4. A

5. C

6. A

7. C

8. A

9. C

10. C

11. B

12. A

13. C

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Тесты

Целевая аудитория: 9 класс

Контрольно-диагностическая работа по английскому языку для 9 класса.

Автор: Камальдинова Мниря Фаридовна

Дата: 20.12.2014

Номер свидетельства: 146138

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