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Контрольная работа по английскому языку, 1 курс, спо

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Здесь представлен первый вариант из контрольной работы по английскому языку. Контрольная работа предназначена для студентов первого курса колледжей, обучающихся по программе СПО. Данная контрольная работа проверяет знания студентов за второе полугодие первого курса. Контрольная работа включает в себя два варианта. Каждый вариант состоит из шести заданий. В первом задании нужно выбрать правильный ответ из предложенных вариантов. Данное задание проверяет грамматику. Во втором задании нужно угадать слово или фразу по данной дефиниции. Тема - путешествие и транспорт. В третьем задании нужно сделать перевод предложений с английского на русский язык. В четвертом задании нужно сопоставить заголовки и отрывки текстов по смыслу. В пятом задании нужно перевести на английский язык слово или фразу по теме "части автомобиля". В шестом задании нужно сделать перевод предложений на английский язык. Тема - путешествие и транспорт.  

Просмотр содержимого документа
«контрольная работа по английскому языку, 1 курс, спо »

1 Вариант

Задание 1

Choose the correct answer.

1. … you already (to finish) doing your homework?

(a) have you already finished (b) are you already finishing

(c) have you been already finishing (d) has you been already finishing

2. He ….(to watch) a TV-set now.

(a) watch (b) watches

(c) is watching (d) watched

3. He …not ( to eat) an ice cream yet .

(a) have not eaten (b) has eaten

(c) has not been eating (d) has not eaten

4. Two heads are… than one. (good)

(a) worse (b) nice

(c) less (d) better

5. This is the…shop in Moscow. (expensive)

(a) expensivest (b) most expensive

(c) more expensive (d) expensive

6. The weather has become … It looks like raining. (bad)

(a) the worst (b) better

(c) worse (d) less

7. ….USA is very large country.

(a) an (b) the

(c) - (d) a

8. I go by …car very often.

(a) an (b) the

(c) - (d) a

9. There are …pictures in the book.

(a) any (b) no

(c)some (d) every

10. Are there ….new students in your group?

(a) any (b) no

(c)some (d) every

Задание 2

Read the definitions of a word or a phrase, try to guess what it is. (Topic –Traditions and customs)

  1. A belief, custom, or way of doing something that has existed for a long time.

  2. An occasion or party when you celebrate something.

  3. It is a day on which many children in the UK dress up in unusual costumes. It happens on October 31.

  4. It is a celebration in the UK. There is singing and dancing at 12 o’clock on the 31st of December.

  5. It is the great national holiday in Russia. We celebrate it on the 9th of May.

  6. The holiday we celebrate in Russia on the 7th of January. And in the UK the holiday is celebrated on the 25th of December.

  7. It is the best example of English traditions. Who is the head of the UK?

Задание 3

Translate into Russian. (Topic –State system of the UK and Russia)

  1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a constitutional monarchy.

  2. The head of the country is the monarch, a king or a queen.

  3. The Queen's name is Elisabeth II.

  4. The Russian Federation is a presidential republic.

  5. In the Russian Federation the president is the head of state. People elect the president directly.

Задание 4

Установите соответствие тем A-F текстам 1-5. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу.

Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании одна тема лишняя.

  1. Eating traditions.

  2. A treat and a song go together.

  3. Celebrate to get many presents.

  4. Holiday decoration business.

  5. Holiday food business.

  6. Cooking special holiday dishes.

  1. Many stories in the USA stock a large range of holiday house decorations for a month before the holiday itself. For instance, on Thanksgiving Day they sell pumpkins and leaves specially designed for adorning. As for Halloween, stores offer flashlights, masks and skeletons for decorating the gardens and for scaring one’s guests. Thus, people after the attire of their houses several times a year. The wealthier families change not only the season’s outside decorations but even the interior of their houses such as curtains, carpets and pictures.

  2. On the Eve of Thanksgiving day, most supermarkets are flooded with turkeys selling at lower prices. Turkey producers have to decrease their price because they must sell all the turkeys as soon as possible, otherwise they will still have them when Christmas comes o even longer. Almost nobody buys turkey for an ordinary meal (during the rest of the year).at Christmas Americans also cook a turkey or they can choose another traditional dish, e.g. roasted ham.

  3. One of the peculiarities of Americans is that do not usually sit around the table for a holiday meal. For larger groups, all the food usually stands on a special, separate table that is beautifully decorated. Everyone can serve themselves with the food they want. What is more, they do not usually have salads, which may seem rather strange for the Russians living there. Salads, to Americans, may be nothing more than tossed leaves of lettuce with a few other vegetables.

  4. One more type of celebration, which is connected with presents, are “showers”, for instance a baby shower or a wedding shower. For a baby- shower, a pregnant woman is given presents for her future child, whereas for a wedding- shower a bride receives presents for her household. These showers are popular because on the one hand, it is usually a moderate price to rent a café or a restaurant and order some kind of snacks such as crisps and sauces and salads. On the other hand, it is very pleasant to be “showered” witch presents. Many people are usually invited to such parties.

  5. As for Birthdays, it is worth mentioning that this holiday is for both friends and family. Often an additional party is organized by a company of friends at which time the one having the birthday is invited to a restaurant to celebrate. Besides a meal, they order a birthday cake and a ‘happy birthday song’ is performed by the staff of the restaurant. Guests are not expected to give presents at this kind of necessarily have a family feast; of course it depends on your family






Задание 5

Name parts of motorcycle

  1. Амортизатор

  2. Топливный бак

  3. Рычаг сцепления

  4. Рычаг газа/дроссель

  5. Руль

  6. Тросики

  7. Передняя вилка

  8. Боковая стойка/подножка

  9. Задняя вилка

  10. Карданный вал

Задание 6

Translate into English

  1. Я встаю в семь часов утра.

  2. Время вставать.

  3. Я иду в ванную, принимаю душ, чищу зубы, затем возвращаюсь в комнату, включаю телевизор, чтобы послушать новости, в это время я причесываюсь, бреюсь и одеваюсь.

  4. Я завтракаю со своей семьей: мамой, папой, братом и сестрой.

  5. Моя сестра замужем. Она с мужем живет недалеко от нас.

  6. Я приезжаю в колледж в 8.30. Как правило, у меня три или четыре пары каждый день.

  7. Суббота и воскресенье это мои выходные дни.

  8. В час дня у нас большая перемена и мы идем в столовую обедать..

  9. Занятия заканчиваются в 3 часа дня. Иногда после занятий я иду в библиотеку.

  10. Я приезжаю домой, ужинаю с семьей, смотрю телевизор, затем читаю книгу. Я ложусь спать в 11 часов вечера.

Ответы на зачет

1 вариант

Задание 1











задание 2

1. a tradition

2. a celebration

3. Halloween

4. New Year/ New Year's Day/ New Year celebration

5. Victory Day

6. Christmas

7. a queen/a monarch

Задание 3

1. Соединенное Королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии является конституционной монархией.

2.Глава государства/страны – монарх, король или королева.

3.Королеву зовут Елизавета вторая.

4.Российская Федерация это президентская республика.

5.В Российской Федерации президент это глава государства. (Непосредственно) люди выбирают президента (напрямую).

Задание 4






Задание 5

1) shock absorber

2) fuel tank

3) clutch lever

4) throttle

5) handlebars

6) triple trees

7) fork tubes

8) side stand

9) swingarm

10) shaft drive

Задание 6

1) I get up at seven a.m.

2) It is time to get up.

3) I go to the bathroom, take a shower, clean my teeth, then I come back to my room, switch on the tv-set to listen /watch the news, while I am brushing my hair, shaving and putting my clothes on.

4) I have breakfast with my family –with my mother, my father, my brother and my sister.

5) My sister is married. Her husband and she live not far from our place.

6) I arrive at/come to my college at half past eight. As a rule. I have three or four periods every day.

7) Saturday and Sunday are my days off.

8) At one p.m. we have a long break and we go to the canteen to have dinner.

9) The classes are over at three p.m. Sometimes after my classes I go to the library.

10) I come home, have supper with my family, watch TV-set, then I read a book. I go to bed at eleven p.m.

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