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Итоговая контрольная работа в формате ГИА по грамматике и лексике 4 класс

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Контрольная работа по грамматическому и лексическому материалу, изученному в 3 четверти. Содержит следующие разделы - тема Лондон - достопримечательности, темы Дни недели, Квартира,  Город - (лексика), грамматические темы - Present Simple, Present Progressive, Present Perfect, Future Simple, much and many в вопросах. Словообразование. Задание повышенного уровня сложности - исправь ошибки.

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«Итоговая контрольная работа в формате ГИА по грамматике и лексике 4 класс »

Контрольная работа по английскому языку для учащихся 4 классов (III четверть, 2015)

Прочитай текст. Постарайся определить, какие слова пропущены. Заполни пропуски в тексте, используя варианты ответов.

Betty and Jane were little girls and sisters. They lived 1)_______ Great Britain, in Brighton with their family.

One day 2)____________ mum decided to have a rest. She bought the 3)___________ to London. They decided to go there 4)______ train. It 5)____________ an hour to get to London.

The 6)_______ was fine. The girls wanted to visit some places. They went to 7)________, the biggest and the most expensive department store, then they went to the 8)________and saw many beautiful pictures of the great artists and at the end, they went to the 9)__________of London which was a prison and the King’s Zoo many years ago and now it is a 10)___________. The girls were very happy. In the evening they went home and decided to go to London again.

Слова для справок: - decide – решать.

1. A) on

b)in front of


2. A) their

b) my

c) her

3.A) food

b) tickets


4. A) on

b) in

c) by

5. A) had

b) was

c) took

6. A) weather

b) Sun


7. A)London Eye

b) Buckingham Palace

c) Harrods

8. A) London Zoo

b) Trafalgar Square

c) National Gallery

9. A) Big Ben

b)Westminster Abbey

c) Tower

10. A) museum

b) park

c) shop

Выбери правильный ответ

  1. My friend _____ to eat some apples for breakfast

1) is going

2) are going

3) am going

  1. ___ you go to the swimming pool yesterday?

1) Do

2) Did

3) Will

  1. He usually _____ football in the morning and after school.

1) plays

2) play

3) is playing

  1. Mary can’t sing very well, ____ she?

1) can

2) can’t

3) isn’t

  1. He _____ already visited his parents.

1) is

2) has

3) have

  1. How_____ tomatoes does Sally have for her pizza?

1) much

2) a lot of

3) many

  1. ____ she ever ________ the English Queen?

1) Have met

2) Have met

3) Did meet

  1. Lucy _____ to Brighton last week to visit our granny.

1) goes

2) went

3) goed

  1. He worked well, ____ you?

1) did

2) didn’t

3) doesn’t

  1. She _____ the book next week.

1) will read

2) shall read

3) reads

Задания повышенного уровня сложности!

Исправь ошибки

  1. My Dad have already been to Spain

  2. We is going to visit Hyde Park.

  3. In Tower of London you can see black ravens

  4. Thames is the main river in London.

  5. Have you ever see many people?

Словообразование. Измени слово

  1. She works at school. She is a _______________(teach)

  2. He drives a car. He is a _____________ (drive)

  3. The book is very __________ (interest)

  4. You are so ______________ (fun)

  5. John is a quick runner. He runs very _________ (quick)

Соедини слово с определением

  1. Every pupil at school must wear it

  1. Monday

  1. The day of the week which comes after Sunday

  1. bathroom

  1. Math, Russian, Music, Reading, Handicraft are

  1. city

  1. You clean your teeth in that place

  1. capital

  1. When the Great Fire started, it ….. all London

  1. fridge

  1. London is the ……….. of England

  1. cinema

  1. It lasts 100 years

  1. uniform

  1. You keep food in it

  1. subjects

  1. a bookcase, a table, a chair, an armchair is

  1. key

  1. If we forget it, we can’t open the door

  1. burnt

  1. We can watch films there

  1. century

  1. London is a big

  1. furniture

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Прочее

Целевая аудитория: 4 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

Итоговая контрольная работа в формате ГИА по грамматике и лексике 4 класс

Автор: Лощинина Лариса Александровна

Дата: 09.03.2015

Номер свидетельства: 183645

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