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Итоговый лексикограмматический тест для 7 класса

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Тест на знание лексики и грамматики английскогоязыка. Используетсяв конце года при родведении итогов.

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Просмотр содержимого документа
«Итоговый лексикограмматический тест для 7 класса»

Final Test (the 7th form)

I. Choose the right variant:

1. Try your chance ____ more.

A twice B once C many times D one

2. Her daughters enjoy _______.

A dancing B dance C to dance D to dancing

3. Would you mind ______ the window?

A to close B close C closing D to closing

4. Canberra is ____ capital of Australia.

A the B a C an D ---

5. ________ are famous for having a sweet tooth.

A The German B German C The Germans D Germans

6. Look! Here are the students ____ we spoke to yesterday.

A who B which C what

7. A lot of homework ________ to us by our teacher yesterday.

A were given B was given C is given D are given

8. English _______ well by many people in Russia.

A was spoken B were spoken C is spoken D are spoken

9. This present _______ to my little sister on her birthday next week.

A is given B was given C will be given D will given

10. Whose bikes are they? – They are ____.

A our B we C us D ours

11. The computer is used by ____ every day.

A I B my C mine D me

12. The little Indian was looked ____ by his elder brother yesterday.

A --- B of C on D for

13. If the weather ____ fine, we ____ go for a walk with our pets.

A was will B were would C is would D are will

14. I would like ____ to try her chance.

A she B hers C her

15. I don’t like these shoes. Please, give me those black ____.

A ones B one C the ones D the one

16. The player threw the ball ____ into the air.

A higher B highly C high D the highest

17. Fred speaks German ___ than Kate, but she writes better.

A bad B worse C the worst

18. Jane swam ____ in the race.

A bad B worse C worst

19. – What’s the matter with you? – I feel ____.

A bad B badly C hard D hardly

II. Choose the right variant:

1. Could you help me to answer the questions of the Teenagers’ ______?

A Competition B Questions C Chance D Luck

2. How can we ______ with each other?

A know B communication C communicate D phone

3. Why are you looking at __________? – Would you like to tell me anything?

A one another B the others C each other D another

4. Don’t ______ calling me next week. I’ll be on holidays.

A ask B phone C speak D trouble

5. You can tell us your _____ for and against travelling by plane.

A rights B arguments C duties D plans

6. My silly puppy ran ______ the road .

A at the end B across C round D through

7. We are ____ new words now.

A studying B speaking C talking D learning

8. How many languages do you ____ in your college?

A study B learn C talk D write

9. Our house is ______ new.

A simple B quite C quiet D different

10. Our head teacher always peaks with a _____ voice.

A simple B quite C quiet D different

11. A _____ is a person who has a shop where the medicines are sold.

A chemist B dentist C doctor D nurse

12. Now the _________ are the most important sports event in the world.

A Committee B Sports Festivals C Sports Games D Olympic Games

III. Read the text and do the tasks that follow:

Britain ruled over many countries in different parts of the world at the beginning of the century (3). Those countries were called colonies. In some of them people still (1) speak English as a second language. The British Empire existed until 1949 when Britain and the former colonies agreed to found the Commonwealth. The Queen of Great Britain became the Head of Commonwealth as well. She is also the queen of such countries as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Some people in these countries don't like the (2) idea of being ruled by someone who doesn't even live in their country. But others don't mind. They (4) say that the Queen does not have any real power anywhere outside (5) Great Britain so she can't change anything really.

1. Choose the best title for the text

A The Commonwealth

B Modern politics

C The Queen of England

D The elections

2. “century” (point 3) stands for

A the eighteenth century

B the nineteenth century

C the twentieth century

D the twenty-first century

3. According to the text the Queen

A has a lot of colonies

B is the head of the Commonwealth

C rules in all English-speaking countries

D speaks English as a second language

4. According to the text the Commonwealth

A consists of colonies only

B no longer exists

C was formed in the middle of the century

D helps the Queen to rule the world

5. "still" (point 1) means

A quiet

B calm

C now

D up to now

6. "idea" (point 2) means

A thought

B plot

C plan

D story

7. "they" (point 4) stands for

A former colonies

B countries of the Commonwealth

C people who don't mind the Queen

D people who are against the Queen

8. "outside" (point 5) is

A an adverb

B a preposition

C a noun

D a verb

Keys to the final test (the 7th form)




1 B

2 A

3 C

4 A

5 C

6 A

7 B

8 C

9 C

10 D

11 D

12 D

13 B

14 C

15 A

16 C

17 B

18 C

19 A

1 A

2 C

3 C

4 D

5 B

6 B

7 D

8 A

9 B

10 C

11 A

12 D

1 A

2 C

3 B

4 C

5 D

6 A

7 C

8 B

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Тесты

Целевая аудитория: 7 класс.
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Итоговый лексикограмматический тест для 7 класса

Автор: Коба Дмитрий Анатольевич

Дата: 27.08.2017

Номер свидетельства: 426366

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