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Тезисы к исследовательской работе "Праздники иностранного происхождения в Великобритании"

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Данная работа представляет собой тезисы. Тезисы соответствуют исследовательской работе.

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«Тезисы к исследовательской работе "Праздники иностранного происхождения в Великобритании"»


The research work

Holidays of foreign origin in the UK”

Prepared by: Anastasia Lenivko

Form 11 School №3, Luninets

Teacher: Yulia Gustinovich

    All over the world, holidays are important components of the worldview and moral health of society. Holidays may be different in different cultures, but they assume one idea- to rally the society and to distribute traditions and customs.

Object of study: holidays of foreign origin in the UK.

The subject of the research is the celebration of holidays of foreign origin in the UK.

Objective: to study the attitude of modern pupils to popular holidays.

Hypothesis: national holidays is necessary for the education of modern society.

Objectives of the study:

1. To explore traditional British holidays.

2. To analyze the difference and similarity of the celebration among Britons and other nationalities, which are living in the UK.

3. To study the attitude of society to holidays of foreign origin.

The main research methods: the study of literature and Internet sources on issues of interest; a sociological survey, namely a questionnaire, since this method allows one to obtain complete and accurate information on the problem being studied; comparison and analysis of the data.

The practical significance of the work lies in the ability to use the results as additional material in the study of the subject "English language", as well as during class and information hours.

Actuality of this topic is that in the UK live a lot of nationalities which have different traditions and these traditions will be interesting for people.

After researching British holidays and holidays of foreign origin in the UK I can make a conclusion that holidays are important traditions that all people should save and have as a rule. It’s because traditions are very important parts of our life. They shouldn’t be like something you will celebrate and forget about, they help you to understand more about your motherland, feel yourself a part of your nation.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Прочее

Целевая аудитория: 11 класс

Автор: Густинович Юлия Эдуардовна

Дата: 18.04.2020

Номер свидетельства: 547084

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