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Обучение грамматике английского языка посредством использования стихов

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Использование стихов при изучениии грамматики английского языка помогает более быстрому усвоению материала благодаря ритму и мелодии стихов, а также способствует усвоению  лексики благодаря многократному повторению

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«Обучение грамматике английского языка посредством использования стихов»

Обучение английской грамматике посредством использования стихов

Grammar in Rhyme

The Plural of Some Words

We’ll begin with box, and the plural is boxes,

But the plural of ox should be oxen, not oxes.

You may find one mouse, or a lot of mice.

But the plural of house is houses, not hice.

The plural of man is always called men,

Yet the plural of pan should never be pen.

So English you all will agree,

Is the greatest language you ever did see.

Punctuation Marks

This is a FULL STOP.(.) When you are full of admiration, Round and small.

It looks exactly like a ball. You mark my words and use

This is a COMA. Learn this mark.

To use it.

And you will learn not The QUESTION-MARK ( ?) will help

to abuse it. (:) you out

I call him Whatever you will ask about;

SEMICOLON. Who? What? and Why? and

Dear children, Whom? And When?

What do you call him? And How? and --

( ! ) And you use it then!

This is mark of

Exclamation, Or, simply, EXCLAMATION MARK.

The Imperative Mood

Good Morning

Good morning now! Dinner too,

Wash, brush,

Wake, body, Sing, dance , and do!

Wake, mind! Good morning now!

Work, play,

Seek, find, Eleanor Farjeon

Eat breakfast,

The Adjective

The Duty of the Strong

You who are thr oldest,

You who are the tallest,

Don’t you think you ought to help

The youngest and the smallest?

You who are the strongest,

You who are the quickest,

Don’t you think you ought to help

The weakest and the sickest?

Never mind the trouble,

Help them all you can;

Be a little woman!

Be a little man!

Gellet Burgess

The Passive Voice

Facts for Little Folks

Tea is prepared from the leaves of a tree;

Honey is gathered and made by the bee;

Butter is made from the milk of the cow;

Pork is the flesh of the pig or the sow;

Oil is obtained from fish and from flax;

Paper is made from straw and from rags;

Worsted is made from wool soft and warm;

Silk is prepared and span by the worm.

Edith Segal

The Present Perfect Tense

The Birthday Child

Everything ‘s is different

All the day long,

Lovely things have happened,

Nothing has gone wrong.

Nobody has scold me,

Everyone has smiled.

Isn’t it delicious

To be a birthday child?

Rose Tyleman

The Future Simple Tense

I’ll Try and I Can’t

The little boy who says:” I’ll try”,

Will climb to the hill-top;

The little boy who says:” I can’t”,

Will be at the bottom stop.


Mad March Wind

Mad March Wind went out to play,

“I’ll have such fun,” said he,”today.

I’ll toss the clothes put out to dry,

And chase the clouds across the sky.

And when the boys and girls come out

I’ll blow their scarves about,

I’ll tangle up their curly hair,

And flying their kites high up in the air.”

Eunice Close

Grammar Puzzles

Puns and Conundrums

What is there between England and France? (The conjunction and)

Why are teeth like verbs?

(Because they are regular, irregular and defective)

What have nouns and pronouns in common? (The word noun)

What part of speech will you get if you add two letters to every verb? (The word noun)

The Past Simple Tense

A Joke

They walked in the lane together,

The sky was covered with stars,

They reached the gate in silence

He lifted down the bars.

She neither smiled nor thanked him

Because she knew not how;

For he was just the farmer’s boy

And she - the farmer’s cow.

October’s Party

October gave a party,

The trees by hundreds came,

The chestnuts, oaks and maples.

And leaves of every name.

The sunshine spread a carpet,

And everything was grand,

Miss Weather led the dancing,

Professor Wind the band,

Eve Merriam

The Present Simple


The month is amber, Greet V’s of geese Frost bites the lawn.

Gold and brown, Honk overhead The stars are slits

Blue ghosts of smoke And maples turn In a black cat’s eye

Float through the town. A fiery red. Before she spits.

At last small witches, Their costumes hinged

Goblins, hags, On safety pins,

And pirates armed Go haunt a night

With paper bags. Of pumpkin grins.

John Updike

It’s Never Fair Weather

I don’t like the winter wind I don’t like the sings of spring

That whistles from the north. The fever and the chills

I don’t like the summer sun The icy mud, the puny buds,

That scorches the horizon. The frozen daffodils.

I don’t like the foggy fall The winter sun ,of course, is kind,

That strips the maples bare; And summer winds are savior,

The radiator’s matting call, And I’ll merrily sing of fall and spring

The dank, rheumatic air. When they’re on their good behavior.

But otherwise I see no reson

To speak in praise of any season. (Ogden Nash)

The Present Continuous Tense

All Through The Night

While the moon her watch is keeping,

All through the night,

While the weary world is sleeping,

All trough the night.

Love, to thee my thoughts are turning

All through the night,

And for thee my heart is yearning

All through the night.

Welsh melody


The warm sun is failing, the bleak wind is wailing,

The boughs are singing, the pale flowers are dying,

And the year

On the earth her death-bed, is shroud of leaves dead,

Is lying.

The chill rain is falling, the night worm is crawling,

The rivers are swelling, the thunder is knelling

For the year.

Percy Busshy Shelley

Грамматика, как известно, – один из самых сложных разделов английского языка

На помощь её изучения приходят стихи и рифмовки. Известно, что стихотворения запоминаются быстрее и легче, чем тексты, написанные прозой. Это объясняется тем, что стихотворения имеют ритм и рифм.

Благодаря этому они легко откладываются в нашей памяти.

Стихотворения и рифмовки на английском языке не только разнообразят процесс изучения языка, но и способствуют усвоению лексики и грамматики. При регулярном повторении грамматических моделей и лексики, учащиеся запоминают их и используют в устной и письменной речи.

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Обучение грамматике английского языка посредством использования стихов

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